Passion Driven Healthcare IT Expert and Entrepreneur that is Drew Madden

Drew Madden is a passionate healthcare Information Technology entrepreneur who aims at creating a unique and dynamic company culture that is attractive, getting involved in building high caliber and seasoned teams, as well as trusted client partnerships. Madden has spent a decade collaborating with the best minds in the healthcare industry. His focus necessitates optimizing, troubleshooting, implementing, taking and solving complex challenges that come with the Electronic Medical Record projects. This has culminated from his passion and experience in the Electronic Medical Records field.

Move to Nordic Consulting Partners

Drew served as the president of the Nordic Consulting Partners between 2011 and 2016, having joined the organization in 2010. Nordic Consulting Partners is the largest Epic consulting wing company in the world and has received numerous KLAS awards for excellence in consulting. Under Drew Madden’s tenure, Nordic ranked number one for Epic Implementation services between 2012 and 2014. Madden also managed to grow Nordic Consulting Partners employees from 10 to 725, 3 to 150 client partners and $1 million to $ 130 million in annual revenue.

Drew Madden had previously worked for a subsidiary of United Healthcare, Ingenix Consulting, as the Regional Sales Director before joining Nordic. He worked in business development as well as an Epic Consultant where he helped and partnered with healthcare organizations on implementation strategy.

His Career in IT

Madden’s Healthcare IT career started at the Cerner Corporation where he implemented solutions to inpatients. In 2005, Madden joined Healthia Consulting still on the implementation roles. Healthia Later purchased Ingenix Consulting. He later moved to the Business Development position. He looks forward to creating and implementing strong and efficient workforce for long-term success. Madden’s experience in the world of IT is meant to benefit all players that he comes into partnerships with. He is also a managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. This company provides Healthcare Information Technology expertise to their partners who hail from all over the country. Madden graduated from Iowa College of Engineering with a B.S.E in Industrial Engineering with a focus in Medical Systems.

An in-depth view at Glen Wakeman’s successful career

Glen R. Wakeman is perceived by many people as the perfect definition of a winner. The man who boasts more than two decades experience in management is who every young entrepreneur seeking to reach the epitome of success should look up to. Glen has a high-flying career and is responsible for guiding many prominent companies in their journey to transformation and successes such as M&S, Exponential growth, and many others which make the list of his accomplishments endless. Read more on

He has many tags tied to his name and is the best example of Jack of all trades as he has his hands full with everything from being a businessman, writer, mentor and even blogger. Having lived in six countries, Glen Wakeman has international recognition and holds several certifications such as a Finance MBA from the famous university of Chicago and a BS in economics from Scranton which equip him with the expertise he has in matter finance. He has worked and occupied senior positions in numerous companies such as being the chairman of Doral Financial Corporation, the Chief executive officer of GE capital, a seat he held for twenty years and many other renowned companies in the finance and economy sector.


Glen understands that by helping other business people, the entire community will benefit. That is why from his current position as the chief executive officer of Launch Pad Holdings LLC, Glen Wakeman can mentor, train and help young entrepreneurs take their businesses to greater heights through the provision of online business planning services. Through such services combined with his proven five-step performance methodology which seeks to mentor other entrepreneurs in matters regarding human capital, execution in business, leadership power and even risk management Glen Wakeman can empower them with the relevant skills to handle anything which might come their way. Glen’s achievements as a writer and blogger are also worth noting. For instance, he is also known for his frequent blogs on matters commerce through which he can provide even more guidance and strategies to executives on issues capital raising, and the suitable markets to venture in if you are a starting entrepreneur. Glen Wakeman is truly everything that any entrepreneur could want in their career.

Read more at Premier Gazette about Glen Wakeman.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail: Retirement with David Gertz

David Gertz is a financial planner with over three decades of experience when it comes to investing money for retirement purposes. He currently works as a financial adviser at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation.

He has over the years worked with several big companies in order to make big revenues for them. He is considered to be one the finest advisers in the country and graduated with an MBA from the University of Miami. In a recent interview, David talks about how a person can take steps in order to have enough money for retirement.

The first and most important thing that David stresses is failing to plan means planning to fail. This means if a person doesn’t set aside enough money to retire the that particular will be doomed to failure. One thing people can do before they retire is keeping their options open. Saving some money from each paycheck is a good place to start but you want to be sure that it isn’t the only method you use. Options like investing in the market can help provide a secure footing before you retire.

One thing David  Giertz says to keep in mind is investing some of the money into the market. This can be tricky based on how much money you invest and how it is invested. If invested properly it can pay off big for the investor. A second thing to keep in mind is saving money in a health savings account. This money is only to be utilized for certain medical reasons but it can be money very well invested down the line.

