Eric Lefkofsky: A True American Entrepreneaur

Eric Lefkofsky has a purpose, to be quite clear, he has several purposes. He is a man with a mission. What can be ascertained about this Michigan native is that his purpose is to make life better for others and to make money doing it. He has clearly has accomplished both. At the age of forty-seven, he has helped found seven technology startups (worth more than a billion dollars), created a charitable foundation, and has amassed a personal net worth of 1.6 billion dollars, according to Forbes. com.


Lefkofsky grew up in Southfield, Michigan, a northern suburb of Detroit, went to the University of Michigan, and then went on to the University of Michigan’s law program. A short seven years after finishing law school, Eric created an internet company that specialized in promoting products. Though he went on to sell this company, this was the launching pad for his future in technological innovation.


Eric co-founded Groupon (an ecommerce marketplace), Echo Global Logistics (a technology enabled transportation ad supply chain service), InnerWorkings (a marketing firm), Mediaocean (advertising and software), Lightbank (a venture capital firm), Uptake (a predictive analytics company), and his latest venture Tempus (health technology specializing in personalized cancer treatment). Each of these businesses uses ground-breaking technology to further their fields of influence. Lefkofsky and his wife, Elizabeth, also created a charitable trust, The Lefkofsky Foundation “for the purpose of supporting charitable, scientific, and educational organizations around the world,” with their focus on children.


Being proficient in business startup, he has published a book on the topic. “Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation.” In his busy life, he miraculously found time to teach. He has taught classes at several business schools and is currently an adjunct Professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Eric Lefkofsky is very vocal about who he is and what he does. You can follow his blog on wordpress, where he gives the reader a look into his personal life, his opinions, of course some advice. You can also find information about his charity there, as well as links to his Facebook. com and Twitter .com accounts.

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Adam Milstein listed in the top 50 most influential Jewish people

In the early October 2016, Jerusalem Post included Adam Milstein in the list of the top 50 most influential Jewish people that have made a strong influence in the world over the past year, and who have the potency of impacting change in the future. Adam Milstein was number 39 on the list because of his leadership as the beginner and Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. Another reason for his inclusion was due to his philanthropic work, activism, and a leader in dozens of other outstanding Jewish organisations, without forgetting StandWithUs, the Israel on Campus Coalition, Birthright Israel, Hasbara companies, Stand By Me and AIPAC National Council.

The Milstein Family Foundation encourages the mission established on two pillars. The first one includes making the Jewish people and their homeland secure while the second one involves checking out the special kinship of the state of Israel’s youths and the future generations of the Jewish. The Family Foundation of Milstein strives to take care of the people of Jewish and their State by arousing their pride in the coming genesis, passing knowledge and expertise to encourage the State of Israel. Milstein’s family foundation was formed by Adam Milstein and his wife in the year of 2000.

Adam Milstein is an Israel’s native. He was born in 1952 in Haifa, Israel. His mother‘s name was Eva Milstein, while the father was referred to as Hillel Milstein. Eve Milstein moved from Mexico to Israel at the age of 18 while the father migrated to Israel from Argentina at the age 19. Adam’s parents got married in 1950 at Haifa, Israel. They moved from Haifa to Kiryat Yam then to Kiryat Motzkin and this is where Adam Milstein spent his early years.

Adam Milstein worked in IDF throughout the Yom Kippur War. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree of science in business and economics from the Technion in 1978. On arriving in the US in 1981, Adam acquired an MBA from USC and started a career in Commercial Real Estate in 1983 in the Southern California.


An Insight on Josh Verne’s Life and Business Success Quote

After knowing how to balance personal life and business, you are a step closer to achieving success in both personal life and business. Mr. Josh Verne has some personal life quotes that if implemented will aid you in achieving business success. This article will look at some of his best life and business quotes.


  1. Everything needs to be a Win-Win

Before giving in to a plan, first, understand the outcome. Do not follow a plan that is a win-lose. Always desire to have a win-win outcome in every plan.


  1. Have Balance in your Life

Learning how to balance your life activities is important. Your business and personal life should be balanced. You can be the wealthiest man on earth, but you suffer a lot when your personal life is out of order.


  1. Discovering your passion

Success comes with passion. To achieve success, you need to find something you have passion doing. There may be many unsuccessful passionate people, but there are few successful dispassionate people.


  1. Be a leader not a boss

In all administrative positions, there are two types of people.


  • Leaders – Placing his people before him/herself, a leader earns respect. He/she later uses the respect he gets to accomplish goals they have set as a team.


  • Bosses – On the other hand, bosses use their titles to accomplish his/her goals by demanding respect and doing whatever is in his best interest.

You have to be a leader if you want to succeed in both personal life and business. Do not force what you want or demand respect.


  1. Learn to speak less and listen more

Use your mouth and ears proportionally. There is a reason why you have one mouth and two ears. For your words to have power, you need to speak less. More people will listen to you as you will appear more authoritative.


About Josh Verne

Mr. Josh Verne has over 20 years’ experience in entrepreneurship and Internet executive. He has started and helped grow leading multi-choice businesses. Mr. Verne is a peer-to-peer exchange of college students for FlockU LLC. He is the founder and CEO of FlockU.


FlockU was created by a network of students to act as a place where you can read, watch, and share all sorts of educational or fun content. FlockU is meant to educate students in a more fun way that will help them navigate life outside class.



The above points are just a few of Josh Verne’s educational quotes. Learn how to implement them in your daily life.

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