The New Fastfood Model: Sweetgreen & Nathaniel Ru

It is a very rare thing for a large-scale company to shut down its corporate offices but this is precisely what the salad-centric restaurant company, Sweetgreen does around five times every year.

The reason for these shutdowns is so that every single member of the company can actually work in the restaurants themselves, personally. This process lends a certain understanding of the mindset behind the company which has, in no small measure been responsible, largely, for its phenomenal success thus far. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

The inspiration for many of these moves comes from the mind of company co-founder, Nathaniel Ru- alongside fellow co-founders, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet – who has stated that he “doesn’t believe” in corporate headquarters, and that he and Sweetgreen seek always to decentralize their operations to better focus on horizontal growth and integration.

The company was started because Jammet, Neman and Ru, all who were fresh out of college, believed that there was a decided lack of healthy eateries in their local, Georgetown area, a problem they sought to remedy. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

One of the most interesting things about the company strategy with Jammet, Neman, Ru and, later, their team, implemented and continues to implement is the idea that Sweetgreen is not merely a healthy eating establishment but rather that it is a lifestyle brand, meaning that it would represent more than just a useful product but rather be a product which inspires people to better themselves, a product which seeps into the culture and improves it.

To this end the CEOs of Sweetgreen created a peculiar event for their company – a music festival. These peculiar events, organized by the company, were dubbed “Sweetlife” music festivals and have been a ongoing occurrence along the East Coast and California since early 2011.

These aren’t just little local get-togethers either, in fact quite the contrary; for instance, Sweetgreen’s 2016 annual Sweetlife concert featured such well known musical sensations as Blondie, Grimes and Halsey, the year prior they had booked Kendrick Lamar.

What these celebrations have accomplished for the salad brand is a sense of real community and vibrant festivity, one that shot the Sweetgreen and its founders to national recognition.

Cotemar Mexico: Changing The Oil Industry With Its Visionary Tactics

With a vision to offer sustainable services to firms in the oil and petroleum industry, Cotemar Mexico if fully committed to its course. The company uses high end technology in their services to make sure that their clients are satisfied and the offshores are constructed and maintained, ensuring that a touch of modern technology is added. Besides the company ensures that the maritime are offered support systems and services that maintain them at the top of their game. Cotemar also owns a fleet of their customized and sophisticated vessels to their clients, making transport to the shore sites available to them.



Cotemar has learned the art of diversifying their services. The company has talented group of employees that make sure that their clients have been provided healthy and delicious meals in addition to having a great stay in their rigs. The company provides laundry services to their clients and also making sure that they have facilities they can use for recreational purposes. The quality of services has been appreciated and commended by clients such that the company is attracting a silent petroleum revolution in the industry.



Thirty seven years in the industry has taught Cotemar values and the skills to remain at the top. The company places great value to all their stakeholder. Beginning with their clients, employees’ communities and the environment in general. Interviewed employees expressed their satisfaction with the company and its leadership. The employees were pleased to share their experience, naming it as one of the best employers and concerned with their welfare. The company has seen to it that their employees get lodging, meals, and have a fare remuneration. But mostly, is concerned with the employees’ career growth.



Cotemar has a knack for incorporating technology in their services that help create sustainability. For them to remain the leading in the industry, they have employed a team of talented staff that come up with the latest technology and align it with their vision. So far, the company has been able to modernize most of their ores to suit the clients’ needs and also operate effectively.



Cotemar expresses their sustainability programs to the environment and the general public as well. Being in the oil industry, the company deeply comprehends the dangers of environmental pollution. With this in mind Cotemar runs programs that create awareness on the importance of conserving the environment and inviting the general public to help sustain it.



Dubai Billionaire Hussein Sajwani Ready More Deals with Trump

DAMAC Properties engages in establishing residential, commercial and leisure properties in Dubai and Middle East. The company was founded by Hussain Sajwani in 2002 with its headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and focuses in investments in different real estate ventures. Within the Dubai Desert Kingdom, the billionaire and developer of DAMAC Properties, Hussein Sajwani looks forward to boost his business association with the Trump Organization; the real estate company owned by Donald Trump, the current President of USA. The two titans in real estate, who celebrated the Eve of New Year together, have already started working together on the Trump International Golf Club, the place where luxury villas are racked to approximately $2 billion in sales.

Amid anxiety about the potential interest conflicts, Trump insisted that he would not be making any new deals of business while in office. But the owner of DAMAC Properties, Hussein Sajwani while addressing NBC News said that their ties with the Trumps more than personal but also of business matters. Hussein Sajwani told the media that the Trump’s three children are all well and he thought under their leadership they will not be having issue growing, expanding or maintaining of business relationships. Hussein Sajwani insisted the family members of Trump were much involved with every detail, and they were ready to continue protecting their brand.

“My better half and Ivanka are great companions,” he included. “They send messages. She’s been here to my home. We have been in New York and had meals with them routinely. Furthermore, you know, you appreciate working with some people, and it’s not just icy business connection.” Ivanka, Eric & Donald Jr. all represents the brand to well off outsiders — who regularly have connections to strong government officials — from Canada, Turkey, South America & Central Asia. Ivanka has posted via web-based networking media about conferences in no less than 13 nations since 2010.

DAMAC Properties owner, Hussein Sajwani reviewed that Ivanka was pregnant when she was taking a shot at the venture. He happened to be in New York three days after giving birth and he wondered that Ivanka got on the telephone to talk business with him and was back in the workplace two or three days after that. He still looks forward to apply the same skills as he did with DAMAC Properties to flourish to the current level.