Making Her Mark: Susan McGalla

Women are surely becoming a force to be reckoned with in the working industry. Women are taking on more leadership roles in huge companies that many thought would never happen and taking this male dominated industry by storm. Susan McGalla is one of the many women who is making her mark on this male dominated industry.

Born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio with her two brothers, Susan was not treated any different from them by her parents. Being the only girl out of two boys you would probably think that Susan’s parents spoiled her, but that was not the case. Susan and her siblings were all treated equally. Being raised the way she did allowed Susan to become the woman she is today. Giving her the confidence and abilities that led her to hold multiple high positions in a man dominated industry.

Before becoming the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan received her BA from Mount Union College. She then began her career working at Joseph Horne Company from 1986 to 1994. Later in 1994 she started working at American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. where she held various management positions before she worked her way up to president and chief merchandising officer. Susan founded P3 Executive Consulting in January 2009 when she left American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. where she became the consultant for the top people in finance.

Gender diversity in the work place is very important. It has been shown that companies who are diverse outperform those that are not. Diversity allows for different perspective to be shared. For women to get more active roles within the organization. Executive sponsorship may be the way to make this happen. The sponsors would advocate for the women. Make sure they are given the same opportunities for projects and roles within the organization as men do. Having this kind of support would be very beneficial for women in so many ways. Giving them the chance to make their mark on this industry like Susan McGalla has done.

ClassDojo Leading the Way to a Brighter Future for EdTech Products

Teachers face a variety of problems on a daily basis. As class sizes in most public schools rise, how do they monitor the progress of each child and ensure that those struggling receive the help that they need? How do they communicate efficiently with parents, including those who may not speak English fluently? Calling parents to discuss issues with each child is time-consuming, and many parents are difficult to reach on the first call.

These are issues that have allowed too many children to slip through the cracks over the years, but entrepreneurs and education-minded companies are coming up with innovative education technology products with the power to change that for future generations. Now commonly referred to as edtech, this industry experienced a slump and then reached a boiling point in 2017 with experts predicting sales over a million for that year.

According to financial data and software company Pitchbook, this is potentially due to recent technological developments that work well for teachers, students and parents, including artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Tech-savvy teachers are now using simulation software to watch amazing things happen rather than reading about them in textbooks. They’re interacting with their lessons, debating after school hours through forums and working in groups more often.

Technology allows an action-oriented approach to learning that keeps kids of all ages interested while allowing teachers some incredible resources to bring their lesson plans to life. EdTech products like the popular ClassDojo are creating accessible solutions to the most troubling teacher problems, but they’re also creating a positive culture inside classrooms and throughout schools. Some are even creating a greater sense of connection and empowerment between schools and the surrounding community.

An Example of Winning EdTech

There are a handful of edtech products that are now working well for school systems across the country or even around the world, but there is one that exemplifies what it takes to succeed in this industry today. We’re talking about a simple yet transforming communication platform known as ClassDojo.

The communication app was developed in 2011 with the intention of bridging the gap between the classroom and the everyday lives of parents. 80 teachers joined the platform within the first week of product launch, and the app is now used in approximately 90 percent of schools serving children from kindergarten up to eighth grade. It has received awards and recognition from news outlets like the Today Show as well as technology influencers like Forbes and TechCrunch.

How does ClassDojo work? Teachers sign up for a free account and then give parents a simple link that will allow them to connect with that account through their cellphones, tablets or any computer with internet access. Each teacher can work with a variety of easy-to-use settings to personalize the experience for their students and parents. Once everyone is connected, teachers can quickly use the app to do all of the following plus much more:

  • Share student progress with parents
  • Reward students for good behavior
  • Pass quick notes and reminders to parents
  • Translate messages for certain parents with more than 30 language options
  • Share pictures and video clips from the classroom
  • Sort students into groups
  • Alert parents to their availability

Students can also personalize their ClassDojo accounts, allowing them to share their school experience with their peers and their parents. These features obviously solve some of the biggest problems that many teachers face in the modern education system, including:

