YouTube Vlogger Wengie’s Draw My Life Video

In this video, Wengie decides to take on a “Draw My Life” video where she talks about her life while creating simple drawings on a white board illustrating her stories. Wengie begins with her birth and early childhood experiences. She describes having difficulties with making friends and being introverted in high school. She turned to the internet where she felt comfortable interacting with new people. She began a beauty and fashion blog and eventually created her successful YouTube channel. This is an interesting video with cute stories about her life that her fans will definitely appreciate.


The Branding Master and Self-Made Billionaire; Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is an entrepreneur and active investor with a diverse business background which enables him to venture in a variety of industries. He is an alumnus of Itchia College starting his career still as an undergraduate. Chris has more than 40 years working for more than 50 companies both International and domestic. The experience he has in branding has made him use imagination and creativity to create more brands which have a greater impact on the consumers. Chris is the founder and CEO of Burch-creative Capital and also the co-founder of Luxury Fashion Company.


The Nihiwitu Resort


According to news from Business Insider, Chris partnered with Hotelier James McBride buying a beach hostel at interior part of Indonesia Island of Sumba and later renovated it to a Five Star Hotel. Although according to an interview, Chris says he bought the resort for his children and to help the community without thinking it will grow to the best travel and luxury resort in the world.


The Adventures in Nihiwitu Resort


Nihiwitu is one of the best luxurious hotels in the remote Indonesia Island on the west coast of Sumba. The Resort stands as the leading employer in the area with the management preserving some profits for funding the Sumba Foundation one of the community’s project.

The Resort has fantastic constructions with tree houses in it, pools entertaining areas and also beaches within it. They have also embraced the Sumba art displaying their traditional Sumbanese antiques, Ikat prints and local woods which also act as an attraction for the visitors. Nihiwitu cares about the wellness of their guests providing daily group yoga session and also private classes to the interested persons. You can also enjoy Surf lessons, waterfalls swimming and rock jumping, Horseback riding, and beaches in Nihiwitu Resort


Christopher’s Established Brands


Chris has established several brands from his long years’ experience in entrepreneurship. He has understood well the behavior of the customers and tried to connect to them in his brands to the market. The brands include; Nihiwitu Resort, Burch Creative Capital Brand, Poppin, Jawbone AND Voss water, TRADEMARK and Cocoon9 brand.


Chris Burch on Forbes


Forbes magazine reports the billionaire investor having sold off his 28% share investment in the fashion company now controlled by the wife. The proceeds from that solo sale hit $650 million. As of 2014, his wealth has soared to clock the magical $1B mark. Mr. Burch is 64 year old.


Highland Capital Management Evolution

Highland Capital is an independently owned investment firm that boasts a 20-year experience in the financial and investment world. With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Highland Capital Management has a network of offices in other states like New York. They also have international offices in São Paulo, Seoul, and Singapore. The firm has an impressive and growing team of 180 employees that are stationed around the world.

The firm has managed to handle hedge funds, structured finance as well as distressed securities. In 2014, the firm reported having assets worth an estimate of $18.7 billion under its management.

The investment firm also published on their website their diversified client base which included; corporations, pension plans, financial institutions, governments as well as individuals with a high net worth.

In 1990, Dondero and Okada together with Protective Life Insurance Corporation agreed to form a joint venture. In 1993, this venture transformed into PAMCO (Protective Asset Management Company). In 1997, both Dondero and Okada purchased the shares of Protective Life from PAMCO and formed Ranger Asset Management, L.P which later was renamed to Highland Capital Management, L.P.

Established in 1993, Highland Capital Management has been under the leaderships of James Dondero and Mark Okada. Dondero serves as the CFA, CMA, cofounder, and President of the firm. Mr. Okada takes the roles of CFA, cofounder, and Chief Investment Officer.

This investment firm has managed to cut its path and navigate the tricky and risky financial world. The management has stressed the importance of expanding their business to the global market, which saw them open offices in London.

The core motive of the business has been to provide value to their investors through new opportunities, providing unique opportunities that will yield the best return to their clients, as well as protect their investor’s capital.

Highland Capital has managed to achieve this level of success through their proactive employees and years of experience in the financial sector. The management team has put in place some diverse investment strategies that will help diversify the risk and help investors gain the most from the markets.

Other than being an investment firm, Highland Capital has managed to engage in charity to improve the communities. Since 2005, the firm has helped to contribute over $10 million to organizations around the world.

