OSI Group: The Innovator in the Food Processing Industry

Food processing industry is something constantly changing, and the companies in the sector need greater flexibility according to the changing environments to succeed in the market. It is due to the changing trends in the food sector, the difference in taste preferences according to demography, and more. Therefore, adaptability with innovation is the biggest quality in the industry to survive. In that sense, OSI Group, an Illinois-based global food, and meat processing firm, is the innovator and leader in the food processing industry. The company is quite different as it applies right strategies at the right time. Due to that reason, it became one of the largest suppliers of food and meat across the major economies.

OSI Group was established in 1909 as a meat house in Oak Park, Illinois. Initially, it was known as Otto & Sons, and it started supplying meat products to McDonald’s post-1950s. Sheldon Lavin, a prominent banker, started collaborating with the firm post-1970s. He started innovating the firm in various ways since he joined the company as its CEO in the 1970s. The firm got rebranded as OSI Group in 1975 and began concentrating on business beyond McDonald’s. Interestingly, it also started diversifying the business to offer new and innovative products based on the trends of the market. Lavin also helped the firm to expand business across the North America during this period.

Post-1980, The firm started expanding its business network beyond the continent and began operations in European countries, Taiwan, China, India, South America, and more. Currently, the firm is supported by more than 65 production facilities in 17 countries across the world. It is the major supplier of food and meat products to Pizza Hut, Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks, and more in major economies, including China. It supplies pizza, fish, hot dogs, pork, poultry, bacon, meat patties, dough products, vegetable food options, and more.

The recent years saw OSI Group greatly focusing on its expansion and diversification of business. It is credited with a number of acquisitions in North America, Europe, Asia, and more. In June 2016, the firm purchased a plant which was operated by Tyson Foods in Chicago. It was considered as an important move to ensure continued business through enhanced capabilities. In December 2016, OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe, a U.K. based food supplier, in an attempt to diversify the business and improve the footprint of the firm across the Europe. Interestingly, OSI was the winner of Globe of Honor Award 2016 by British Safety Council for its impressive management of environmental risks.

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Waiakea Water Bottles

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is the water of the future. This water is flat out like no other water bottles you will find on the market. Ryan Emmons co-founded the company in 2012. He was only 22 at the time, and today the Waiakea Water bottle company has since grown by 4,000%. The company is currently valued at over $10 million. What exactly is Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water? This water is one of the healthiest, purest water bottles on the planet. The water passes through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. It is therefore rich with a number of minerals that are good for your skin, hair and bones. The pH balance on the water is perfect for the consumption of humans. Not only is the water itself environmentally pure, but the bottles are too. Read more about Waiakea Water on 10bestwater.com.

Recently, the Waiakea company announced a fully degradeable water bottle. Thats right, this water bottle will be able to degrade by sitting in the ground. Normal water bottles take around 1,500 years before they fully degrade. The new Waiakea water bottle that was announced takes only 15 years to do so. That is an astonishing 97% less time that regular bottles. The company will also be the first to use bottles that are made from 100% post-recycled plastic. This company has made great efforts to keep the environment clean. This is one of the most noteworthy accomplishments made in the water bottle industry. The company prides itself on smiling customers and a healthy environment. The efforts that they have made to do so are incredible.

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Ryan Emmons hopes that many water bottles will take on this idea, using degradable water bottles as well. The company doesn’t stop there. For every liter purchased from their company, they donate a week supply of clean water to those without it. It is estimated that around 650 million people don not have accesss to clean drinking water on a daily basis. Ryan Emmons and the Waiakea Water are making a change and helping those people. They have been named one of inc. 500s fastest growing companies in America. Buy Waiakea Water at charmcitybeverage.com.

Logan Stout Helps Everyone Earn Extra Money

There are many out there who are looking for a way to earn extra money and to better support their families. Those who are looking for an income source that goes beyond a traditional job may find what they are seeking through the company that Logan Stout founded. IDLife is a company that offers nutrition products to those who are looking to live their lives in a healthier way. This is a company that relies on real individuals to get their products out to the public. If someone wants to earn extra money, they can do that by selling the products that IDLife offers.

