Vijay Eswaran Makes A Positive Impact On People’s Lives Globally

Businessman Vijay Eswaran is a very generous individual. Through the RYTHM Foundation as well as the Vijayaratnam Foundation, he has given untold millions to a wide variety of charitable causes and organizations. While those donations had a significant role on the lives of many people, Eswaran is interested in having a wider and more lasting impact on people’s lives. To do that he uses his books, articles and motivational talks to teach people the personal and business principles that have made him one of the greatest businessmen the world has ever seen.

Born into a middleclass household in Penang, Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran used his drive and his personal philosophy to become one of Asia’s most successful businessmen and richest men. Starting with nothing at all, he was able to build the direct sales company the QI Group into a company that generates $800 million a year in revenue. What makes that accomplishment so remarkable is that when he co-founded the company in 1998, Asia was in the midst of a serious economic downturn. Undaunted, Vijay Eswaran recruited a marketing team, imbued them with his philosophy, motivated them and unleashed them on an unsuspecting public.

The speeches Vijay Eswaran has given to his sales force at their conventions and the talks he has given at economic conferences and universities around the world are legendary. They have motivated people to achieve more than they thought they were capable. The lessons Eswaran teaches are simple yet effective. Anything is possible if you believe and work consistently at it. He also teaches people to create and hold a clear mental picture of them accomplishing their goals and believe intensely it is possible. Then create a step-by-step plan and follow it. If you believe in your success, you can achieve it.

For people who can’t make it to his talks, Vijay Eswaran offers details of his philosophy through his books ’18 Stepping Stones’, ‘In The Thinking Zone’, ‘In the Sphere of Silence’ and ‘On The Wings of Thought’. He also useshis articles including ‘3 Ways Fear Drives Success’, ‘The Stages of Change’ and ‘Two Minutes from the Abyss’ to teach people how to draw energy from fear to propel themselves towards success. Through his writings Vijay Eswaran explains that people do not have to let fear paralyze them into inaction. Instead he encourages them to harness the energy created by fear and take bold action.

Barbara Stokes Gives Back to the Huntsville, AL Community

As an active member of the Huntsville community, Barbara Stokes knows what it means to be a philanthropist. She has tried to always be a charitable person and that’s what has given her the chance to try different charitable options. She has joined many charities and is also the head of a few of them. She helps out in soup kitchens, with donations and in other areas of life that people are unable to do on their own. For Barbara Stokes, this is just part of who she is and part of what she can do to help people. It is also what has allowed her to be the best person she can be.

Despite being the CEO of a successful company like Green Structure Homes, Barbara Stokes knows that the most important thing in her life is not her job. She knows giving back is important and she also knows her children are important. Unlike many CEOs, she has three children who she regularly takes care of. She likes being active in their lives and has always been trying to help them with the things they need. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

For Barbara Stokes, the idea of a balanced life is what has kept her going and kept her being a positive person. She knows there are different things she can do to keep that balance going but she also knows it is hard work. Barbara Stokes isn’t afraid to continue helping people through different situations but she also isn’t afraid to make sure the community is getting the help it needs first. Barbara Stokes always looks out for the best interests of those who are in her community. She has always done her best to give people what they need and give them the options that will allow them to be a positive influence on each other’s lives. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

As long as there have been things going on with GSH and with the philanthropic efforts Barbara Stokes has had, she knows there will be a way for her to try her best. She also knows there will be things she can do to help people through different situations. Barbara Stokes is a compassionate person but is also someone who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. Being both passionate and aggressive has given her the chance to help people and make sure they know what they are getting into in different situations.


The Business Legacy that Sheldon Lavin is Aiming to Create with the OSI Group

In the early seventies, a German migrant farmer moved started a meat processing business and named it Otto and Sons. When he was starting the company, he was interested in creating business that would serve the local meat industry with the needed meat products. Perhaps he was not prepared for the greatness that the company would achieve later when he was starting the business. Today, the OSI Group is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of meat and processed meat products in the country and globally. The company employs more than 20,000 people and has created a business legacy which will be hard to beat.

