Jose Hawilla — Open to New Worlds

To be an entrepreneur, you must go outside your comfort zone. The ability to try new things is vital when it comes to success. The ability to go outside of your comfort zone will allow you to be flexible when things change. Many times, an entrepreneur will have to experience new conditions in the market before they adapt. Adaptation requires an entrepreneur to remain cool and calm. When we experience new things, it expands our horizons and increases our knowledge. Both are necessary to become an entrepreneur. New experiences are the foundation for a successful foray into entrepreneurship. When the market changes, and entrepreneur must be able to adapt and accept the new challenge, otherwise he or she will fail. The market is constantly changing, so the entrepreneur will constantly be facing new environments and new challenges. Check out

When creating new contracts and forging new deals, an entrepreneur will often mingle with other cultures. There are various customs and courtesies that an entrepreneur will need to adopt in order to appease their new partners. These new experience are the healthy changes that will make a well rounded entrepreneur. By remaining open to experiences and opinions, an entrepreneur will stay flexible. The flexibility allows for even greater skills at adaptation. No matter what market conditions the entrepreneur faces, he or she will be ready to react. The entrepreneur who is open to experience will often win the market, because he or she is willing to adopt a new stance to accommodate others into their vision. For more details visit Traffic.

Jose Hawilla is a Brazilian entrepreneur who has perfected the market of football. This is a strong market with many factors. It is the world’s largest sport and he knew that it had the potential to be even bigger. Jose Hawilla started in Sao Paulo, where he grew up, and he is currently headquartered in Sao Paulo. But, he has had to craft many negotiations across various markets. These negotiations went well because Jose Hawilla was open to new experiences. Now, Jose Hawilla is one of the wisest moguls in Brazil. He has spread his knowledge and influence across the entire country.

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Vijay Eswaran Believes Making Sacrifices Is Part Of Unlocking Happiness

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is head of a large multilevel marketing conglomerate known as QI Group Ltd., and he’s also a man who values different philosophies included in business and philanthropy including those of making personal sacrifices. He believes true leaders do not simply strive to be better than other people but actually use their power to put other people’s needs in front of even their own. Eswaran has said that we’re never more than just two minutes from the Abyss, or death as we would call it, and personal sacrifice is how you find happiness and fulfillment before then.

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia but traveled to the UK and the US for his college studies. From being a grape harvest worker to driving cabs and doing marketing consulting, Eswaran gained a lot of experience during this time that he would later use in multilevel marketing. Nearly 20 years after leaving for his college education, Eswaran returned to Malaysia but this time with the intent of starting a direct selling company as part of the Cosway Group. He and another man who was interested in direct selling named Joseph Bismark officially began QI Group in Hong Kong.

Eswaran focused on selling health and wellness products through QI Group’s e-commerce company QNet, but there’s also holdings in Asian universities, logistics companies, banking and loans and business analytics. He also is the founder and President of RYTHM Foundation which stands for “Raise Yourself to Help Humanity.” Eswaran also wrote books about his philanthropy, business leadership and how spiritual beliefs have been used in the running of his company and its customers, and his bestseller is “In The Sphere Of Silence.” Eswaran has been a regular business mogul feature of Forbes Asia and has also been an annual World Economic Forum speaker.

Boraie’s Vision for Success

Atlantic City will have 250 more housing availabilities by summer of next year. They haven’t had this much growth to be expected in the housing industry in almost three decades. The apartment project is being completed by Boraie Development LLC. The apartment complex that Boraie is building is worth about 81 million dollars. They have designed the apartments to have everything that millennials are looking for in a home. They have observed trends and taken them in mind during the construction of the apartments. The apartments are only one advanced that is being made in Atlantic City. Atlantic City experience drought after casinos opened in a surrounding states that drew people away from Atlantic City and to the places that had casinos. Atlantic City is coming back from the loss by investing in new projects that will bring life back to Atlantic City.

The President of Boraie is Omar Boraie, and the Vice President is his son Wasseem Boraie. Omar Boraie was inspired to begin his projects after he witnessed the reinstatement of Europe as a young man. He received a lot of negative remarks about his venture in performing the revival he saw in Europe on New Brunswick. He has been implementing his dream for New Brunswick for about 40 years. He had a vision, and the success he has had with his endeavors in New Brunswick has proved to the doubters that Omar Boraie is more than capable of getting the job done.

According to press of atlantic city, over forty years ago Omar Boraie began purchasing land in New Brunswick and presented the plan he had to rebuild New Brunswick. During the time that he purchased the property, New Brunswick was a ghost town. No one was there after a particular time of the day. He began to rebuild the city by creating business space. Once he finished the business spaces, he started building homes around the business. He wanted the town to have people in it by day and by night. He did everything he could think of to make New Brunswick home to businesses and citizens. Visit press of atlantic city to see more.