IDLife has created a variety of customized nutrition products. This company was created to fill the holes that there are in the nutritional product world. Customers love the kinds of products that this company has come up with, and those who are looking to sell those products will most likely find that they have a good audience for doing that. There are many people who are interested in all that Logan Stout’s company offers. Those who would like to earn money by selling items from this company will be able to find buyers for those products that they are looking to sell.

Logan Stout is someone who is focused on more than just the business that he founded and that he is running. He does other things to earn money, and he also does other things to make his life a little more meaningful. He is someone who wrote a book, and he is someone who goes around working as motivational speaker. He has a company, but he has also found other ways to earn money. He is a husband and a father, and he is someone who values his faith. He has morals that he holds true to, and he is someone who is trying to live his life in a way that will help him make a positive difference in the world. When he was asked about how he made his business what he has made it, Logan Stout shared that it is passion that has pushed him to the place that he is at. He is someone who cares about life and all that he does.

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Tech Style Steals Fashion Away From Fast Fashion

One thing that is constant in the fashion industry is change. The change is based on convenience as well as innovation. As a matter of fact, one of the most common forms of successful innovation brings convenience into the equation. This is what Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have done with TechStyle. They have solidified themselves to be the latest phase in the fashion industry. They have also shown themselves to be the future of the fashion industry when it comes to the styles and the way of shopping and selling items. In order to understand the future of fashion, it helps to look a little into the past.

For a while, a lot of clothes were sold by department stores. This is where people went for a while because it was the one stop shop for all of the brands that are being sold. This kept them from having to drive around for miles to look at every brand that may not be available in their city in store form. The department stores sold the brands for them. However, people have soon noticed that while there are different brands, the only thing that is different is the logo on the clothes or the tag.

Fast fashion has taken over as the next phase of fashion. It has experienced steady growth over the recent decades because it has brought forth something new and fashionable. It has looked at the styles and interpreted them in a quick manner compared to the department stores. Now, given the internet and mobile technology, customers are ready for a new shopping experience which is more convenient. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have taken advantage of the growing market of online shoppers and have brought forth something that takes full advantage of the online market.

With the foundation of TechStyle, Don Ressler and Adam have adopted the latest ways of doing marketing in a method that is ethical and non-intrusive. Instead of merely advertising to the customers, they have engaged in communities that are relevant to fashion and business. This not only helps solidify their reputation with the online markets but also helps them gain enough trust so that they can profit from their efforts.

Amicus Therapeutics- A Leader in Rare Disease Research and Development

Amicus Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company based out of New Jersey. Amicus Therapeutics has a focus on rare diseases with a specific focus on orphan diseases categorized as lysosomal storage disorders. The company has worked diligently on developing products based on the Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy platform also known as the CHART® platform.

The company which was founded in 2002 went public in 2007 on the NASDAQ market under the trading symbol FOLD.The companies leading product candidate which is still in late-stage development goes by the name of migalastat and is designed in hopes of treating Fabry disease. Another product that is also in the late stages of development is known as SD-101. This product was developed in hopes of treating a disorder known as Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) which is a rare genetic connective tissue disorder. Learn more about job offerings of Amicus Therapeutics at Indeed.

Amicus Therapeutics may be based out of New Jersey however they have locations worldwide. You can find Amicus Therapeutics in the United Kingdon, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Japan. To give you an understanding regarding the types of conditions Amicus Therapeutics is hoping to address, check out the information below.

Fabry Disease is a genetic mutation of the GLA gene. This disease causes irreversible damage to vital organs and tissues throughout the body and requires lifelong medical intervention to manage the damage it does to almost every organ system in the body. The disease is currently managed by Enzyme Replacement Therapy but has no cure. Amicus Therapeutics is hoping to change this with their product migalastat.

Epidermolysis Bullosa also known as EB is a rare genetic disorder that causes erosion and/or blistering of the skin as well as the epithelial lining of other organs in certain cases. This disorder is potentially disfiguring and can sometimes be fatal. Currently, there are no approved treatments for EB. Patients current treatments consist of pain management and infection prevention. Hopefully, this will change if the product by Amicus by the name of SD-101 is approved. Visit finance.yahoo.com to know more about Amicus Therapeutics.

