Sheldon Lavin Takes The OSI Group To New International Markets

Almost 40 years ago, accountant, investor and former banker Sheldon Lavin took the helm of the food production company the OSI Group. During that time, he has expanded the market the company serves dramatically. Since its founding in 1909 as Otto & Sons meat market, the company had provided families, supermarkets and restaurants in Illinois with the highest quality cuts of meats. In the 1950s, it became a supplier of ground beef patties for the growing McDonald’s franchise. When Lavin took over, he changed the name to the OSI Group and made the company into an international leader in food processing.

Lavin has the company providing a wide variety of dough, vegetable and meat products to over 80 countries worldwide. He has won awards for the forward-thinking environmental management system and food and worker safety policies he established. Sheldon Lavin has also gained the love and respect of his staff for the generous benefits package he created. He has also cultivated a family atmosphere in the company by maintaining an open-door policy that encourages anyone to come in and share their ideas, ask him any questions they have and to call him by his first name.

Innovation is one of the things Sheldon Lavin has encouraged at the OSI Group. As a result, the company has developed a wide range of unique food products. This has been particularly helpful as the OSI Group has created new products specifically for people from the different cultures they serve. Lavin is known for always taking the time to make himself aware of the unique tastes of the people in the countries the company serves and works with local producers to ensure the OSI Group can provide the foods they want.

But Sheldon Lavin is more than just a creative, visionary, innovative chief executive, he is also a caring individual. He has made generous contributions to charitable causes and organizations around the world for decades. He also shares his time and talent to help the Rush University Medical Center and the Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Lavin has also received a number of prestigious awards for his work. In 2016, India’s Vision World Academy named him Global Visionary of the year for his consistent work in transforming the OSI Group into a leader in the global food processing industry. Lavin has also won awards for the ‘green’ policies and practices he instituted at the company.

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OSI Food Solutions Spain Expands its Production Line to Meet the Growing Demand of their Products

OSI Food Solutions is based out of Aurora in Illinois is one of the largest meat processing companies in the world. The company has some of the world’s largest retail and food service companies as its clients. Some of the products that they have on offer are meat patties, hot dogs, pizza, poultry products, fish, bacon and other vegetable products depending on the needs of their clients. The company has more than 65 facilities located in different countries around the world and employs more than 200,000 people. The company has multiple processing plants and packaging facilities that allow them to serve their customers all around the globe.

In a recent move to expand their services in Spain, OSI Food Solutions announced that they were doubling their existing production line in their processing plant located in Toledo that was set up in 1990. The company recently made an investment of €17 million for OSI Food Solutions Spain that would allow them to increase their production of processed chicken, beef and pork to 45,000 tons from the earlier 12,000 tons in a year. The decision was taken after the growing demand for chicken products from retailers in Spain and Portugal. According to experts, the demand will increase further and OSI Food Solutions wanted to be prepared for it. The adding of production lines has led the company to add more jobs in their companies. In 2016, OSI Food Solutions Spain was recognized by the Local Chamber of Commerce for their long-term commitment to providing employment to the locals.

The expansion of their existing facility led the OSI Food Solutions to add an entirely new production hall, shipping and receiving hall, increased space for storage and more refrigerated rooms. The company has also added numerous oil, hot water, and nitrogen tanks on their facility for their machines. With the increased workforce, the company also added a large social area for its employees. The security of the facility has also been increased by installing the latest surveillance system in every corner of their premises. In addition to adding new machines and equipment, the company has also focused on making the facility energy efficient to help save energy. The company also holds SA 8000:2014 accreditation for being dedicated to completing social responsibility.

According to the OSI President, David McDonald, the expansion strategy of OSI Food Solutions will help the company to add new products to their offerings and also grow their portfolio to support their relationships with their customers.

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No Doubt About OSI Industries

When it comes to food safety, it remains a priority around the world. Moreover, food safety has gained significant attention in recent years. This remains attributed to food outbreaks such as Ebola. For those unaware, Ebola remains a deadly foodborne illness that took the lives of thousands of people in Africa. Although it may seem minute, the relevance of food security remains more important than ever. As the world’s population expands, it remains pertinent to keep safe and secure food for everyone. In addition to the laws and regulations mandating food security, several businesses and corporations have assumed responsibility. In particular, these companies have set the standard in food preparation. Moreover, they continue to reinvigorate an otherwise fragile industry. With that being said, OSI Industries remains a company in reference.

For those unaware, OSI Industries remains an industry leader in food safety. Since 1909, the company has vastly improved the food industry. Initially, the company started off as a family meat market. Moreover, Otto Kolschowsky founded the company. For those unaware, Otto Kolschowsky immigrated to the United States from Germany. Shortly after immigrating to the U.S., Otto Kolschowsky began his operations in the Chicago area. Due to the company’s success, OSI Industries expanded into the wholesale meat market. In addition, the company continued to grow its install base throughout Chicago. In addition, the company partnered with McDonald’s.

During this time, McDonald’s had numerous meat suppliers. To remain exact, McDonald’s had hundreds of meat suppliers. After partnering with McDonald’s, the company became one of McDonald’s primary meat suppliers. By the 1970s, OSI Industries became officially known as such. Year after year, the company has wowed its clients. Therefore, it possesses an insurmountable amount of wealth. As the company became a multi-billion-dollar industry, it made headlines by acquiring other prominent businesses. In particular, the company acquired a Tyson food plant in Chicago for $7.4 million dollars. This remains attributed to Tyson’s decline in Chicago. In addition, the company purchased Baho Food. As a result, the company expanded its presence in the European market. In closing, the company remains revolutionary in every regard.