These are just a few things David points in order to have the best retirement plan possible. There are many options for those about to retire. The best thing is to do your homework.

Why Dr. Edward Honig Is The Best Cardiologist in New York City

Cardiovascular diseases are currently the most serious health conditions in the United States, according to Control Disease Center (CDC). Statistics show that approximately 84 million people in the US suffer from this condition and about 2,200 don’t make it every year. In this regard, it’s highly suggested that you visit a cardiologist regularly.

A cardiologist is best described as a doctor who is highly trained to deal with issues related to cardiovascular complications, heart conditions and blood vessels.Cardiologists treat conditions like hypertensions, heart attacks, heart diseases, heart tumor. They are also trained to diagnose heart diseases and offer solutions. These specialists are also qualified to perform minor surgeries related to cardiovascular diseases.

Finding the best cardiologist in New York City can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are many specialists in New York to choose from if you know where to look. One thing that you should invest heavily in is to find a cardiologist with many years of experience. This is very important because the cardiovascular system is complex. In this regard, the specialist that you choose must have sufficient knowledge and enough experience in this field.

Dr. Edward Honig is a knowledgeable and experienced cardiologist in NYC. He has been working in this medical field for many years and his record is remarkable. Just to be clear, Dr. Edward Honig has helped people suffering from cardiovascular condition in New York for a time period of 66 years now. It’s evident that he has the necessary skills and knowledge to help people diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases. He has helped many people with heart diseases and they can testify that he is a doctor who understands what he is doing.

Over the 66 years, Dr. Edward has managed to build a great reputation for himself. There are many cardiologists to choose from in New York City, but you can be certain that Dr. Edward Honig is your best option. He is a highly reputable and respected cardiologist in NYC. Thinking about the many years that he’s been practicing tells you that he is the best cardiologist to invest in.

Dr. David Samadi Committed to Creating Awareness on Sensitive Health Topics through the Housecall Live Show

Dr. David Samadi, the Chairman of Urology and the Chief of Robotic Surgery at the Lenox Hill Hospital, New York on Sunday, October 15, 2017, will hold an interview together with Dr. CynaraCoomer on the weekly live show the Housecall. Dr. Cynara serves as the Chief of Breast Surgery and also the Director of Comprehensive Breast Center at Northwell Health Staten Island University Hospital.

Dr. Samadi chose to invite Dr. Cynara because October is a Breast awareness month and who would better create awareness than Dr. Cynara who is a specialist in breast health and the pioneer of establishing the first Comprehensive Breast Center on Staten Island. Dr. Cynara also worked at Lenox Hill Hospital together with Dr. Samadi.

Dr. Cynara has vast experience when it comes to breast cancer and has previously worked as a Breast Surgeon at Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York. While at Mount Sinai Dr. Cynara developed a successful clinical practice and was committed to the treatment of benign and malignant breast diseases. In a statement, Dr. Cynara said that she was so excited to be part of Sunday Housecall with Dr. Samadi who was once her colleague and that she is happy to be part of Dr. Samadi mission of educating Americans on important health topics such as breast and prostate health. Dr. Samadi Sunday Housecall live show airs live at every Sunday at 12:30 pm EDT.

About Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi is a board-certified Urologist and has been trained in open traditional laparoscopic surgery. Dr. Samadi is an expert in robotic prostate surgery and has dedicated himself to early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of prostate cancer. David Samadi is regarded as one of the best Urologists whose mission is to create global awareness in cancer which is the second killer disease in men.

Dr. Samadi had a rich career background and attended Stony Brook University, New York where he pursued his undergraduate studies in Biochemistry. Dr. Samadi, also, holds an M.D from Stony Brook School of Medicine. Dr. Samadi also pursued his postgraduate training at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Dr. Samadi currently works at Lennox Hills Hospital as the Chairman of Urology and the Chief of Robotic Surgery. Dr. Samadi has been a great contributor on health topics on a program in fox news. Dr. Samadi besides hosts a radio program called World Health News on am970 in New York City.

Dr. David Samadi Social Media:

Sentient AI Providing Better Customer Experience through Personalized Merchandising Feature of AI Technology

For any e-commerce company to win the trust and loyalty of the customer, it has to provide the customers with enhanced customer experience. As the competition is growing like wildfire, it is crucial for the companies to use new and advanced technology to their advantage. It is such technology that is being provided by Sentient AI, one of the leading providers of Artificial Intelligence-based technologies for e-commerce and other industries. E-commerce companies have to be on edge to satisfy its customers’ requirements as well as grasp what they are looking for. The companies have to keep collecting data from the customers’ browser and their previous order history to understand the kind of products customer would want to purchase again. It is what personal merchandising is all about. It personalizes the shopping experience for the customers by surrounding them with the products that match their preferences precisely.


