The Top 3 Things Fabletics Reviewers Love

Kate Hudson‘s athletic apparel subscription service startup has been around for only three years, however it has already become a multi-million dollar brand, earning enough revenue to open several brick-and-mortar stores across the nation. Fabletics is a convenient and clever way to shop for workout apparel which consumers can’t get enough of. For just under $50 a month, VIP users sign up to receive a full workout outfit in the mail based on preferences they selected in a survey upon signing up. They may choose to opt out at any time by simply calling the company’s phone number.


And, for women who love to work out, the idea that they can receive a new outfit in the mail with minimal effort makes the service especially appealing. So what do Fabletics users love most about the brand? We checked the reviews on Trust Pilot, a website which allows users to review products objectively.


#3: The Quality Of The Products


Fabletics offers an array of athletic apparel products, from sports bras to yoga pants to leggings. But all of these products have one thing in common, which is their high quality. Reviewers love that the products never lose their elasticity, and that they can wash their products multiple times without the colors losing their vibrancy.


In addition to the durability of materials used, the quality also applies to the fit. Reviewers rave about how Fabletics products fit their bodies, enhancing their best features and fitting snugly and comfortably for an intense workout ahead.


#2: The Convenience Factor


Fabletics reviewers love how simple the website is to use. Women with intense exercise schedules love the fact that they don’t have to go to a store to buy a new piece of athletic apparel for each type of workout they do. Each beginning of the month, Fabletics users can simply log onto the website and select from a few outfits picked for them based on their preferences survey. Once selected, the complete outfit will soon be sent right to their door.


#1: The Value


Reviewers are almost unanimous in their praise for the value. At just $49.95 per month, users receive a full outfit monthly. Reviewers note how they had previously paid that amount for just one athletic apparel item of comparable quality. The bottom line is that the price is extremely reasonable for the consistently high-quality products subscribers receive.


So, there you have it. Fabletics reviewers have spoken, and it’s no wonder the company has done so well in just three years. Check out Fabletics’ website to become a VIP member today, and test the products out for yourself.