When it comes to research and development to help patients suffering from rare and orphan diseases, Amicus Therapeutics is a leader.

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The Making of an Enterprising Digital Marketing Agency

White shark media was established in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs with the aim of bringing world-class experience in both online and offline marketing. They intended to beat the Latin America, United States and the growing SMB markets by offering outstanding yet unprecedented products and services. What changed the game for this digital enterprise is the combination of a domestic and offshore presence with full bilingual and talented employee base. Additionally, they share all the concepts learned with their clients who benefit from their proven concepts as opposed to testing from scratch.

White shark media is now one of the leaders in digital marketing delivering tailor-made solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. They have been recognized as an upcoming digital agency in North America thanks to their reputation for providing excellent customer care experience and engineering cost-effective search engine campaigns. They have also transformed thousands of company who take advantage of their proprietary marketing tools and tactics. What’s more, they are involved in tracking each of their client’s marketing efforts in detail, and this is one of their key components to their success. Through their proprietary reporting software, competitive intelligence, Google analytics intelligence and keyword-level call tracking they can account for their clients each month.

Keeping close relationships with their employees is one of their greatest strengths which has led to the companies’ tremendous growth. It’s this growth that has put them on the map and led them to be identified by Google in early 2012. White shark media was later invited to Google headquarters in California and a support team assigned to leverage their clients and growth needs more intensively. It’s the partnership with Google that resulted in the firm being awarded the Google AdWords Premier SMB partnership in 2014. Given that most of the businesses that receive this recognition are handpicked White shark media was privileged to be among the few companies to receive this prestigious award.

The Business Legacy that Sheldon Lavin is Aiming to Create with the OSI Group

In the early seventies, a German migrant farmer moved started a meat processing business and named it Otto and Sons. When he was starting the company, he was interested in creating business that would serve the local meat industry with the needed meat products. Perhaps he was not prepared for the greatness that the company would achieve later when he was starting the business. Today, the OSI Group is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of meat and processed meat products in the country and globally. The company employs more than 20,000 people and has created a business legacy which will be hard to beat.

The success that has been achieved by the business might not have been possible if it were not for the interest that Sheldon Lavin took in the activities of the owners. He was a financial consultant for them at the time, and he made sure that he had guided them towards creating a business that would expand. His excellent advice became his stepping stone to success when the bank that was managing the firm asked him to step in and buy a part of the shares to the company. Sheldon took time before he decided to become part of the group and when he did, he was determined to make it a global brand.

Currently, if you have used deli meat and related products in your home, it is possible that the OSI Group was involved in the manufacture. The company believes in creating brands and products which win the confidence of their customers and keep them interested. They think that the best way to create brand loyalty among the customers is to set a standard of superior quality and make sure that it is maintained.

Their model of business has taken them to Asia, parts of Europe, Australia and South Africa. Sheldon believes that when the employees are happy, the clients will get the products and services that they need and keep coming back for more. They have, therefore, introduced programs whose aim is to ensure that their employees achieve personal and financial growth. There are educational programs which help their employees with personal development. They also have a great plan that reduces the turnover rate of their employees. The company has won many awards because of their global excellence in manufacturing, and the sound leadership offered by Sheldon Lavin is the reason for the massive success.

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Organo Gold Products Include Many Health Benefits

Recently coffee has been linked to studies that show it being a healthy choice for people to drink daily. In these recent studies it shows that people who drink coffee have less of a risk of dying from diseases such as heart disease or things like a stroke. Although it is not completely set in stone that coffee is causing people to live longer it is a real possibility due to the association that is seen in studies about coffee drinker’s vs non-coffee drinkers. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

When purchasing coffee, it is extremely important to find a good brand of coffee that not only provides you with quality taste but also with quality ingredients that can provide people with better health. Organo Gold is one of those companies. Organo Gold makes all their coffee products with one special ingredient that not only makes gives their coffee health benefits but gives it its own unique flavor in each blend. This ingredient is known as Ganoderma which is a mushroom that provides people with many different health benefits naturally. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

Organo Gold sells more than just coffee but they also have tea and hot coca products available for purchase to provide customers with something for everyone. Tea’s that they offer include red, green, or even black tea. As far as coffee they have five different types so that weather a customer prefers a light brew or a dark brew of coffee they can enjoy a cup every morning. These five different types of coffee include black coffee, king of coffee, café latte, café mocha, and café supreme. They also offer one type of hot coca that is the perfect hot chocolate drink for not only children on a cold day but also parents and people who really enjoy hot chocolate. There hot chocolate even has ganoderma mushroom in order to still get the health benefits without caffeine intake.