  • A simple way to reach parents that doesn’t involve nonstop phone calls
  • Fostering interaction between students in and out of the classroom
  • Giving parents a real-time glimpse into the classroom at the teacher’s discretion
  • Providing incentives that encourage good behavior without financial investment from the teacher
  • Allowing teachers to alert parents when students are struggling, possibly lowering the number of children left behind unintentionally
  • Creating a sense of connection and between the school and the community
  • Empowering teachers to set boundaries for communication methods and times, so they aren’t on call at all hoursPerhaps the biggest selling point for a TechEd product like ClassDojo is the fact that kids want to use the app. It solves problems for teachers and students while allowing children to feel like it’s all about them. At the end of the day, that is really what education is all about.

Most Likely to Succeed EdTech Products in 2018 and Beyond

Investors, entrepreneurs and companies interested in improving education at all levels are now watching the education technology industry with optimistic hope. Those most likely to succeed are taking notes on the problems experienced by teachers in the classroom as well as principals and support staff, parents and students. They’re crafting innovative ideas using the best that technology has to offer.

Those that can hit just three markers of edtech success have the greatest potential to take off in the near future.

  1. They relieve a troubling pain point for teachers and other education professionals. Funding for education is highly competitive and extremely limited in many school districts, so only products that solve the biggest problems in the most economical way are likely to succeed. ClassDojo likely succeeded because it solves many problems and is free for teachers.
  2. The product is proven to deliver the intended results. The more this industry develops, the harder entrepreneurs and companies must work to prove that they have the best solution to the most troubling problems.
  3. Teachers have the resources and knowledge needed to implement the technology into the classroom smoothly. This may mean more guidance and education coming from companies introducing new EdTech products.

Successful products like ClassDojo don’t just surface overnight. They are developed from the heart of the classroom and a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by modern educational teams. This includes an understanding of funding issues and rapidly changing school system rules. Entrepreneurs and companies able to tap into the pain points of modern education and come up with products that empower and connect rather than just educate have a good chance of taking off in the years to come.

Nick Vertucci is on a mission to empower real estate investors to achieve their dreams

Nick Vertucci is an accomplished real estate investors who are currently helping individuals to achieve their financial goals by selling real estate property. Nick is an individual who understands the challenges that an individual goes through when they aren’t financially stable. He was raised on a humble background where he supported his siblings at a tender age. He began his journey to entrepreneurship at the age of 19 where he dealt with computer supplies. His business was booming, and he could take care of himself and his siblings without much hustle.

However, tables turned during the bubble when the economy was at an all-time-low. Nick’s business was among those that were affected by the economic crisis, and it didn’t last long. He was devastated since he had no other income generating venture that could put food on the table. He ate into his savings, and within no time he drained them.

During this hard time, a friend who Nick calls a ‘savior’ came into his life. He invited him to real estate workshop that was going down in the neighborhood. Although Nick was not sure about attending the workshop, he decided to give it a try. To his surprise, the workshop opened his eyes to the numerous opportunities that surrounded him. The organizers taught on various aspects of real estate including how to look for customers, making presentations and closing sales, amongst other aspects of real estate business.

At the end of the workshop, Nick Vertucci was armed with all the knowledge that he needed to succeed in the field. He was determined to turn around his life and achieve his financial goals. Through his determination, Nick Vertucci has managed to achieve a lot of success in the last few years. Nick is now among the most sought-after real estate investors in the country.

He founded Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy to help investors achieve their goals in real estate business. Through his academy, Nick offers adequate tools and other necessary resources that are needed to succeed as a real estate investor. He his always eager to share his knowledge and insights to the public.

