Vincent Parascandola, An Experienced Financial Advisor

Vincent Parascandola aka Vinny is a seasoned financial advisor. At the moment, he works at AXA Advisors, and he is the Senior Executive Vice President. He is considered to be very experienced in this field due to his previous involvement in financial matters for over 25 years. Among the various duties which he performs at AXA include; managing the company sales, recruitment, retention, and firing of employees. Additionally, he coaches interns so that they can become well experienced financial advisors just like himself.

His past involvement in financial matter gives him an upper hand among his peers. Mr. Vincent Parascandola ventured into the financial management industry back in 1987 as an agent. Due to his hard work and relentless nature, he was recognized as the best Rookie of the year while interning at Prudential. After three years, he was absorbed by MONY Life Insurance, and he was required to oversee the activities carried out within field offices associated with the company in the entire United States region. He worked there for 14years, and then he joined AXA Advisors in 2004. He was assigned the position of president for The Advantage Group, which is a department within AXA that conducts recruitment of highly experienced financial advisors.

One factor that distinguishes Mr. Parascandola from the rest is the level of quality that is associated with his leadership style. He has been awarded numerous awards in the course of his career, which goes a long way to show that his style of governance is unique. Two of the most notable awards are the GAMA Career Development and the Master Agency Awards. He is considered to be a very apt public speaker by most people in the business industry, and that makes him be a highly sought after public personality.

Being a Bachelor of Science graduate from Pace University, Mr. Parascandola has been able to set new standards in the financial consulting industry. His education background and experience are considered to be the key factors that help him operate very efficiently so that he ends up delivering undoubtedly high-quality results to his clients.