Brian Bonar: The Eminent Financial Advisor

Brian Bonar’s Background

Owing to his broad experience in the industry, traversing three decades, Brian Bonar is a renowned financial advisor. In his illustrious career, he has held different posts in various prominent institutions in the financial services industry.

It was at Dalrada Financial Group that Brian Bonar built his reputation. His exemplary work at Dalrada had him on the lips of many, hence enhancing his ever budding brand. Brian’s willingness to openly share his knowledge on financial matters has also made him a darling of many. He currently operates from the west coast of the USA in San Diego, California.


Brian boasts of an excellent academic record. His alma mater is the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow from where he attained an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. He pursued further studies at the Staffordshire University, UK, where he received both a postgraduate degree and a doctorate.


His first significant job at Dalrada was director of technology sales, a post he held for two years. Later, for a short time, he served as VP, Sales, and Marketing before being promoted to Executive Vice President of Dalrada.

Over the years, his burning impetus to succeed has seen him hold prominent positions in the firm. Among the offices, he held before becoming honcho include; Director, President, and Chief Operating Officer.

Dalrada is not the only noteworthy work institution in Brian’s remarkable work portfolio. Since 2010 up to date, Brian has been the manager at Trucept Inc., a prominent payroll services company. Also, he is the Chief Financial Officer at Amanda Co. Inc. In the past, he worked at Benzier Systems as a sales executive for a substantial period. Moreover, Brian has held positions at Smart-tek Automated Services Inc., Allegiant Professional Services Inc., IBM, and much more.

Success at Dalrada

Brian Bonar was the mastermind behind Dalrada’s unprecedented prosperity. A testament to this is the many awards he was bequeathed with as an acknowledgment of his outstanding work. One of the prestigious accolades bestowed to him is Who’s Who Financial Executive of the Year, an award organized by Cambridge that seeks to recognizes leading ladies and gentlemen in the corporate world.

According to Crunchbase and White Pages, due to working for over three decades in the industry, Brian Bonar has accumulated vast experience. His governance skills resulted in Dalrada moving from modest beginnings to an internationally acclaimed financial services provider. Also, the Dalrada Group’s collection of customers has grown promptly. The company aims to increase the worth of its customers’ businesses by providing valuable employee services.

The incredible success of Dalrada is ascribed to the personalization of clients’ services, hence better customer contentment. Brian ensures that the customers are provided with the best products available, a strategy that resulted in soaring of customer numbers. With Bonar at the helm, Dalrada’s clientele has grown exponentially, a sign of Brian’s desire to enhance his firm’s brand and status.