Eric Pulier; The Generous Silicon Valley Investor


Children are the least able lot of society despite their standing as the next adult generation of community worldwide. They need providers and guides who will instill values that will serve them remarkably as well as society. This notion is not always a possibility in exceptional cases when the children need a little extra support regarding resources and finance.

Starbright World became the first software application designed solely to cater to social needs of children with chronic illnesses. Eric Pulier partnered with Norman Schwarzjopf Jr., Stephen Spielberg, and Peter Samuelson to develop a privately maintained platform that allowed the children to experience the full blown benefits of social media interaction in a safe environment. Another digital creation of Eric Pulier that caters to the needs of kids is Starlight World. The software offers a channel through which the children learn about diabetes using graphical body anatomy features. They gain an understanding of the correlation between eating healthy and the roles of insulin and blood sugars in the body.


Eric Pulier’s career has the primary inclination towards entrepreneurship investment in technology. He is the founder of at least 15 firms, including SOA Software, Desktone, MediaPlatform and US Media Interactive, LLC. He has earned the reputation of a revolutionary force in the arena with his multiple involvements in helping various companies raise funds. This spotlight affords him opportunities to exercise his public speaking talents in platforms across the world. He is the co-author of Understanding Enterprise SOA, a book that broadens his views on business operations. Eric Pulier is well versed with technological trends and earned a mention by VAR Business’ magazine as one of the top technology visionaries.

Early Life

Eric Pulier’s rich talents stem from his internationally recognized tertiary degrees in addition to his endearing entrepreneurial spirit. He left Teaneck High School in 1984 and joined Harvard University to pursue an undergraduate degree in American literature and Arts in English. He left campus in 1988 with a magna cum laude. Eric’s fiery spirit pushed him to write interesting columns on Harvard Crimson, an attribute he has nurtured in his post-graduation life.

Igor Cornelsen Lays Out Some Sound Financial Investment Advice

Igor Cornelsen is a master stock broker and investor. Cornelsen runs the Bainbridge Group, a private offshore investment fund incorporated in the Bahamas. Mr. Cornelsen also tutor young financial investors and stock market brokers who are looking to learn the fundamentals of investment and trading from the pros.

A native of Brazil, Igor has led several of Brazil’s largest financial institutions. When you invest in Brazil, Igor suggests that you pay attention to and monitor the behavior of the big banks of Brazil which include the likes of Bank Itau and Citibank Brazil.

After leaving Brazilian banking and stock market trading, Igor Cornelsen would return to Brazil many times as an advisor and consultant to the banks he used to lead. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: and

Right now Igor is semi-retired and resides in Florida in the United States. He still still manages a private investment fund called the Bainbridge Group which includes investor money as well as a large part of his own wealth. When he is not managing his fund, Igor enjoys playing on the myriad amount of golf courses found in South Florida.

Igor Cornelsen’s Advice For Stock Investment

Mr. Cornelsen says that when you are investing money in company stock, you are literally becoming a part owner in that firm with your stock certificate representing ownership in that company. He says that you need to think of the long term gains you can make by buying ownership or stock in that firm. Investing wisely requires a lot of though and research.

One of the things that an investor should be looking at before investing his money in a company’s stock is the leadership. If a company has a revolving door of top executives than this should be a red flag to potential investors. Companies who cannot retain their executives often have serious problems.

There could be mismanagement going or worse, fraud such as cooking the accounting books. In such cases, Igor advises investors to steer clear of investing their money into such companies.

Another thing to be aware of is profitability cycles. Some companies may seem to perform poorly but will then generate big returns in a couple of years. By carefully researching a company’s history and their profits you can be able to spot and determine a company’s cycle.

Nexbank CEO Attends Strategic Conference

On November 7th, the President and CEO of Nexbank Capital Incorporated John Holt attended a recent conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. He served as a panelist at the Texas Bankers Association 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. At this event, Holt would talk about the topic of reinventing community banking. John also discussed the perspectives on competing by Innovation. As a participant at this conference, John Holt was among numerous bank leaders who were looking to share their perspectives on the many challenges and opportunities in the community banking sector. They were frequently looking for ways to explore opportunities through M&A activity as well as ways to grow and expand their financial institutions.

