Cool, Cool, Colol in the Summertime with Goettl

Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical is a heating and cooling company that began service back in 1926. This company is committed to the highest quality of service to its customers.

Goettl’s is a company that has grown steadily over time. At one point the Goettl company held more than one hundred patents for heating and air conditioning. Over the ninety year span of the company Goettl’s has been able to keep up with the pace of technology and most importantly, keep its consumers happy. This is especially true in the heat of the summer sun. Here are some secrets to help people save money when the sun is at its worst.

It will assist owners in being more energy efficient and help them save money in the long run which is a definite win-win.

The first step is to have good maintenance with the units. Owners have to make sure to keep debris out of the system in order for it to work at optimal efficiency. It also means that owners must keep all trees and other plants a reasonable distance from the main HVAC or AC unit.

Another tip for homeowners is to use a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans work very well in circulating cool air throughout a room. Since most ceiling fans use much less energy than their older counterparts, this may be an effective way for people to save quite a bit of money in the long run.

A final tip is having your main unit placed in an area with some shade. If the main unit has to work in direct sunlight or a harsh afternoon sun, then the unit must work much harder in order to be more effective. Keeping the main unit shaded will use much less energy. Now owners can have more fun as well. View the company profile on