Sentient AI has invested millions over the years in taking their artificial intelligence to great heights of success. The company doesn’t only provide advance artificial technology, but also excellent customer service as well, which has helped many of its e-commerce clients to understand the importance and use of AI technology in today’s e-commerce environment. Personalized merchandising through artificial intelligence technology is done today with the help of various filters that allows the site’s machinery to narrow down the choices for you as per your budget and requirements. It is essential for such technology to be used by the e-commerce companies that have a vast inventory.


Artificial intelligence powered optimization in the e-commerce sites helps the customers to find what they are looking for at a greater speed. It is the best way to save time and money for the customers while the best mean for the companies to increase their sales and provide better customer experience. Artificial intelligence technology offered by Sentient AI helps the companies to store data sets from every customer for an extended period, which makes it customers to feel familiar when they visit the e-commerce company’s website or mobile application. Personalized merchandising is all about directing the customers to the products they would prefer to buy and helps the e-commerce sites to make the navigation easier for its customers. The personalized merchandising through the AI technology helps the e-commerce sites to create a list of products that meet the specific requirements of the customers, which makes shopping online a seamless experience for the customers.

Lime Crime Releases Polly Pockets Inspired Pocket Candy Palettes

Lime Crime, one of the hottest new beauty brands, is giving its fans a treat. The company is bringing back the popular Polly Pockets for users with its newly released palettes. Polly Pockets is a piece of ’90s nostalgia that has maintained a special place in the hearts of countless people. While many other fads have rightfully come and gone in a flash, the Polly Pocket with its chic doll outfits and pastel cases, is in the midst of a nostalgic revival. Lime Crime is paying homage to the always popular Polly Pockets brand with three nostalgic palettes. Even the company’s font choice is a nod to the iconic 90s product.

Many feel that Polly Pocket was before its time and now LimeCrime is recreating the vibes of the 90s brand. On its Instagram account days before it released its new Polly Pockets inspired product line, Lime Crime posted a throwback Polly Pocket that was sure to put a smile on the faces of those that remember the product fondly. Lime Crime has transformed that nostalgic feeling into an innovative packaging update for their new Pocket Candy Palettes. Each one comes in five complementary shades and features snap cases that fit neatly in your pocket.

Lime Crime’s Pocket Candy Palettes gives you lots of bright, vibrant choices. You can pick your favorite from its sunny Pink Lemonade palette, go bold and sample their hot pink Sugar Plum palette or show your sensitive side by using the softer hues of their pastel-leaning blue Bubblegum palette. All of them are reasonably priced and can be delivered right to your door with just the click of a mouse. People worldwide were so excited about making a colorful statement with company’s new Pocket Candy Palettes that Lime Crime had to move up the launch date of the product line from September 26 to September 19.

So if you notice more colorful, smiling faces than usual, that thanks in part to Lime Crime’s release of their Polly Pocket inspired Pocket Candy Palettes. It combines nostalgia and color to make the world a happier place.

Taking Care of Your Online Reputation Needs

The first Google’s page is typically the new first impression; that is why it’s so important to maintain your online presence in this time and age. Status Lab could help protect the company’s or your reputation through various expert techniques. Their end goal is helping you look supremely excellent in quality in search results.


Suggested plus Related Search features of Google could take searchers to places you do not want them to see, which leads to a negative exposure that the searchers never knew existed. They are capable of changing where Google is directing traffic about your company and you. Status Labs helps to take control of Suggested plus Related Search features of Google, and make a good first impression.


Content Automation Technology


Utilizing every resource offered by the web is one of the greatest ways of managing your digital reputation. Status Labs creates bookmarking sites, social media accounts, and blogs that reflect your brand positively. Then they use the technology of advanced content automation to strengthen these pages and increase their chances of appearing in the results of your top search.


They take on the task of maintaining those accounts; however, you still retain full ownership of all properties, meaning that you are capable of adding and editing content as you wish. Status Labs provides monthly reports that contain detailed charts measuring their progress on each keyword over the project’s length so that you can view the improvement as your online presence is growing.


Financial Communications


The firm Status Labs is specializing in digital communications that are surrounding financial transactions, which includes corporate restructuring, IPOs (initial public offerings), bond issuing, as well as mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions. They leverage their knowledge of digital and communications to craft clear strategy plus a message. Status Labs then develops digital assets that assist you in reaching key stakeholders, including investors, regulators, and customers.