When Holt attended the recent conference, he was looking to help provide perspective on improving community banking. Since there are many small community banks in various locales, the leaders of such organizations are looking for ways to improve things such as service and customer relations. By attending this conference, bank leaders such as Holt were in position to gather around and give each other feedback on how to make community banks more desirable options to a larger number of customers. After the conference was held, bank leaders were able to focus on improving their operations and making their banks more successful.

John Holt is a high ranking official of Nexbank Capital which is a financial services company. It is one of the leading community banking firms around in terms of commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services. This company provides customized financial services to a number of institutional clients, financial institutions, and corporations throughout the United States. Over the years, Nexbank has been able to help a number of its clients reach various financial goals on a regular basis. Holt attends conferences such as the Texas Bankers Association conference in order to make this organization even better in terms of meeting the various needs of its many clients.


George Soros Works Towards Making The U.S. A Fairer Place For All

For many living in a range of areas across the U.S., the “American dream” has never seemed so far away as it does in the 21st-century; hedge fund billionaire George Soros believes his destiny is to aid the people of the world in living free and democratic lives with the aid of his own Open Society Foundations network of charitable groups. As a believer in the open society philosophical theory first popularized by Karl Popper, a former mentor of George Soros, and developed the options open to him in pushing forward these ideas as a part of the everyday work he completes with a team of advisors. Helping others live free lives has become one of the main areas of concern for George Soros as he feels the people of the world should not struggle under the oppression the hedge fund manager saw first-hand when invading Nazi forces threatened his life as a member of the Jewish community of Hungary during World War II. Read this story about George at

George Soros believes the work of his Open Society Foundations has become a major part of the good works being completed across the U.S. and the world as a whole, particularly as the majority of individuals are unaware of the problems being seen in the world by members of minority groups. The Open Society Foundations reports George Soros has been a major supporter of Europe’s Roma people in their fight for equal rights with other citizens in the European Union. The U.S. is often seen as the leading nation in the free world, but the nation has seen a number of civil rights and criminal justice groups backed by George Soros with a number of major donations made by the Open Society Foundations to these groups; in total, the civil rights groups of the U.S. playing a role in the Ferguson protests were backed by George Soros with more than $33 million in annual donations to these good causes, The Washington Times reports.

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After developing his reputation as a political donor in the early years of the 21st-century as a backer of Democratic candidates who received millions of dollars in backing across the Presidential election cycle. Soros began the 2008 Presidential election campaign by backing the candidacy of Barrack Obama, but instead sat out the majority of this and the next election because of ideological differences with the Administration over the future direction of the liberal agenda of President Obama and his political agenda. Politico explains the return of George Soros to the U.S. political arena comes amid the rise of right wing politicians and ideologies across the world resulting in the “Brexit” decision in the U.K. and the rise of President Trump in the U.S. Read his profile at Forbes.

Clay Siegall Has Grown Seattle Genetics to a Global Biotech Company

The human antibody is an important factor in the operations of Seattle Genetics. It is what the firm has been capitalizing on in creating cancer drugs and therapies since 1998. The company seems to have the right foot in the track and the Seattle biotech community is optimistic that the sector is headed in the right direction.

Growth Plans

Seattle Genetics hopes to one day grow from a biotech company to a big pharmaceutical firm. The dream could come true sooner as it is currently the biggest biotech firm in Washington. The firm has a market value of approximately $10 billion currently. The current employees’ rate is at 900 with plans to add 200 more in research and marketing this year. The company developed its first drug, Adcetris, which treats the cancer of the lymph known as Hodgkin lymphoma. Seattle Genetics later sold its commercial rights in international markets to Takeda Oncology. The partnership benefited the company as it became aware of international opportunities. The company now does not intend selling any rights for their new drugs that are in the pipeline. It will use the lessons learned to do its international marketing. This strategy is evidenced by the recent opening of its Switzerland office. Clay Siegall had also planned to invest $2 billion in acquiring the rights to sell a drug by Immunomedics. He, however, did not succeed but the move cemented Seattle Genetic’s commitment to the global market.

