The Legacy of Executive Greg Aziz of the National Steel Car

Greg Aziz is an American entrepreneur and the head of the National Steel Car. He is skilled in leadership, manufacturing, and engineering. Aziz is a graduate of the Western University where he majored in economics. He has been working at National Steel Car for more than two decades.

Greg Aziz’s role at National Steel Car

National Steel Car has been existence for more than 100 years. This company is committed to manufacturing quality tank car and railroad freight machinery. National Steel Car attributes its success to its employees who have contributed greatly to the development of these diverse, dynamic, and innovative products. Under the management of Aziz, the National Steel Car has experienced growth and changes that have raised its standards higher. He has also enabled the company to pioneer in the provision of unmatched rail services to various clients. James Aziz has overseen the certification of the National Steel Car. This company is a certified ISO 9001:2008.

National Steel Car is the recipient of the TTX SECO Award and has been nominated for this prize several times in the last couple of decades. Aziz runs the company’s operations in Canada, and its top client is the government. This chief executive officer is a futurist, who anticipates success. For this reason, he is focused on future achievements rather than the past ones. Aziz’s continued pursuit of excellence makes him a unique entrepreneur and a business leader in North America. His extensive professional experience makes various business owners and employees look up to him for guidance. Gregory James Aziz practices transparency and integrity in the workplace, and this makes him stand out. He manages more than 2,000 workers who are proud to the associated with the National Steel Car. Aziz has mentored numerous individuals and emphasize that employees should:

  • Strive to provide quality products
  • Be at the forefront of service provision
  • Respect and honor the past practices
  • Forge forward with immense determination

Greg Aziz’s board memberships

Aside from performing his executive roles at the National Steel Car, Aziz sits on the board of directors of the company. This role allows him and the other members to deliberate on pressing matters affecting the company. He is also in charge of recruiting and interviewing senior officers of the organization. Aziz’s career path has been a successful one. He boasts of decades of professional experience and expertise in engineering. He is a family man and spends most of his time in Ontario Canada with his family. Aziz also chairs and sits on the board of other numerous companies.