Their team, which is global and multi-cultural, makes for a solution that is simple and unified when tackling projects that are complex across multiple regions. Their client base has grown across the South America, Asia, Europe, and the United States.


Whether you are preparing for the initial public offering or developing a digital strategy around the mergers and acquisitions transaction, and you want to make an investment case through all the steps of the fundraising process, the team of Status Labs can help you.

Madison Street Capital: Assisting the Middle Market

Madison Street Capital is one of the leading financial institutions in the world which aims to help small scale and middle scale businesspeople in managing their business. The firm provides financial assistance and several services that will usher the growth of a certain company.

They are operating on a global scale, with offices in three continents – North America, Asia, and Africa. Madison Capital chose to serve the small scale and middle scale businesses because of their annual increasing numbers. According to statistics, more and more people around the world are opening their own businesses, and Madison Street Capital has realized that they can gain profit by attending to more people.

In this case, more people are within the small scale and the middle scale bracket, so they chose to serve them so that they can succeed and at the same time, help Madison Street Capital become a global player in the industry.

Established in 2005, Madison Street Capital’s primary goal is to help businesspeople become successful. They are providing financial assistance to those who does not have huge financial capital, and they are lending them the money with the most considerable rates. Since their foundation in 2005, Madison Street Capital has helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, and the company has been regarded as a trustworthy business partner.

Their clients have been working with them for years, and then have known the company for their positive reputation, which is why they keep on coming back to the doors of Madison Street Capital to continue doing business with them.

Aside from providing financial assistance to small scale and middle scale businesses, Madison Street Capital is also providing a variety of services vital to their growth, such as corporate advice, corporate evaluations, reports on financial state, and so much more. The growth of Madison Street Capital can be attributed to their loyal clients who are working with them for more than a decade. Read more: Madison Street Capital | INC

Through the word of mouth advertisement, these clients are sharing the positive experiences that they had while working with Madison Street Capital. This would encourage other businesspeople to work with them, because of the positive reviews that are being shared about the firm.

Whenever an old client or a new customer visits the office of Madison Street Capital, they are being provided with the same excellent customer and client service. New customers who are seeking the assistance of Madison Street Capital have to be checked first, and the firm will have to open up all of their resources for transparency purposes.

Once the customer has been validated, the transactions will commence. Madison Street Capital can also help in acquisition and merging deals, standing as a middle man between the two concerned parties. Madison Street Capital keeps on becoming a leader when it comes to assistance, and their expertise has been making thousands successful.

Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

Charles Botchway – Founder and Chief Executive Officer

What We Can Learn from Greg Secker’s Career in Foreign Exchange Trading

Greg Secker is an American foreign exchange trading specialist and public speaker. Secker taught himself how to code when he was still in college where he had enrolled for a degree in agriculture and food sciences. As a self-taught programmer, he developed a three-dimensional model that depicts the fluid dynamics of the follicle.

After school, Secker met a friend who worked at Thomas Cook Financial Services and was also passionate about computers. The friend advised him to attend a job interview for a computer programmer. He managed to get the job and was part of developers who built the first online currency trading platform referred to as Virtual Trading Desk. He interacted with traders who gave insights on trading that were converted into codes understood by a computer.

Secker’s Career Philosophy

Throughout his professional journey, Greg Secker was consistent in trying new things. For instance, he came up with the Flying Trader Initiative, which involved trading goods and commodities over Canary Wharf. People questioned the initiative’s ability to succeed. Secker’s vision for the Flying Trader Initiative also included creating awareness and supporting people through charity.

Secker developed an interest in the foreign exchange market as he worked on the Virtual Trading Desk. He got exposure on how to generate income from the foreign exchange market. He later tried to borrow £5,000 for trading and managed to earn £60,000 from the trade in one year. Secker believes that succeeding in this market is highly dependent on the risk-managed approach that one takes. He is also certain that one’s trading plan should be disciplined and strategy-driven.

Secker as a Public Speaker

Greg Secker believes in the art of sharing knowledge through public speaking. After amassing most of his wealth from the trading industry, he decided to retire. He later decided to attend seminars and got a chance to listen to renowned public speakers such as Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, and Dr. John Demartini. He realized that besides sharing his insights with the world, he would also make money as a speaker.

Greg Secker made his debut in the public speaking world in 2003. As of 2017, he has been featured as a speaker at more than 6,000 seminars. He has spoken at world-renown summits such as the Success Summit Congress and the National Achievers Congress.