Bearing Fruits

Seattle Genetics has been on the rise regarding sales and stocks value. It recorded $418 million in sales last year, which was an increase of 46 percent from the year 2014. The company’s stock has risen from $20 to $66 per share. The two positives have added its valuation by over 50 percent in just a year. Seattle Genetics has not relented in the drugs development agenda. It has continued to invest more in research, mostly focusing on antibody-drug conjugate. The firm’s new drugs are promising, with 4 out of the 11 in the development phase scheduled to be released to the market soon. The drugs are 33A, 22ME, LIV1 and Adcetris.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the CEO, President, and the chair of the Board of Directors for Seattle Genetics. He also sits on the board of Mirna Therapeutics among others.

Clay studied at the University of Maryland where he attained a Zoology degree. He also attended the famed George Washington University, graduating with a Ph.D. in Genetics.

How Lori Senecal has Supported CP+B’s Growth

Lori Senecal is one of the top professionals in the digital marketing industry. She is the current global CEO of the CP+B and has also been serving as the president of MDC Partners Networks. Senecal recently revealed that she would be retiring from the industry at the end of 2017. She has been working at CP+B since March 2015 and has made tremendous contributions that have enabled it to be successful in the international markets. The chairman of the firm, Chuck Potter, has been striving to ensure that it will have excellent professionals who will take her position. Senecal said that she has been assisting Potter in nurturing the expertise of the various employees during her time in office. Her performance as the head of the company has been outstanding and had exceeded the expectations of CP+B’s board.

According to Adage, Lori’s excellent administration skills have helped CP+B in broadening its presence in the international markets. She worked with various senior employees in setting up exceptional communication and management strategies that simplify the coordination of its branches that are located in different parts of the world. Lori Senacal has built healthy relationships with the junior staff of the company, and this has enabled her to be an excellent leader. She managed to win the American Airline account within a few months after joining the CP+B.

CP+B is currently working to improve the administration of expertise of its regional leaders. The agency recently elevated Danielle Aldrich to act as the president of CP+B West. She formerly served as the co-managing director of CP+B. Aldrich’s current office has made her the supervisor of the Los Angeles and Boulder branches of CP+B. The agency also promoted executives such as CP+B Brazil and Miami’a Vinicius Reis, CP+B Beijing’s Bamboo Yee, and CP+B Europe’s Richard Pinder. Danielle Aldrich has spent 14 years of her career serving CP+B and has helped in the management of the accounts of American Airlines, Hershey, and Visit Business for more info

Senecal’s career in the digital advertising sector has been successful. She started by working at various agencies in Canada. Lori has risen over the years and has been an administrator of MDC Partners Network, KBS+, and McCann New York.

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OSI Group President David Mcdonald

David McDonald the president and COO of OSI Foods International has agriculture in his blood. He was Born and raised on a farm in Iowa and he graduated from Iowa State University in animal science. He received the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. He joined OSI nearly 25 years ago at their Chicago location and made his way up the ladder to where he is now. David is not only interested in the business side of things. He started the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative Which gives students a chance to get into internships with company.

He also supports his fraternity from his college days, Alpha Gamma Rho, by supporting its scholarship funding. He supports the fraternity in other ways also such as raising funds for various causes. He is also the chairman of the board for the American Meat Institute and he also volunteers his time for the St. Michaels Parish in Wheaton Ill.

After joining OSI David has been very keen and active in expanding in other countries. He was instrumental in overlooking the company’s growth in China, India, and Europe. In fact, the company celebrated its 20th anniversary of its presence in China in 2012. One of its crowning achievements was when the company supplied food for Beijing Olympics. It supplied over 113 tons of different types of products with zero complaints.

OSI recently acquired the Dutch food company Baho Food. David McDonald has said that acquiring the company has given OSI a bigger presence in Europe. He went on to say that Baho Foods products play a complementary role to OSI’s products but at the same time it broadens the companies capability to adapt to a changing market to learn more: click here.

David McDonald lives in Warrenville Ill with his wife and six children.

NuoDB and its Innovative Elastic SQL Database

NuoDB is a SQL database company that offers database solutions for organizations seeking to optimize their database and cloud use. NuoDB offers database solutions that can bridge relational databases and cloud databases. NuoDB is based out of Cambridge, MA, and was launched by Barry S Morris and Jim Starkey in 2010. NuoDB business model revolves around its patented elastic SQL database. The benefit this “newSQl” database offers to organizations is the ability to add servers to an existing database without causing a slow down in the transferring of data. In fact, adding a new server will cause the database to run faster.