Clay Siegall’s Relentless Efforts To Fight Cancer Through Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall is a prominent scientist who is reputable for his remarkable contributions in the field of cancer research. His deep passion of helping others and undying desire to eradicate cancer saw him co-found Seattle Genetics in 1998. This biotechnology company focuses on the development and commercialization of innovative antibody-based cancer therapies. As the CEO of the corporation, Dr. Clay has exhibited unique leadership skills that have resulted in the development of cutting-edge products and services. Within five years of operations, the company’s stock tripled in value. Seattle Genetics is an industry leader owing to its great advancements in cancer research and creation of viable cancer therapies.

Clay played a pivotal role in the development of their first antibody-drug conjugate (ADCs). In 2011, he oversaw the approval of ADCETRIS by FDA. ADCETRIS is quickly gaining popularity in the market. It is now sold in over 60 countries across the world. Clay is determined to promote ADCETRIS to ensure that the medical community prioritizes cancer research with the objective of producing more drugs. Seattle Genetics has also embarked on expanding its product portfolio by developing a pipeline of more ADCs. In addition, Dr. Siegall has spearheaded the fundraising activities of the corporation to raise over $1.2 billion from private and public funding. They have used this capital to advance cancer research by incorporating the most innovative technology. The industry leader focuses on making new scientific achievements. Presently, Clay Siegall holds 15 patents.

After his graduation from George Washington University, Clay began his practice in medical research by working for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute as a senior researcher. His hard work earned him a promotion to serve as a principal scientist before joining the National Cancer Institute as a staff and biotechnology fellow. He also served at the National Institutes of Health. Clay sits on the boards of Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals and Washington Roundtable. In 2013, the University of Maryland honored Dr. Clay Siegall with the Alumnus of the Year award for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences. He is also a recipient of the 2012 Pacific Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Clay has authored over 70 publications. He holds a PhD in Genetics and a B.S. in Zoology.

John Goullet Making A Difference In The Business World

 John Goullet began his pursuits for a life of success through attending the university Ursinus College back in the year of 1979 where he maintained his dedicated studies for his entire higher learning career up until his graduation in the year of 1983. Upon leaving his school behind, he first became the owner as well as the Chief Executive Officer of his own company which went by the name of Info Technologies, Inc., during the year of 1994 in the month of July. Building up his company and himself with dutiful strides into a place of wild successes and high acclaim for himself within his field, John Goullet made his business into his top priority up until his leave in the February of 2010, all of fifteen years later after having put all his heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into the project of making Info Technologies, Inc., fantastic.

Upon leaving Info Technologies, Inc., behind him, John Goullet decided it was time to take a new leap into a different position as the Chairman of a company that was making true history in the present through it’s act of becoming the largest firm dealing with IT Solutions and Staffing that was owned and ran by an African-American individual. The company went by the name of Diversant LLC which was conceived back in _____. Joining on to the team in the February of 2010, John Goullet adopted a laundry list of exciting business responsibilities that allowed him to exercise his creativity through the assistance in coming out with unique ideas that could stand the test of time and potentially positively implicate the future generation to take things farther than they’d ever gone before. Caring deeply for his job and his many original clients which he was given the honor of attending to the needs and dreams of, John Goullet has managed to make it his mission in life to do as much quality work for his clients as he is physically possible of offering to them. With a generous heart and the unfailing passion for his work, Goullet is doing great things!

Eric Pulier Was the Co-Founder of ServiceMesh

ServiceMesh is a company that provides an enterprise-level cloud platform. This bridges the gap between cloud computing technology and a business’s ability to create real value. This unique platform enables customers to manage and oversee the lifecycle of their cloud-based service. This includes multiple IT delivery models such as SaaS, Paas and Iaas over both internal and external cloud service providers. The platform empowers businesses to rapidly respond to ever-changing needs and it lowers IT costs for service delivery.

Founded in 2008 by Frank Martinez and Eric Pulier, ServiceMesh serves a variety of customers in insurance, banking, healthcare, manufacturing and financial services. The innovative company allows their clients self-service and on demand access to enterprise cloud applications cloud services and application platforms. This is done through what is called the Agility Platform. The company calls this IT as a service. It empowers companies to go quickly when building new applications and manage multiple service providers.

