Cancer Treatment Centers of America Help Women Find Hope

For many of the brave people who continue living in spite of a positive cancer diagnosis, the battle they face is not only a single fight but more akin to a war on multiple fronts, making the fight all the more difficult.

As patients face the physical symptoms of cancer, as well as the separate but equally debilitating symptoms brought upon by the treatments, such as losing hair, skin damage, dental complications, and weight loss they must also deal with the emotional fallout that often comes with a cancer diagnosis as even the strongest of individuals struggle with maintaining hope in the face of a deteriorating body and health.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Help Women Living with a Cancer Diagnosis Return Back to Normalcy

Often the struggle of fighting against one of the most pervasive and deadly diseases known to our species compounds with each new stress such as mounting expenses and the complete upheaval of patient’s normal lives.

In response to helping individuals find a complete path to wellness and health, the leaders of cancer treatments within the country have partnered with the American Cancer Society to create an outreach program designed to help women continue their fight through a cancer diagnosis.

The program called Look Good Feel Better brings together women living with a cancer diagnosis and local cosmetic professionals for group sessions about looking your best in spite of living with cancer. As women learn the essentials of choosing a wig or tying a head scarf they not only find answers to questions they may have but also a sense of community and strength gained from knowing others fight their battle as well.

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