Best Tom Hanks Movies


Three of the best Tom Hanks movies are “Philadelphia,” “A League of Their Own,” and “Splash.” These three films are not only entertaining, they’re socially educational.


“Philadelphia” was one of Tom Hanks’ big Oscar wins. Andrew Beckett was a young and successful Philadelphia lawyer. One day he discovered some lesions on his forehead. Things got worse, and even his gay lifestyle was revealed. One of Beckett’s coworkers hid some paperwork the young lawyer needed for his client. Beckett was sure this was because he had been diagnosed HIV positive. The partners of his law firm fired Andrew Beckett, causing him to hire a lawyer and sue his colleagues.


“A League of Their Own” is about a little known historical fact. During World War II , many baseball players were drafted to fight in the war. This opened up the opportunity for women to form their own baseball league. Hanks played Jimmy Dugan who became the manager of the Rockford Peaches. Dugan painfully tried to manage his womens’ baseball team even though he really believed baseball should be all male.  But it’s a fun movie, and should be a staple of any of your favorite teen movies of the 90s.


“Splash'” is one of Tom Hanks’ early films. Allen Baur was reunited with a vision he first saw as an eight-year-old who had fallen off a fishing boat into the Atlantic Ocean. Madison the mermaid had grown up and came ashore when she was reunited with Baur who worked at the docks. This is clearly a single man’s fantasy to have the opportunity to meet a mermaid and take her home.