Quality screening services by Life Line Screening


Life Line Screening is a company that is focused on providing health information in order to assist people to live a healthy life. They provide preventive screening that is affordable and reliable to ensure that more people live fuller lives. They partner with doctors to ensure that problems related to health are detected early thereby improving the quality of life.
Usually, Life Line Screening organizes events in the community that are aimed at screening. These events are conducted by qualified health care professionals. These events are also conducted in community centers, places of worship, corporations and senior centers all over the country. The screenings by this company are noninvasive and they use state of the art machines to do the job.

The quality of their services

Since 1993, Life Line Screening screened more people than any other clinic or hospital. They are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. They are the only company that offers services in internationally. They offer services in America, United Kingdom, and Australia. They offer screening to more than one million people per year. Their ultrasound machines were intended to be used by the military on the battlefield. The machines are state of the art and are continually serviced to ensure efficiency, confidence, and accuracy. Each technologist at Life Line Screening has screened more than 40,000 people and is an expert in what they do and will provide a patient in the most professional and caring manner.

What they specialize in

Last year, there were more than 62,000 people screened by Life Line Screening who had serious health risks for stroke or cardiovascular disease but showed no symptoms. Some of the other specialties that Life Line Screening specializes in include health screening, abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, atrial fibrillation screening, carotid artery screening, diabetes screening, heart disease screening, peripheral arterial disease screening, osteoporosis screening, and cholesterol screening

According to Life Line Screening, many times, screening show normal results. This provides the patient with peace of mind. However, there are potential health issues in some cases which are identified enabling the person to do something about it before the condition becomes worse.

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Cancer Treatment Centers Examined:

Cancer is a frightening diagnosis for anyone to receive. This is why you want to make certain you receive the best possible care when you receive a diagnosis of Cancer.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa Oakland. Cancer treatment Centers of America have some excellent Physicians that can effectively treat a variety of Cancers.

Cancer treatment may involve surgery, chemo therapy as well as radiation. There are also new trial therapies being used to treat certain types. Your physician will discuss the best treatment options available for your particular kind of Cancer.

*Type of Cancers Treated:

Cancer Treatment Centers have successfully treated a variety of Cancers including breast, lung, colon as well as ovarian Cancer. The center uses advanced technology as well as personalized approach to treat Cancer.

The center believes in treating the whole person not just the Cancer. Therefore, patients will not only receive the best Cancer treatment but they will receive emotional support from the trained staff. Many times providing patients emotional support can help them deal with their illness much more effectively.

It is quite amazing how emotional support can help a patient recover from Cancer. The power of positive thinking is something that the center attempts make all patients understand.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have used TAPUR as a clinical trial for some patients with Cancer. Not all patients will benefit from a clinical trial therefore your physician will help determine if TAPUR would in fact prove beneficial.

There are many myths as well as misconceptions when a Cancer diagnosis is confirmed. Therefore, the trained physicians and nurses will help answer any questions or concerns the individual patient may have.

Nutrition and rest is critically important for patients undergoing Cancer treatment. Therefore, an experienced nutritionist will discuss the importance of good nutrition as well as plenty of rest. Rest and nutrition can help the body repair itself which is particularly important when a Cancer diagnosis is made.

Additional information about Cancer Treatment Centers of America may be obtained at www.cancercenter.com. Staff is available 24/7 to address any concerns as well as Emergencies.

Vincent Parascandola, An Experienced Financial Advisor

Vincent Parascandola aka Vinny is a seasoned financial advisor. At the moment, he works at AXA Advisors, and he is the Senior Executive Vice President. He is considered to be very experienced in this field due to his previous involvement in financial matters for over 25 years. Among the various duties which he performs at AXA include; managing the company sales, recruitment, retention, and firing of employees. Additionally, he coaches interns so that they can become well experienced financial advisors just like himself.

