Lime Crime: Changing The Shape of Cosmetics

Cosmetics have come a long way over the decades. These products can be used in a number of ways and for specific purposes. The industry rakes in the billions of dollars on an annual basis. Despite having a lot of great products, the industry is literally cluttered with copious amounts of products. This can leave the average consumer frustrated and with one look at the cosmetics isle, the feeling of anxiety will surely set in. Fortunately, this article is written for the savvy consumers who know how to navigate this cramped field.

When it comes to producing some of the best lipsticks, lip toppers and lip gloss products, there is one brand that stand high above the competition. Lime Crime is its name and eclectic cosmetics is its game. This brand is setting new trends throughout the industry. Created by Doe Deere, a former fashion designer, these products have the ability to give its users a unique look. The color tones are spectacular, especially when it comes to lip sticks. These colors include wicked (deep red), utopia (neon blue), red velvet (supreme red), squash (blood orange), peacock (vivid green), shroom (vivid purple) and many more. The options are nearly endless here, but there is a newer, more fresher color added to the category. Scandal has been creating a buzz as of late, and it is revolutionizing the game. This advanced liquid matte lipstick provides the ultimate glow when it comes to finishes. Scandal’s deep purple hue oozes sex appeal. It was designed to cause a stir as well as demand attention. CEO Doe Deere has another winner, which will definitely become a cult classic.

Lime Crime has set the world on fire in a sense, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Thanks to its large Pinterest presence, the products receive a ton of free press. For experiencing the brightest and boldest of colors, put down your old cosmetic brands and join Lime Crimes revolution.