ServiceMesh received its first venture capital funding round of $15 million from Ignition Partners in November 2011. It also received an undisclosed funding round in July 2013.Due to the great success and growth of the company, ServiceMesh was acquired by Computer Science Corporation in 2013. The acquisition by CSC will enabled the company to expand its cloud services and put up a greater resistance to its competitor Amazon Web Services. The exact amount that was paid for ServiceMesh was not disclosed. The original product Agility Platform lives on renamed as the CSC Agility Platform™ living within CSC and complementing the products and services of the acquisition company.

Eric Pulier innovated and founded many companies in addition to ServiceMesh that have grown and were acquired in the IT services industry. He also has a long record of the philanthropy and worked with Pres. Bill Clinton in the 1990s to find solutions for cloud computing to empower at-need communities. Eric is a recognized writer and author of his book called Understanding Enterprise SOA.

Brian Bonar: The Eminent Financial Advisor

Brian Bonar’s Background

Owing to his broad experience in the industry, traversing three decades, Brian Bonar is a renowned financial advisor. In his illustrious career, he has held different posts in various prominent institutions in the financial services industry.

It was at Dalrada Financial Group that Brian Bonar built his reputation. His exemplary work at Dalrada had him on the lips of many, hence enhancing his ever budding brand. Brian’s willingness to openly share his knowledge on financial matters has also made him a darling of many. He currently operates from the west coast of the USA in San Diego, California.


Brian boasts of an excellent academic record. His alma mater is the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow from where he attained an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. He pursued further studies at the Staffordshire University, UK, where he received both a postgraduate degree and a doctorate.


His first significant job at Dalrada was director of technology sales, a post he held for two years. Later, for a short time, he served as VP, Sales, and Marketing before being promoted to Executive Vice President of Dalrada.

Over the years, his burning impetus to succeed has seen him hold prominent positions in the firm. Among the offices, he held before becoming honcho include; Director, President, and Chief Operating Officer.

Dalrada is not the only noteworthy work institution in Brian’s remarkable work portfolio. Since 2010 up to date, Brian has been the manager at Trucept Inc., a prominent payroll services company. Also, he is the Chief Financial Officer at Amanda Co. Inc. In the past, he worked at Benzier Systems as a sales executive for a substantial period. Moreover, Brian has held positions at Smart-tek Automated Services Inc., Allegiant Professional Services Inc., IBM, and much more.

Success at Dalrada

Brian Bonar was the mastermind behind Dalrada’s unprecedented prosperity. A testament to this is the many awards he was bequeathed with as an acknowledgment of his outstanding work. One of the prestigious accolades bestowed to him is Who’s Who Financial Executive of the Year, an award organized by Cambridge that seeks to recognizes leading ladies and gentlemen in the corporate world.

According to Crunchbase and White Pages, due to working for over three decades in the industry, Brian Bonar has accumulated vast experience. His governance skills resulted in Dalrada moving from modest beginnings to an internationally acclaimed financial services provider. Also, the Dalrada Group’s collection of customers has grown promptly. The company aims to increase the worth of its customers’ businesses by providing valuable employee services.

The incredible success of Dalrada is ascribed to the personalization of clients’ services, hence better customer contentment. Brian ensures that the customers are provided with the best products available, a strategy that resulted in soaring of customer numbers. With Bonar at the helm, Dalrada’s clientele has grown exponentially, a sign of Brian’s desire to enhance his firm’s brand and status.

Thor Halvorssen Puts Himself On The Line In His Fight For Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen has remained one of the world’s leading human rights activists for a number of years after first embarking on a campaign to free his own diplomat father from imprisonment and torture at the hands of members of Venezuela’s law enforcement agents. Unlike many in the human rights activism community, Halvorssen is not simply willing to look for ways of fighting for human rights in democratic areas of the world, but will instead place his own body and reputation on the line in a bid to protect the human rights of those he feels are in the deepest need.

Many of the campaigns undertaken by Halvorssen and the members of the Human Rights Foundation place them directly in harms way, resulting in many of the 12 HRF employees spending a large amount of time in hiding. Thor Halvorssen himself found he was placed in danger when he made the decision to travel to Vietnam and conduct an interview Thich Quang Do, the leader of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam; as the political prisoner has been held under house arrest for over a decade the idea of an interview being broadcast around the world resulted in Vietnamese officials beating both Halvorssen and his camera operator in a futile attempt to gain footage.