The Story of Success: Louis Chenevert, Former CEO of UTC

A Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert was also CEO of an American company UTC or United Technologies Corporation that develops and manufactures highly technical products after extensive research. His professional career was very successful. He started his career with General Motors where he served as Production General Manager for 14 years. In 1993, he joined a Canadian company Pratt & Whitney and after serving it for six years he was elected as President. In 2006, he was elected as the Chairman of UTC. In the years 2011 and 2012 he also served as Vice-Chairman of Business Council’s Executive Committee. On December 8th, 2014 he resigned as UTC’s CEO and joined Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division as exclusive Advisor to explore the business opportunities in aerospace and industrial sectors. When Chenevert was UTC’s CEO he left behind unmatched inheritance of high standards for the coming CEOs to follow. Some of his amazing works may include the acquisition of Goodrich for $18.4 billion and enabled market to gain significantly even during the period of recession. But the project of GTF ranked high in the list of achievements of Chenevert as this project was chosen as an alternative for Airbus, a project of an influential company, Pratt & Whitney, in the market of engines for narrow-body jets. The year 2011 was the year of great achievements for Chenevert due to the development of advanced designs for these engines for both latest and large engines as per his expectations. In this way he encouraged UTC to invest in a high-end technology that is creating manufacturing jobs and improving the growth of the company as well as US economy even today. Visit United Technologies website for more info.

Investments for the Future

According to the belief of Louis Chenevert and the current CEO of UTC, Gregory Hayes, educating employees and investing in newest technologies can set a platform for the future success of business sector. Louis Chenevert also supported the idea of creating environment friendly and greener designs for the products produced by UTC. Its products reduced the emissions f greenhouse gases and environmental footprint by 26% and water consumption of the factories and plants by over 50%. Same global standards were established by the company for all of its facilities.


Similarly, Chenevert has encouraged Pratt & Whitney to invest in Geared Turbofan engine or GTF engine, which is considered as a good example of the commitment of a CEO to invest in future projects. The company invested $10 billion on this project which took 20 years to develop a jet engine that changed the entire aerospace industry. GTF engines have not only reduced the consumption of fuel by 16% but also reduced noise by 75% and emission by 50%. In this way by investing in future innovative projects this company has also created the manufacturing jobs and supported the entire economy of the U.S. In fact, the standards of innovation investments and employees’ education set by Chenevert help in growing businesses. Recently UTC has decided to invest in hiring new talents in the 3 coming years to help in the growth of new technologies, on the basis of the legacy set by Chenevert. In this way the professional career of Louis Chenevert, former CEO of UTC, was very successful as the standards set by him are followed by his successor CEOs until today. Read more on

Michal Terpin Making a Strong Appearance in his Latest Rally Drive

Mr. Michal Terpins is a Brazilian rally driver, who became famous in his country decades ago. Up to date, Mr. Michal Terpins id a part of the team Bull Sertoes Rally. At the age of 40, Mr. Michal Terpins is still behind the wheel enjoying every moment of every rally he participates in. Mr. Michal Terpins has expressed his intense love for the cars, the competitions, and feeling he gets when he is behind the wheel, and for the community that is brought closer around the sport.

Most recently, Mr. Michal Terpins took part in the Sertoes Rally. It was edition 25, and Mr. Michal Terpins drove together with Mr. Maykel Justo who assumed the role of his navigator. The duo was able to work together in great unison, and so Mr. Michal Terpins was able to land among the top five fastest drivers. He also won two the three stages of the competition. Fans and media speculate that Mr. Michal Terpins would have been able to have a perfect winning streak and win the third stage as well if it was not for the mechanical problem that forced him to slow down. When the duo was driving between the areas of Santa Terezinha de Goias and Aruana. Mr. Michal Terpins had to slow down somewhat for a distance of 306 km, and that affected his performance.

Over the course of his career as a rally driver, Mr. Michal Terpins has regularly participated in the Sertoes Rally, about nine times to be exact. Mr. Michal Terpins has a brother who is also a rally driver. Mr. Rodrigo Terpins is four years older and has driven in the rally five times. Both of the Terpins brothers have a passion for speed and off-road which prompted them to tart up the team Bull Sertoes Rally Team.

The Terpins brothers have been strong competitors in the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship that took place earlier in 2017 For the past four seasons those two have been leading the race and has fans betting on them. Earlier this year, Mr. Michal Terpins also had his 10th drive in the Sertoes Rally.