Omar Boraie is proof that you should implement the dreams that live deep down in your heart no matter who supports you or doesn’t support you. The condos that Boraie built were occupied two months after opening. No one could have imagined forty years ago that New Brunswick would be a place to live.

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The Story of Success: Louis Chenevert, Former CEO of UTC

A Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert was also CEO of an American company UTC or United Technologies Corporation that develops and manufactures highly technical products after extensive research. His professional career was very successful. He started his career with General Motors where he served as Production General Manager for 14 years. In 1993, he joined a Canadian company Pratt & Whitney and after serving it for six years he was elected as President. In 2006, he was elected as the Chairman of UTC. In the years 2011 and 2012 he also served as Vice-Chairman of Business Council’s Executive Committee. On December 8th, 2014 he resigned as UTC’s CEO and joined Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division as exclusive Advisor to explore the business opportunities in aerospace and industrial sectors. When Chenevert was UTC’s CEO he left behind unmatched inheritance of high standards for the coming CEOs to follow. Some of his amazing works may include the acquisition of Goodrich for $18.4 billion and enabled market to gain significantly even during the period of recession. But the project of GTF ranked high in the list of achievements of Chenevert as this project was chosen as an alternative for Airbus, a project of an influential company, Pratt & Whitney, in the market of engines for narrow-body jets. The year 2011 was the year of great achievements for Chenevert due to the development of advanced designs for these engines for both latest and large engines as per his expectations. In this way he encouraged UTC to invest in a high-end technology that is creating manufacturing jobs and improving the growth of the company as well as US economy even today. Visit United Technologies website for more info.

Investments for the Future

According to the belief of Louis Chenevert and the current CEO of UTC, Gregory Hayes, educating employees and investing in newest technologies can set a platform for the future success of business sector. Louis Chenevert also supported the idea of creating environment friendly and greener designs for the products produced by UTC. Its products reduced the emissions f greenhouse gases and environmental footprint by 26% and water consumption of the factories and plants by over 50%. Same global standards were established by the company for all of its facilities.


Similarly, Chenevert has encouraged Pratt & Whitney to invest in Geared Turbofan engine or GTF engine, which is considered as a good example of the commitment of a CEO to invest in future projects. The company invested $10 billion on this project which took 20 years to develop a jet engine that changed the entire aerospace industry. GTF engines have not only reduced the consumption of fuel by 16% but also reduced noise by 75% and emission by 50%. In this way by investing in future innovative projects this company has also created the manufacturing jobs and supported the entire economy of the U.S. In fact, the standards of innovation investments and employees’ education set by Chenevert help in growing businesses. Recently UTC has decided to invest in hiring new talents in the 3 coming years to help in the growth of new technologies, on the basis of the legacy set by Chenevert. In this way the professional career of Louis Chenevert, former CEO of UTC, was very successful as the standards set by him are followed by his successor CEOs until today. Read more on

Eli Gershkovich Amazing Success Story

While regular beers were experiencing record decrease in sales, craft beer wasn’t affected much. The overall consumption and sale of beer in Canada have been on a flat rate since 1995. Craft beers sales have on the contrary been skyrocketing in the last half-decade.

Eli Gershkovich is the CEO and one of the most renowned craft brewers in the world. Interestingly, this highly respected CEO worked was an attorney before he opened a brewpub. His interest in craft beer was harnessed in 1987 when as an attorney when he visited Europe. It is here where he toured multiple breweries and appreciated the distinctive flavors of the beverage. Gershkovich decided to manufacture beer and sell it to customers at this point. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at Affiliate Dork.

It was eight years later in 1995 that Gershkovich finally opened Steamworks Brew Pub. His brewpub stood out from all the other brewpubs in Canada as it relied on a steam-powered system to produce beer. After tasting the first batch of his beer, Eli Gershkovich decided to stick to the uniquely delicious flavor he had made.

His brewpub succeeded in attracting beer lovers, and as the owner and CEO, Gershkovich decided to expand it. Initially, he had designed his pub to accommodate a maximum of 184 seats. However, the brewpub owner expanded it fourfold to accommodate up to 570 seats. The expansion increased the access of his company’s product. Today, people over multiple provinces in Canada can access the specially brewed craft beer. In fact, the Steamworks craft beer is now accessible to people in Australia, Germany, Italy, and Hong Kong. Despite the increase in transportation and distribution costs, Steamworks brewers are yielding a lot in revenues.