In other areas of the world, Thor Halvorssen has become a target for the dictators and tyrants he takes on over their human rights abuses through the press and clandestine campaigns designed to undermine these illegal governments. Halvorssen does not take into account his own safety or reputation when calling out world renowned tyrants including Russian President Vladimir Putin and Angola’s President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who Thor Halvorssen accuses of illegally holding onto power in the African nation for decades while furthering the financial and political position of his own family at the expense of his own citizens.


Fabletics – Taking on Amazon

 Amazon may dominate the online fashion market by maintaining a consistent fifth of the total sales in that arena, but Fabletics is definitely carving out a niche of its own in the ‘activewear’ arena. Kate Hudson is leading the initiative by keeping the company on the rise and achieving over a quarter billion dollar value in just a few short years. The model that has fed this fast growth is the reverse showroom technique and a subscription-based service.


In general, one of the biggest disadvantages of a brick and mortar store is that it tends to attractive a wave of people who use the stores to see the new physical products in person and then shop elsewhere online in order to obtain the best possible price. This offline browsing in the fashion market often includes trying things on in order to find the best fit and to peruse other complementary items. Fabletics keeps browsing a positive by only placing stores in areas where about 30-50%, probably a majority soon, of walk-in customers are already going to be subscription members and then another quarter of those entering will become one during their visit. In that way, it does not matter much whether the customer shops offline or online through the vendor.


Data is key to being able to leverage customer preferences into the physical store as well. Deep learning algorithms are being implemented and continually tweaked so that the stock that is maintained will accurately reflect local trends, social media sentiment, and a host of other related metrics. All of this has gone a long way to insuring that Fabletics is able to compete with Amazon in the modern and future marketplace which requires innovation to succeed. Any fashion company (and many other categories) will need to thoroughly consider the opponent Amazon in order to thrive in such a manner.


That is a short summary of how the methodology works, and now it is important to take a brief look at the product lineup and reviews. Fitness apparel is one area where it is important that the clothing be able to withstand the rigors which will be imparted on it through exercise and an active lifestyle. Customers are saying that items like the leggings are thick enough so as to avoid any see through issues and incorporate great compression so that the wearer’s body can be sculpted in a way that keeps everything in its proper place. The tops are soft and high quality with similar great features although some reviewers are saying that they run a little small, so just be aware of that when designing a wardrobe. The style of the items runs from traditional to innovative with things like cut-outs, sheer fabrics, and bold patterns. Of course the value is great when compared to competitive expensive brands like Beyond Yoga or Splits 59.


All of the aforementioned places Fabletics in a league of its own and should be enough to encourage anyone to sign on with Kate Hudson and join the revolution.




Vincent Parascandola’s Service at AXA and the growth of the Firm

Vincent Parascandola is a well-informed and experienced finance professional who currently works for the AXA Advisors. He is the company’s senior executive deputy president and his roles in the enterprise include retention, recruitment and development of administrators, and coaching finance professionals. Parascandola has built his profession for the past 25 years and has gained a lot of skills about the sector. He was first employed in 1987 by Prudential, and he served the firm as an agent. Vincent offered outstanding service to the enterprise, and this made him be rewarded as a National Rookie of the Year.

Vincent Parascandola has always been devoted to being a remarkable administrator. In the past years, he has been recognized by GAMA, which has offered him the Career Development and the Master Agency Awards. Vincent has excellent skills in the industry and is a highly respected and sought after speaker. He has been invited to offer talks at events such as the LIMRA’s distribution conferences. Parascandola is an alumnus of the Pace University and holds a degree in science.

AXA is one of the top multinational firms that have majored in the provision of insurance services. The fields that it has specialized in include insurance, finance, and management of investments. It has been regarded as the leading insurance firm for the past eight years and has a 14 percent annual growth. The client base of the enterprise is mainly located in North America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East.

The company has been in existing since 1816, and it was initially known as Mutuelle. The firm has acquired and merged with various other companies to ensure its international growth. AXA has also been recognized due to its willingness to give back to the society. The enterprise founded the AXA Research Fund in 2008 to facilitate research undertaking on factors that can threaten the environment, human life, and the society. The fund was offered €100 million, and it has supported 256 research projects in the past three years. AXA Research Fund has also provided millions of euros to support research in organizations such as University of Bristol, LSE, MetOffice, and HEC Paris.