Hi, I’m Diane Eugster

me-dolls-lowresI respect and appreciate handmade creations. Sometimes I think about the early pioneers and their ingenuity to construct what they needed out of what was available at the time. All done by hand, each item different. An old shirt, some cast off corn husks made a cherished, simple rag doll. They were the first recyclers and they didn’t even know it! The environmental issues we face today were one thing they didn’t have to deal with.
The reality that our planet needs all the help we can give it made me want to be a part of the solution instead of the problem. Using sustainable source materials like bamboo and PLA,(a fiber product derived from corn), not only saves resources but makes a special doll, that you and I, can be proud of. Our kids deserve to hug a doll made of natural materials, let’s provide them with something handmade and one of a kind.
A Graphic Artist, an Art teacher, an Oil Painter and a Pattern Designer are just some of the hats I’ve worn during my life. Growing up in Las Vegas, my mother’s creative flare greatly influenced me. Some may say she had eccentric tastes, a bright orange naughyde sofa,the bathroom she covered from floor to ceiling with Japanese prints, the two huge table lamps with jungle print shades or, my favorite; the mosaic tiled tiki statues which sat on our totally mosaic tiled fireplace. Our house was scattered with her Vogue magazines and art books.Early in 2011 I awoke to the idea of designing original rag dolls. Seriously, I woke up and thought I could make dolls for under served kids and donate them,(through the Helping Hands Ministry at my church), give them to fund raising auctions, such as Heros with Heart, and I could use my art background to make a unique doll for a child to love.

I’ve found using natural, sustainable materials, my Rag Dolls have a warm and tactile feel not associated with your typical poly-fil. The bamboo yarns I use for my doll hair has a wonderfully silky softness. The cycle is really complete when I get feed back from happy customers-

A Short Video of My Dolls

This has been a rewarding direction for me to take in my lifelong pursuit as an artist and crafter. I can’t imagine doing anything else!