Though Eli Gershkovich initially started his company with a partner, it took him only two years to take control of the company. As the CEO, Eli prefers to manage his business independently. He is not open to answering to board members or stock investors while abandoning the more important goals. Steamworks Brew Pub is now a household name. Eli Gershkovich had never doubted the potential of craft beer. With his secret manufacturing weapon in the open, Eli remains confident that no one else can produce the pleasant and unique taste that he does. Learn more about Eli at

Todd Lubar’s Impressive Success in the Real Estate Industry

Todd Lubar has worked in the real estate market in Maryland for close to 20 years. He has an impressive background in Finance and Credit. That positions him to help others in their next real estate deals. Todd Lubar currently works at TDL Ventures as the President. Here, he focuses on scaling the company to new levels.

Todd Lubar owns and runs various companies related to entertainment, real estate, and demolition. As one of the top mortgage originators, Todd Lubar relies on his extensive background in sales to keep improving his bottom line. He has always been passionate about investment and helping others become homeowners. Todd Lubar looks forward to consolidating his presence in Baltimore city as a community volunteer and entrepreneur. Having worked in the Credit and Finance space for over two decades, Todd Lubar realized that he would help others fulfill their dreams of becoming homeowners. As a result, he founded a way to eliminate the barriers that barred people from receiving much-needed loans. For more details visit Inspirery.

While you can have all the ideas in the world, they will only become fruitful after the implementation. Todd Lubar’s experience in the real estate industry led him to work as a mortgage originator. Todd loves the developing technology surrounding home remote control functions. You can now control your lights and fun from the touch of a button. Again, CCTV cameras have made it possible for people to monitor their homes anytime from their phones. Todd Lubar remains focused on keeping his fingers on the pulse of all his endeavors. Knowing every aspect of his business helps him to make informed decisions. Check out to see more.

Todd Lubar attributes his success to the dedication and hard work. It takes hard work and commitment to building a successful venture. While your routine work may feel mundane and repetitive after a while, it is essential to remain focused on your goals. Todd Lubar has fostered a culture of honest communication and trust in his business. Despite drawbacks, Todd Lubar has been able to grow and move his venture forward. Promoting a culture of trust and honest communication allows employees to voice their thoughts and concerns.

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Mike Baur: How his startup accelerator program has far reaching effects of economic growth

The Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) is a Zurich based company looking to support thriving entrepreneurs in the digital technology field. Swiss Startup Factory has an accelerator program that runs for three months, twice every year in support of this goal. The startup was started in 2014 by Mike Baur and two of his partners. The accelerator program offers participants a one-on-one business interaction with experts in the business sector. The main role of the program is to advise entrepreneurs in the areas of financing and business management in general. In addition, they offer office space to the entrepreneurs as well as providing them with a connection to the corporate sector. The accelerator program runs from February for the first batch and September for the second batch of entrepreneurial trainees.


The role of Swiss Startup Factory is to help the start-ups at their early stages of development. Through their accelerator program, the company strikes partnership deals with other accelerator programs, universities, and corporate business organizations to enable the idea of mentorship flow efficiently. All these partners come in to provide some input to the program either through a combined effort or by providing financial or educational assistance to the nascent entrepreneurs.


Mike Baur decision to join entrepreneurship has been a great idea in the history of Switzerland. His noble idea came at a time when the world is trying to revolutionize its efforts towards economic stability, especially among the young generation. The idea of supporting startups in the field of digital technology comes at a time when it is adversely needed by the youth. Technology startups are the way to future business engagements. Technology is literally taking over the world. Lucky are those that will have invested in the industry because theirs can only be success after success. The limit to their achievements is only the sky.


Mike Baur has applied his knowledge on matters of finance to help the startups not only raise funds for their operations but also help them manage the finances. It may be useless to teach someone all the aspects of business management and fail to stress on the financial topic. It is one issue that will bring a start-up to its knees faster that one can ever imagine. Without finances, the business cannot stand. Therefore the role Mike Baur plays cannot be ignored for any entrepreneur who wants to run a successful company. Mike Baur reckons that investing in startups is the only way to keep economic growth on track. He recommends that growing economies need to recognize this as an area that needs focus and can play a major role in boosting economic growth.