The success that has been achieved by the business might not have been possible if it were not for the interest that Sheldon Lavin took in the activities of the owners. He was a financial consultant for them at the time, and he made sure that he had guided them towards creating a business that would expand. His excellent advice became his stepping stone to success when the bank that was managing the firm asked him to step in and buy a part of the shares to the company. Sheldon took time before he decided to become part of the group and when he did, he was determined to make it a global brand.

Currently, if you have used deli meat and related products in your home, it is possible that the OSI Group was involved in the manufacture. The company believes in creating brands and products which win the confidence of their customers and keep them interested. They think that the best way to create brand loyalty among the customers is to set a standard of superior quality and make sure that it is maintained.

Their model of business has taken them to Asia, parts of Europe, Australia and South Africa. Sheldon believes that when the employees are happy, the clients will get the products and services that they need and keep coming back for more. They have, therefore, introduced programs whose aim is to ensure that their employees achieve personal and financial growth. There are educational programs which help their employees with personal development. They also have a great plan that reduces the turnover rate of their employees. The company has won many awards because of their global excellence in manufacturing, and the sound leadership offered by Sheldon Lavin is the reason for the massive success.

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Has Clay Siegall’s Seattle Genetics Transformed Cancer Treatment Approaches?

There is nothing that is more disturbing in the medical world than dealing with cancer. The challenge with the condition is the fact that the available treatment alternatives have been causing more harm than good to the patients. It has been argued that it is not cancer which kills most patients, but the harshness of the chemotherapy. Well, Seattle Genetics Clay Siegall had such an experience when he was a teenager. His father was diagnosed with cancer, and after a six-year-long battle, he succumbed. By the time his father succumbed to cancer, he was 24, but he had already discovered that it was not cancer which killed his father, but the chemotherapy treatment.

He studied Zoology at the University and then proceeded to get a Masters and a Ph.D. in genetics. When he graduated from the University, he worked for some organizations concerned with research into cancer. He at one point worked for the National Cancer Institute. In 1998, he felt that it was time to start his own Biotechnology Company. With the help of a partner, he started Seattle Genetics. The primary mission of the company was to create antibody-based therapies to be used in the treatment of cancer.

The journey has not been easy for Clay Siegall. There was a time when things were so stressful financially that Clay and the management team didn’t have enough to carry out the next phase of a project or even pay salaries to their employees. However, Clay has made severe efforts in creating revenue for the company. He has been a champion for the company’s fundraising drives, both public and private. He has also been forging partnerships with other companies in the same Niche. Seattle Genetics has ADC partnerships with GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, and several other organizations. They also held their first IPO in 2001, and the company is listed on NASDAQ.

The future is looking great for Seattle Genetics. They have already gotten one of their drugs approved by the FDA. They are looking forward to performing further tests in 11 other ADC therapies. They hope that they will also manage to get these therapies approved by the FDA. The CEO of the company, Clay, states that they do not have any plans to sell to big pharmaceutical companies. Their interest lies in improving the lives of their patients, and so far, they are doing a great job. Clay Siegall promises that the company will keep doing better each day.

Building A Name To Remember

The Legacy That Remains

Building a legacy is a work in progress.

No one has done it in the midst of one day or night.

The most inspiring people of our time all built their legacies with a bit of pain and turmoil. Nothing came easy for our greatest heroes. Though everything you seek in life is possible, there will be a cost to it. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t discourage you from the pursuit. All we have to do is take George Soros as our example.

George’s legacy is built on the foundation of a great investment career that was followed by a outstanding tenure in the world of philanthropy. The example which George Soros gives us today is one for us to live by. His legacy is a long story that defies the odds and triumph over every challenge before him and more information click here.

But this happens for George and in a way which is hard to define.