NuoDB is the first and only company to develop this type of technology. Because of this innovation, the patent for the elastic SQL database technology was issued in record time by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The vision for NuoDB today is to continue to expand the elastic SQL database technology to create the best performance achievable for the computing environment.

NuoDB uses the elastic SQL database to empower several business types such as organizations that require constant computing of data and transactions or organizations that just simply need a place to securely store data. NuoDB is steadily growing and reported its record quarter at the close of 2016. NuoDB seeks to bring a supreme efficiency by developing a hybrid cloud to continue the elasticity of databases.

Andrew Rocklage Likes Adventure And Changing The Game

Andrew Rocklage has made a career out of making changes to the way that business is done. He is willing to create better experiences for clients by thinking outside the box, and he does so to ensure that all his clients have a better chance for success.

This article explains how Andrew has done quite a lot of work to ensure that the people he works with will benefit from his adventurous and daring business choices. Someone like Andrew will change lives in the way that he does his work.

#1: SkyZone

SkyZone is the place where people come to enjoy the adventure that Andrew has created, and he is hoping that he will appeal to the people who are the most-adventurous.

He knows that people often cannot jump out of planes and hikes in the Rockies, but they may come to SkyZone to find that it is quite a lot of fun to do these things in a safe space. The safe space that Andrew has created will ensure that more people are having a good time in a safer place to do so.

#2: Building The Brand

There are many different people who will find that the brand is growing because of what people love to do in the modern day.

They want to do daring things that will excite them, and they want to be in a place that will help them have fun with family and friends. It is quite simple for people to sign into the SkyZone when they show up, and they partaking in the brand that Andrew built from the ground up.

#3: How Does He Make This A Fun Place To Play?

Andrew enjoys many of the things that he has put into SkyZone, and he believes that it is possible for someone to change the way that they think about adventure.

They need not go far from home when they are using the things that Andrew has built for them, and there are many nice places for people to come that are near their homes. They bring their children to rock climb, and they may find the best way for their family to get into shape.

The changes that people make to their lives at SkyZone will change the way they remain in good physical condition, enjoy their family and enjoy their community. They may come to a SkyZone that was built by Andrew Rocklage, and they will notice that it is easy for someone to see their kids and family playing together.

They will have many opportunities to do their favorite things in the SkyZone, and they will have a group of people around them who enjoys the very same things.

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Andrew Rocklage Floats his Busy Life between his Legal Career and Entrepreneurial Ventures

Bro Bio: Andrew Rocklage’s Fascinating Life

Is Yanni Hugnagel the Best College Basketball Recruiter in the Nation?

Yanni Hufnagel is a 30-year-old Jewish man from Scarsdale, New York. As a child, he was an avid reader, voraciously studying every book on coaching he could find. He would then use action figures of basketball players to run the plays outlined in each book.

Before his coaching career, Yanni Hufnagel took a job in his hometown as a television announcer for local teams. It was clear to his broadcast partner—and many others—that destiny would make him either a sports coach or an announcer.

During his first year at Cornell University, he was offered the role of basketball manager. This opened up a summer internship with the New Jersey Nets NBA team, eventually leading to an assistant coaching position in Oklahoma and, ultimately, to Harvard, where he was hired as a volunteer assistant coach and recruiter.

Hufnagel then joined the coaching staff at Nevada, working alongside former NBA head coach Eric Musselman. He is among the nation’s premier recruiting agents in college basketball, helping several Division 1 teams secure top talent and, during his time at CAL, spearheading the effort to land a pair of five-star prospects.

Yanni Hufnagel has been a coach or an assistant coach at some of the most prestigious universities in America. He was an assistant coach with his Alma Mater, Cornell University, a graduate assistant with Oklahoma, an assistant coach with Harvard, an assistant coach with Vanderbilt, a recruiter with CAL and an assistant coach and recruiter with Nevada.

While coaching and recruiting for some of the very best collegiate basketball programs in the nation, Yanni Hufnagel found time to earn a Bachelor’s in Science and Industrial and Labor Relations, and a Master’s in Adult Higher Education.