Michel Terpins is Becoming a Dominant Force in the T1 Prototype Rally Category

Rally driving, while invigorating, is a difficult sport. Consistently remaining fast throughout the various stages of a rally requires a steady mind and steady hands. These skills are only perfected after years of racing. At the ripe age of 40, Brazilian rally driver Michel Terpins is just beginning to perfect the skill of rally driving. He was the winner in the T1 prototype category during the recently concluded 2017 edition of the Bull Sertoes rally. The win was a well-deserved one having taken part in more than ten editions of the rally.

Background and Beginnings as a Rally Driver

Michel Terpins was introduced to rally driving by his family. He hails from a sport-oriented family with his father being an accomplished basketball player while he was in college. His elder brother, Rodrigo Terpins, was the one who first expressed his desire to go into motorsport. Spurred on by the mutual love he had for racing with his brother, Michel soon after decided to do the same. He first started out in the motorcycle category where he made his debut as a professional rider in 2002. However, he later had a change of mind and decided to perfect his craft in car racing, particularly the T1 category.

The T-Rex Rally Car

For the last few years, Michel Terpins has been driving a T-Rex car developed by the famed MEM Motorsport. The highly reliable car has not only allowed him to keep pace with the fastest rally drivers in his category but also maneuver through almost all stages without developing any mechanical problems. As he continues using the vehicle in coming years, more wins are expected from the Brazilian driver.

Bull Sortoes Rally Team

Michel Terpins’s support team is known as the Bull Sortoes Rally Team. The other driver included in the team is his brother, Rodrigo Terpins. In addition to MEM Motorsport, the team boasts a long list of reputable sponsors, including Xarla, 100% events, Motul and Terpins, and Bull Sertoes. The organization of this magnificent team has allowed Michel Terpins to concentrate on what he does best: racing.

OSI Group: The Innovator in the Food Processing Industry

Food processing industry is something constantly changing, and the companies in the sector need greater flexibility according to the changing environments to succeed in the market. It is due to the changing trends in the food sector, the difference in taste preferences according to demography, and more. Therefore, adaptability with innovation is the biggest quality in the industry to survive. In that sense, OSI Group, an Illinois-based global food, and meat processing firm, is the innovator and leader in the food processing industry. The company is quite different as it applies right strategies at the right time. Due to that reason, it became one of the largest suppliers of food and meat across the major economies.

OSI Group was established in 1909 as a meat house in Oak Park, Illinois. Initially, it was known as Otto & Sons, and it started supplying meat products to McDonald’s post-1950s. Sheldon Lavin, a prominent banker, started collaborating with the firm post-1970s. He started innovating the firm in various ways since he joined the company as its CEO in the 1970s. The firm got rebranded as OSI Group in 1975 and began concentrating on business beyond McDonald’s. Interestingly, it also started diversifying the business to offer new and innovative products based on the trends of the market. Lavin also helped the firm to expand business across the North America during this period.

Post-1980, The firm started expanding its business network beyond the continent and began operations in European countries, Taiwan, China, India, South America, and more. Currently, the firm is supported by more than 65 production facilities in 17 countries across the world. It is the major supplier of food and meat products to Pizza Hut, Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks, and more in major economies, including China. It supplies pizza, fish, hot dogs, pork, poultry, bacon, meat patties, dough products, vegetable food options, and more.

The recent years saw OSI Group greatly focusing on its expansion and diversification of business. It is credited with a number of acquisitions in North America, Europe, Asia, and more. In June 2016, the firm purchased a plant which was operated by Tyson Foods in Chicago. It was considered as an important move to ensure continued business through enhanced capabilities. In December 2016, OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe, a U.K. based food supplier, in an attempt to diversify the business and improve the footprint of the firm across the Europe. Interestingly, OSI was the winner of Globe of Honor Award 2016 by British Safety Council for its impressive management of environmental risks.

