President Brian Torchin Heads HCRC Staffing

Brian Torchin is the president of services that are in high demand at the moment. He is in charge of HCRC Staffing, a full service healthcare staffing firm. This is an industry that is in high demand because the number of hospitals that are being built are growing. There are a wide assortment of organizations that require staffing, and Brian Torchin has been able to tap into this market successfully.

Brian Torchin has opened a number of medical facilities in different areas, and he has helped hospitals cope with the constant staffing issues that plague a plethora of hospitals. It is with his service that many hospitals find a way to continue operations when short staff situations occur.

What Torchin has done is tap into a market that has been undeveloped for a long time. Many people have worked in the world of staffing, but most staffing firms have limitations. They do staffing for things like secretaries and construction workers.

The average staffing firm does not have access to people that work in healthcare. This gave Torchin access to a niche type of staffing that would be able to provide healthcare staffing. That has been a smart idea because the entire healthcare system appears to be out of whack. There are so many people that are getting out of healthcare.

This makes it hard for the hospitals to continue providing adequate service. With the Brian Torchin healthcare staffing model it has become evident that this is a good solution even if the services are only temporary.

HCRC Staffing fills the void and actually allows hospitals to save money. The full benefits package that full time workers are offered is an expense that the hospital can avoid.

There are also some workers that already have other jobs that may just seek a 2nd shift or a part time position. A staffing firm like HCRC allows these people that have the experience to work within hospitals without being tied down like a full time employee.

Brian Torchin has become very popular with physicians because he is able to provide some timely healthcare staffing solutions. He has managed to build a resume that includes career consultation and healthcare solutions for a variety of different practices. suggests that this has made him a valued president for HCRC Staffing and a highly respected executive in general. He has proven that there is a need for healthcare staffing.