Alex Pall “Dream Chaser”

For a musician to quit their full time job to pursue a career in music takes a lot of guts,and that’s exactly what Alex Pall did. According to an interview he did with interview, he was working at an art gallery at the time which can be a lucrative career for someone.

Alex Pall is one half of the group The Chainsmokers. With the success of their mega hit singles “Closer”, “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down”, their future seems to be pretty bright in the business. Alex also stated that while working in the art gallery, he was a DJ in New York making a name for himself, so it’s quite obvious it was his calling to pursue music. He pointed out in that he and his partner didn’t want to treat creating music like it was a job, but they did have a lot more to learn about the business, so at the end of the day it is a job because they still had bills to pay, a homeless musician can be very stressful.

The group got together 10 hours a day to work on their music, Alex said they needed that time to create their identity as artist. Pall is very much in tuned with social media, thanks to Instagram he stated that they are reaching the 16 to 25 year old demographic. Pall also said that their music is becoming more international seeing places like the Philippines and South Africa, which is a huge accomplishment.

Fans are sending videos of their kids singing our songs, some people say that their moms are humming “Roses” which is cool Pall said, it proves that our music is reaching all ages. “We don’t care how old you are, or what color you are, just if our music makes you feel a certain way”, that’s what matters to us. An emotional connection.

Tidal: The Desiree Perez Connection


Tidal has become the type of music streaming service that people are talking about joining. It has become the cool alternative to what people have become used to. There is no secret that Jay-Z was much struggling to get this company off the ground. It seemed like there would be a hard battle between Spotify and Pandora. Mr. Carter had to bring forth some help from a very unlikely source.


People that know of Dez Perez will probably know the connection to Jay-Z through his friend Juan Perez. She is the wife of Juan, and this is a longtime friend of Jay-Z. What most people may have failed to realize is that Jay-Z has been getting help from Dez Perez to bring Tidal to more customers. She is a business owner that has a club. She has also been able to help Jay-Z negotiate deals for his Roc Nation Sports athletes so Perez is a vital piece of the puzzle.


It is always a good thing when someone like Desiree Perez can come in and help crunch numbers on deals that are being made. She is a friend to Beyonce, one of the most popular entertainers on the planet, and Perez has worked her magic for deals for Beyonce as well. This is a big part of her influence.


There have been rumors that Apple wants to buy Tidal. In the beginning people thought that Jay-Z would just have to let his business go and let the other bigger leaders take control of the music streaming industry. Now he is appears that he is a force that is biggest enough to get the executives at Apple worried. This is what happens when someone gets help from a reliable business woman like Dez Perez. She has been in tight spots in her life, but she knows how to get herself out of these spots. Perez has been the underdog that has continued to rise to the occasion. This is what Jay-Z admired in her. This is why he was so interested in getting her to help him out. She had the skills to turn the business around. Her negotiating skills have worked like a charm

The Shining Star of Norka Martinez Luque

Norka Martínez Luque’s story is one that exudes optimism, hope and inspiration to scores of people across the globe to make the first step toward the pursuit of their dreams, whatever their circumstances. Her’s is a story that not only emits a sense of positivity, but also a life journey that can be summarized with one sentence: “impossible is nothing”. Norka Luque is a sweet, beautiful, and young Venezuelan dreamer who was privileged to discover her love, talent, and passion for music at a very tender age. In addition, her clarity of vision is unequalled, and her goal has always been to be the best musician she can ever be while ensuring that her music makes a positive impact in her community.

Luque attributes her success to the unfailing support from her parents who gave her unconditional backing when they realized that she was quite apt when it comes to learning how to play any musical instrument. Luque became an expert in playing the piano, ballet dancing, flamenco, as well as excelling in the academic sojourn.

Besides nurturing her talent in her formative years, Luque found the perfect chance to take her music career to the next level when she enrolled for a degree in Business Administration in the University of France. Besides getting a good foundation in the business arena, Luque earned other degrees in Marketing, the Culinary Arts, and Fashion. While at it, she managed to join one of the most renowned bands at the time, allowing her to pursue her music career. Surprisingly, 4 years ago, she caught the eye of one of the world-famous musical producers, Emilio Estefan, who not only showed interest, but also helped her to pursue her dream at a professional level.

Luque is delighted to have the chance to work with a musical producer of that caliber, and she feels blessed and honored that Emilio showed interest in her music, helped her to fine-tune a few aspects of her album, and taught her a myriad of things that she needs to learn in order to become a global musician in her own right. It’s a lifetime opportunity that each and every talented musician dreams to have, but honestly, Luque deserves it.