Richard Dwayne Blair: A Reputable Financial Advisor For Your Needs

Are you on the lookout for a trusted financial advisor or investment advisory firm? Do you want to choose one of the best investment or financial advisors in the industry? As a new investor, it is extremely important to consult a renowned investment professional or investment advisory firm.

When it comes to enlisting the services of a renowned investment advisory firm or professional, look no further than Richard Dwayne Blair. He works with clients to have a good understanding of their specialized investment needs. For example, he has worked with many clients in Autin, Texas and surrounding areas to select investment vehicles that are suitable for their situation.

Choosing a financial planner or money management expert is an important decision and requires careful planning. With so many professionals out there offering financial and investment assistance to clients, it is extremely important to do your research properly.

Richard Dwayne Blair is an experienced and reliable investment advisor and financial planner. Richard Dwayne Blair renders unbeatable advisory services to clients, using his Three Pillars Approach.

Any person who truly wants to receive top notch service and achieve financial success ought to get in touch with Richard Dwayne Blair right away. Richard Dwayne Blair has the industry resources to help you make the best decisions for your financial future. His vast experience in the financial services arena helps him to deliver the best possible service to his clients.

Learning to set investment or financial goals is a crucial step for those who want to improve their financial situation and secure their future.

If you are serious about managing your money properly and securing your financial future, Richard Dwayne Blair is ready to deliver the top notch advisory solution you need to meet your needs.

Richard Dwayne Blair aims to be the best professional that investors can rely on for help in managing their investments. In terms of his wealth building and financial management offerings, Richard Dwayne Blair provides customized investment plans and advice and can put you on the right path to success.

An in-depth view at Glen Wakeman’s successful career

Glen R. Wakeman is perceived by many people as the perfect definition of a winner. The man who boasts more than two decades experience in management is who every young entrepreneur seeking to reach the epitome of success should look up to. Glen has a high-flying career and is responsible for guiding many prominent companies in their journey to transformation and successes such as M&S, Exponential growth, and many others which make the list of his accomplishments endless. Read more on

He has many tags tied to his name and is the best example of Jack of all trades as he has his hands full with everything from being a businessman, writer, mentor and even blogger. Having lived in six countries, Glen Wakeman has international recognition and holds several certifications such as a Finance MBA from the famous university of Chicago and a BS in economics from Scranton which equip him with the expertise he has in matter finance. He has worked and occupied senior positions in numerous companies such as being the chairman of Doral Financial Corporation, the Chief executive officer of GE capital, a seat he held for twenty years and many other renowned companies in the finance and economy sector.


Glen understands that by helping other business people, the entire community will benefit. That is why from his current position as the chief executive officer of Launch Pad Holdings LLC, Glen Wakeman can mentor, train and help young entrepreneurs take their businesses to greater heights through the provision of online business planning services. Through such services combined with his proven five-step performance methodology which seeks to mentor other entrepreneurs in matters regarding human capital, execution in business, leadership power and even risk management Glen Wakeman can empower them with the relevant skills to handle anything which might come their way. Glen’s achievements as a writer and blogger are also worth noting. For instance, he is also known for his frequent blogs on matters commerce through which he can provide even more guidance and strategies to executives on issues capital raising, and the suitable markets to venture in if you are a starting entrepreneur. Glen Wakeman is truly everything that any entrepreneur could want in their career.

Read more at Premier Gazette about Glen Wakeman.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail: Retirement with David Gertz

David Gertz is a financial planner with over three decades of experience when it comes to investing money for retirement purposes. He currently works as a financial adviser at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation.

He has over the years worked with several big companies in order to make big revenues for them. He is considered to be one the finest advisers in the country and graduated with an MBA from the University of Miami. In a recent interview, David talks about how a person can take steps in order to have enough money for retirement.

The first and most important thing that David stresses is failing to plan means planning to fail. This means if a person doesn’t set aside enough money to retire the that particular will be doomed to failure. One thing people can do before they retire is keeping their options open. Saving some money from each paycheck is a good place to start but you want to be sure that it isn’t the only method you use. Options like investing in the market can help provide a secure footing before you retire.

One thing David  Giertz says to keep in mind is investing some of the money into the market. This can be tricky based on how much money you invest and how it is invested. If invested properly it can pay off big for the investor. A second thing to keep in mind is saving money in a health savings account. This money is only to be utilized for certain medical reasons but it can be money very well invested down the line.

These are just a few things David points in order to have the best retirement plan possible. There are many options for those about to retire. The best thing is to do your homework.