Fagali Airport Is Known To Be Among The Safest Flying Facility

Fagali airport is a private entity that began in 1959 under the management of the local government of Samoan and the Polynesian Airlines which is located on the Fagali Island. The airport was initially opened to serve the military in their transportation but was later closed after the community around it came forward and reported about the environmental pollution that it caused. It was then in 2009 that the airport was reopened after a thorough inspection concerning safety was done by both Pacific aviation office and Samoa airport authorities. Although the inspection was done, there were still concerns about the environmental impact of the airport. Despite this concerns, the airport continued to operate and remains active up to date. Fagali airport offers both local and international travel through its various airlines which include south pacific airline, Pago Pago air and Somoa air. Domestic flights mainly go to Pago Pago and other areas of Somoa while international flights go to different continents such as Africa, America and Europe.

Fagali airport is known to be among the safest flying facility that one could use in the world for it takes all the necessary measures to ensure that there is adequate security including checking off all the luggage that they carry. These measures ensure that there are minimal or no threat to safe travel. For this reason, the airport has received numerous awards and rewards for working in line with the flight industries. Fagali airport also has other basic and luxurious facilities such as restaurants, shops and cafeterias. It also has so many vending machines and many restrooms to ensure that their customers can refresh before changing or boarding the flights. Although the airport is small, it is among the busiest airports in the world with a record of more than 30000 flights taking off annually.

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