We can only look on his success and stand back watching it in awe. …

The Story That Built George

George’s story is built on the foundation of deep-rooted poverty.

This is often a shock to people, but the reality George lived as a child is what gave him the drive and determination to excel. It was the onset of WWII and the pressures it brought to a young man without the means to support his family. His refuge found and made in the city of London was an “only hope” that he leveraged for success and learn more about George Soros.

The road was a long one to walk.

The success was that he took his plight and as a means of motivating himself to greater standards in life. Nothing great will be easy, but in the midst of troubles that befell on George, his courage and his desire for something greater led him to continue fighting and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

He fought and eventually won the education he would need to be the man he is today.

Taking A Look At The Work Accomplish

Likely the biggest accomplishment, which George is known for, is his success as an investor. Playing the odds on Wall Street often leaves people broke, alone and desperate for a big win that many of them never find and Follow his

Though this is the normal expectation, George Soros defied the standard and then made himself a billionaire in the process. You can call it luck or fate, but we believe in skill and perseverance and read full artilce.

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Getting Up Close And Personal With Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a business leader in the real estate sector. He has worked in the industry for over a decade. Strauch has several clients in southern Florida, especially Miami. In an interview with Ideamensch, he revealed a few things about his business as well as himself.

When Samuel went to Miami, he noticed the city was transforming into a metropolitan area on the beach. Also, he saw that real estate was growing in the area. So, he decided to get investors and international clients for his new business. When asked about his typical day, Mr. Strauch explained to Ideamensch his days are always different. However, some things are common in all his working days. These include meetings with colleagues, investors, brokers, and clients in the industry. He said that networking with other people helps him find new properties and get new ideas.

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Samuel Strauch also talked about how he turns his ideas into profit. He credited his company’s success to creativity and forward thinking. With the help of his team, Samuel Strauch analyzes ideas to determine their viability. According to him, keeping an open mind is essential to bringing an idea to life. Samuel told Ideamensch about a trend that excites him. He said that he likes the new generation’s way of thinking. Mr. Strauch is fascinated by the way people work, live, socialize and travel these days.

About Samuel Strauch

Samuel is a Florida-based licensed real estate agent. He has sold property in high-end areas including Hollywood, Miami Beach, Margate and Isles Beach area. Homelight has ranked Samuel Strauch among one of the best real estate agents in Miami Beach area.

In the majority of his transactions, he’s usually the buyer. He acquires buildings from property owners and sells it to his clients. Samuel attended some of the best universities in the United States, which include Harvard University.

Thor Halvorssen Stands up to Bullies and Tyrants

Human rights is a very beautiful thing to have. However, it is also a very easy thing to lose. There is always someone who wants to challenge the rights of others. It is up to people to continue to fight for their rights so that they don’t have them taken away. In many cases, people can’t stand without help. For citizens of tyrannical countries, there are human rights activists that are fighting to raise more awareness of the inhumane living conditions of certain countries. They are also trying to help with finding a way to get rid of the tyrannical rule that plagues the country. Among the most effective human rights activist is Thor Halvorssen.

Thor Halvorssen is one of the prominent activists in the fight for human rights. He is in fact becoming the new face of human rights activism. One thing to notice about him is that he does not fit the common stereotype of human rights activism. He is very passionate and enthusiastic. He also has a love for people. This goes without saying. If one has a love for human beings, he would want everyone to have equal rights. Thor continues to fight passionately for the rights for others.

Among the violators of human rights that Thor Halvorssen is taking on is North Korea, which is currently being run by the Kim Dynasty. Thor himself is deeply involved in the fight for human rights. He often takes some of the punishment that other victims of human rights violations take. Thor accepts it as part of the deal. He understands that it is important for a human rights activist to be able to roll up his sleeves and get himself dirty. Thor does see a long war to fight when it comes to providing more human rights for others that are in countries that are not so free. Watch video on YouTube.