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Anthony Petrello- Hard work Pays

Anthony Petrello is a renowned individual in the international business spheres as the leader and the CEO of the biggest drilling firm in the world. As the head of Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello has managed to lead the global firm into excellence than any other business leader before him. He has been the head of the company at a time when the world has been battling the aftermath of the world’s worst economic depression of 2008. Through his ability to solve problems, he has ensured that the company has not undergone through adverse time in the industry. In fact, while other companies are closing down, Nabors industries are making huge profits than ever before. The success of Nabors has only to do with one man, Anthony Petrello. He has been able to pass the company through hard times successively and has also ensured that the business operations of Nabors Industries have gone global.

Today, Nabors industries have the best drilling rigs in the world. It is leading the word in drilling oil and natural gas. Under the leadership of Anthony Petrello, the firm hopes that it will be able to expand its operation even further and reach all the parts of the world. Nabors Industries is based in Texas. It has provided a lot of job opportunities to many people all over the world. Through the work of Anthony Petrello, many Americans are now enjoying good wages that are offered in the drilling industry.

Before the life we see now, Anthony Petrello has been through a rough time in his childhood. He was born in the humble family in Newark, NJ. He went to local schools since his parents could not afford to take him to private schools where he could get a better education, however, this did not break the heart of this determined young man. He continued to work very hard all through. In his childhood, he showed great ability in solving mathematical problems. It was clear from the word go, that Anthony Petrello had a talent in mathematics. He was able to solve complex mathematics that only people at advanced levels of learning could comprehend.

Anthony Petrello went to Yale University after he was granted a scholarship by then Yale University to study mathematics at the institution, by the time he was leaving the institution, he had a master in mathematics. After Yale, he joined the Harvard school of law where he did his degree in law. He then worked for a law firm in New York for a few years before he joined Nabors industries in 1991.

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Dr. Mark Holterman’s Career and Role in Mitigating Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Mark Holterman serves at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine as a full professor. He has worked in this institution since 2012 and now lives in Peoria, Illinois. Dr. Mark also attends as a pediatric surgeon at Children’s Hospital of Illinois and Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. For the record, Dr. Mark is an active member of various professional organizations that include American Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Mark is a specialist in pediatric surgery, and his research interest is mainly centered in regenerative medicine, obesity, novel cancer treatments, and stem cell therapies. Dr. Mark has over 29 years of experience and has received four awards in his career.

Dr. Mark Holterman attended Yale University where he specialized in biology and graduated cum laude. He later studied at the University of Virginia where he earned a Ph.D. and MD. Dr. Mark then studied general surgery at the University of Virginia Health Sciences. Through the University of Washington, Dr. Mark also completed a residency in pediatric surgery fellowship at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.

Earlier in his career, Dr. Mark served at Rush University Medical Center and Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital as a chief surgeon. Dr. Mark is overly committed to advanced medicine in finding medical solutions for impending health conditions such as diabetes. For this reason, Dr. Mark now work with American Diabetes Association.

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American Diabetes Association announced its collaborative efforts with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in fighting against type 2 diabetes that is prevalent in teenagers and children. The two initiated Camp PowerUp experience particularly to improve on youth engagement in physical activities. The program is targeting to educate the young generation on how to make proper and healthy food choices. This program is mainly projected to cut on type 2 diabetes prevalence in young people aged between 8 and 16 while helping them to lead healthy lifestyles. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at Health Grove.

The two organization have proposed to execute this noble program in day camps, parks, churches, and during after school hours. This innovative program has widely been reckoned for its primary goals and nature of creativity particularly in planning and implementation. Visit linkedin.com to view Dr. Mark Holterman’s profile.