Eric Pulier; The Generous Silicon Valley Investor


Children are the least able lot of society despite their standing as the next adult generation of community worldwide. They need providers and guides who will instill values that will serve them remarkably as well as society. This notion is not always a possibility in exceptional cases when the children need a little extra support regarding resources and finance.

Starbright World became the first software application designed solely to cater to social needs of children with chronic illnesses. Eric Pulier partnered with Norman Schwarzjopf Jr., Stephen Spielberg, and Peter Samuelson to develop a privately maintained platform that allowed the children to experience the full blown benefits of social media interaction in a safe environment. Another digital creation of Eric Pulier that caters to the needs of kids is Starlight World. The software offers a channel through which the children learn about diabetes using graphical body anatomy features. They gain an understanding of the correlation between eating healthy and the roles of insulin and blood sugars in the body.


Eric Pulier’s career has the primary inclination towards entrepreneurship investment in technology. He is the founder of at least 15 firms, including SOA Software, Desktone, MediaPlatform and US Media Interactive, LLC. He has earned the reputation of a revolutionary force in the arena with his multiple involvements in helping various companies raise funds. This spotlight affords him opportunities to exercise his public speaking talents in platforms across the world. He is the co-author of Understanding Enterprise SOA, a book that broadens his views on business operations. Eric Pulier is well versed with technological trends and earned a mention by VAR Business’ magazine as one of the top technology visionaries.

Early Life

Eric Pulier’s rich talents stem from his internationally recognized tertiary degrees in addition to his endearing entrepreneurial spirit. He left Teaneck High School in 1984 and joined Harvard University to pursue an undergraduate degree in American literature and Arts in English. He left campus in 1988 with a magna cum laude. Eric’s fiery spirit pushed him to write interesting columns on Harvard Crimson, an attribute he has nurtured in his post-graduation life.