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Waiakea Water Bottles

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is the water of the future. This water is flat out like no other water bottles you will find on the market. Ryan Emmons co-founded the company in 2012. He was only 22 at the time, and today the Waiakea Water bottle company has since grown by 4,000%. The company is currently valued at over $10 million. What exactly is Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water? This water is one of the healthiest, purest water bottles on the planet. The water passes through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. It is therefore rich with a number of minerals that are good for your skin, hair and bones. The pH balance on the water is perfect for the consumption of humans. Not only is the water itself environmentally pure, but the bottles are too. Read more about Waiakea Water on

Recently, the Waiakea company announced a fully degradeable water bottle. Thats right, this water bottle will be able to degrade by sitting in the ground. Normal water bottles take around 1,500 years before they fully degrade. The new Waiakea water bottle that was announced takes only 15 years to do so. That is an astonishing 97% less time that regular bottles. The company will also be the first to use bottles that are made from 100% post-recycled plastic. This company has made great efforts to keep the environment clean. This is one of the most noteworthy accomplishments made in the water bottle industry. The company prides itself on smiling customers and a healthy environment. The efforts that they have made to do so are incredible.


Ryan Emmons hopes that many water bottles will take on this idea, using degradable water bottles as well. The company doesn’t stop there. For every liter purchased from their company, they donate a week supply of clean water to those without it. It is estimated that around 650 million people don not have accesss to clean drinking water on a daily basis. Ryan Emmons and the Waiakea Water are making a change and helping those people. They have been named one of inc. 500s fastest growing companies in America. Buy Waiakea Water at

Logan Stout Helps Everyone Earn Extra Money

There are many out there who are looking for a way to earn extra money and to better support their families. Those who are looking for an income source that goes beyond a traditional job may find what they are seeking through the company that Logan Stout founded. IDLife is a company that offers nutrition products to those who are looking to live their lives in a healthier way. This is a company that relies on real individuals to get their products out to the public. If someone wants to earn extra money, they can do that by selling the products that IDLife offers.

IDLife has created a variety of customized nutrition products. This company was created to fill the holes that there are in the nutritional product world. Customers love the kinds of products that this company has come up with, and those who are looking to sell those products will most likely find that they have a good audience for doing that. There are many people who are interested in all that Logan Stout’s company offers. Those who would like to earn money by selling items from this company will be able to find buyers for those products that they are looking to sell.

Logan Stout is someone who is focused on more than just the business that he founded and that he is running. He does other things to earn money, and he also does other things to make his life a little more meaningful. He is someone who wrote a book, and he is someone who goes around working as motivational speaker. He has a company, but he has also found other ways to earn money. He is a husband and a father, and he is someone who values his faith. He has morals that he holds true to, and he is someone who is trying to live his life in a way that will help him make a positive difference in the world. When he was asked about how he made his business what he has made it, Logan Stout shared that it is passion that has pushed him to the place that he is at. He is someone who cares about life and all that he does.

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Tech Style Steals Fashion Away From Fast Fashion

One thing that is constant in the fashion industry is change. The change is based on convenience as well as innovation. As a matter of fact, one of the most common forms of successful innovation brings convenience into the equation. This is what Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have done with TechStyle. They have solidified themselves to be the latest phase in the fashion industry. They have also shown themselves to be the future of the fashion industry when it comes to the styles and the way of shopping and selling items. In order to understand the future of fashion, it helps to look a little into the past.

For a while, a lot of clothes were sold by department stores. This is where people went for a while because it was the one stop shop for all of the brands that are being sold. This kept them from having to drive around for miles to look at every brand that may not be available in their city in store form. The department stores sold the brands for them. However, people have soon noticed that while there are different brands, the only thing that is different is the logo on the clothes or the tag.

Fast fashion has taken over as the next phase of fashion. It has experienced steady growth over the recent decades because it has brought forth something new and fashionable. It has looked at the styles and interpreted them in a quick manner compared to the department stores. Now, given the internet and mobile technology, customers are ready for a new shopping experience which is more convenient. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have taken advantage of the growing market of online shoppers and have brought forth something that takes full advantage of the online market.

With the foundation of TechStyle, Don Ressler and Adam have adopted the latest ways of doing marketing in a method that is ethical and non-intrusive. Instead of merely advertising to the customers, they have engaged in communities that are relevant to fashion and business. This not only helps solidify their reputation with the online markets but also helps them gain enough trust so that they can profit from their efforts.