George Soros Works Towards Making The U.S. A Fairer Place For All

For many living in a range of areas across the U.S., the “American dream” has never seemed so far away as it does in the 21st-century; hedge fund billionaire George Soros believes his destiny is to aid the people of the world in living free and democratic lives with the aid of his own Open Society Foundations network of charitable groups. As a believer in the open society philosophical theory first popularized by Karl Popper, a former mentor of George Soros, and developed the options open to him in pushing forward these ideas as a part of the everyday work he completes with a team of advisors. Helping others live free lives has become one of the main areas of concern for George Soros as he feels the people of the world should not struggle under the oppression the hedge fund manager saw first-hand when invading Nazi forces threatened his life as a member of the Jewish community of Hungary during World War II. Read this story about George at

George Soros believes the work of his Open Society Foundations has become a major part of the good works being completed across the U.S. and the world as a whole, particularly as the majority of individuals are unaware of the problems being seen in the world by members of minority groups. The Open Society Foundations reports George Soros has been a major supporter of Europe’s Roma people in their fight for equal rights with other citizens in the European Union. The U.S. is often seen as the leading nation in the free world, but the nation has seen a number of civil rights and criminal justice groups backed by George Soros with a number of major donations made by the Open Society Foundations to these groups; in total, the civil rights groups of the U.S. playing a role in the Ferguson protests were backed by George Soros with more than $33 million in annual donations to these good causes, The Washington Times reports.

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After developing his reputation as a political donor in the early years of the 21st-century as a backer of Democratic candidates who received millions of dollars in backing across the Presidential election cycle. Soros began the 2008 Presidential election campaign by backing the candidacy of Barrack Obama, but instead sat out the majority of this and the next election because of ideological differences with the Administration over the future direction of the liberal agenda of President Obama and his political agenda. Politico explains the return of George Soros to the U.S. political arena comes amid the rise of right wing politicians and ideologies across the world resulting in the “Brexit” decision in the U.K. and the rise of President Trump in the U.S. Read his profile at Forbes.

Investment Decisions are Hard to Make but Pay Well if Made Correctly

Tim Armour is an investor and a business leader heading Capital Group as the company’s president. He has many years of experience in the financial industry. Tim can analyze various decisions made by investors, and he recently gave his opinion on a decision that Warren Buffet, a wealthy American investor made on the recent interview with CNBC. Warren Buffet advised investors to put their money in passive funds. The passive fund is ideal for investors who want to invest a small amount of money, and the best part of the investment plan is that it is long-term. A long-term investment has a higher return on investment compared to a short-term investment. Tim Armour published a very informative article posted by CNBC that applauded warren’s decision. He advises active and prospect investors to invest their money in active funds because it increases an investor’s portfolio.

Tim Armour admitted that Warren’s approach was prudent because a majority of investors get into investment plans that require high capital, but the returns on the investments are small. He, however, advise investors not to negate at all investment opportunities in the mutual funds, since there are mutual funds that require a moderate amount of capital and trade with a low risk in the markets. The investment plan that a prudent investor should choose should be able to withstand any fall in the financial markets and learn more about Tim.

Tim Armour is one of the most experienced financial advisers who has assisted successful entrepreneurs to build their wealth. He joined the Capital Group as an associate program participant. Over the years, he has been involved in developing business strategies that have contributed to the success of the company. Apart from being the CEO, he leads the firm as the principal executive officer in charge of Capital Research and Management Company. Tim has excellent skills in managing portfolios. He has worked with service companies in America as well as global telecommunication industries as an equity analyst. He holds economics degree from Middlebury College and more information click here.

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Jose Borghi – Changing the Rules of Advertising and Publicity Industry

For any company, advertising is important as it allows them to reach their customers in a much better way. With the competition in the marketplace increasing, companies are investing in advertising companies who can help them reach out to more customers. One such advertising and publicity guru in Brazil is Jose Borghi who has helped create some stunning campaigns that will be remembered by people for many years to come. Jose Borghi currently holds the position of co-chief executive officer of ad agency Mullen Lowe Brazil.

Jose Borghi took a little time to understand what he wanted from his life, and when he did he has not look back. It was during one of his trip with his sister to a marketing exhibition that he was mesmerized by the world of advertising. It was that time that he decided that would go into the advertising industry. He immediately landed a job at the Standard Ogilvy and later went on to start his own company with Erh Ray. Under his leadership, the company has changed the advertising industry in Brazil and has brought it into the limelight. He has been part of some of the marketing campaigns of top brands in the world, including American Express, Unilever, Fiat, Electrolux and more information click here.

Throughout his career, Jose Borghi has won a number of awards for advertising campaigns. He has been awarded at many national and international events. Some of the top awards that he has received have been at events like 7th London Festival, 11th One Show, 15th New York Festival and many more. Apart from these, he has been recognized by the Brazilian Advertising Professionals Associations as one of the top ad experts in the world. He is also the recipient of the Advertising Professional Award of the Year in the year 2014.

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