His past involvement in financial matter gives him an upper hand among his peers. Mr. Vincent Parascandola ventured into the financial management industry back in 1987 as an agent. Due to his hard work and relentless nature, he was recognized as the best Rookie of the year while interning at Prudential. After three years, he was absorbed by MONY Life Insurance, and he was required to oversee the activities carried out within field offices associated with the company in the entire United States region. He worked there for 14years, and then he joined AXA Advisors in 2004. He was assigned the position of president for The Advantage Group, which is a department within AXA that conducts recruitment of highly experienced financial advisors.

One factor that distinguishes Mr. Parascandola from the rest is the level of quality that is associated with his leadership style. He has been awarded numerous awards in the course of his career, which goes a long way to show that his style of governance is unique. Two of the most notable awards are the GAMA Career Development and the Master Agency Awards. He is considered to be a very apt public speaker by most people in the business industry, and that makes him be a highly sought after public personality.

Being a Bachelor of Science graduate from Pace University, Mr. Parascandola has been able to set new standards in the financial consulting industry. His education background and experience are considered to be the key factors that help him operate very efficiently so that he ends up delivering undoubtedly high-quality results to his clients.


No Doubt About OSI Industries

When it comes to food safety, it remains a priority around the world. Moreover, food safety has gained significant attention in recent years. This remains attributed to food outbreaks such as Ebola. For those unaware, Ebola remains a deadly foodborne illness that took the lives of thousands of people in Africa. Although it may seem minute, the relevance of food security remains more important than ever. As the world’s population expands, it remains pertinent to keep safe and secure food for everyone. In addition to the laws and regulations mandating food security, several businesses and corporations have assumed responsibility. In particular, these companies have set the standard in food preparation. Moreover, they continue to reinvigorate an otherwise fragile industry. With that being said, OSI Industries remains a company in reference.

For those unaware, OSI Industries remains an industry leader in food safety. Since 1909, the company has vastly improved the food industry. Initially, the company started off as a family meat market. Moreover, Otto Kolschowsky founded the company. For those unaware, Otto Kolschowsky immigrated to the United States from Germany. Shortly after immigrating to the U.S., Otto Kolschowsky began his operations in the Chicago area. Due to the company’s success, OSI Industries expanded into the wholesale meat market. In addition, the company continued to grow its install base throughout Chicago. In addition, the company partnered with McDonald’s.

During this time, McDonald’s had numerous meat suppliers. To remain exact, McDonald’s had hundreds of meat suppliers. After partnering with McDonald’s, the company became one of McDonald’s primary meat suppliers. By the 1970s, OSI Industries became officially known as such. Year after year, the company has wowed its clients. Therefore, it possesses an insurmountable amount of wealth. As the company became a multi-billion-dollar industry, it made headlines by acquiring other prominent businesses. In particular, the company acquired a Tyson food plant in Chicago for $7.4 million dollars. This remains attributed to Tyson’s decline in Chicago. In addition, the company purchased Baho Food. As a result, the company expanded its presence in the European market. In closing, the company remains revolutionary in every regard.

The Philanthropic Exploits Of Investment Guru, James Dondero

James Dondero is an investment expert based in Dallas, Texas. With more than 30 years of experience, he specializes in credit and equity markets, fixated on distressed investing, high return investments, and alternative investments. In 1993, he co-established Highland Capital Management with Mark Okada and is the current President.Highland Capital Management is registered with the SEC to take part in investment and asset management. The firm currently has under its management assets valued at over $16 billion, making it one of the largest alternative credit proprietors in the world. Highland Capital has a broad client base including high-net-worth individuals, financial organizations, governments, and large corporations. It offers services such as credit strategies, hedge funds, private equity and collateralized loans.

James Dondero holds an undergraduate degree with dual majors in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. He began his career in the training program of Morgan Guaranty as an analyst in 1983. He then went on to serve at American Express as a Portfolio Manager and Corporate Bond Analyst before moving on to work at Protective Life as Chief Investment Officer.He is an active philanthropist and supports causes touching on education, public policy, and veteran’s rights. Owing to this, he was named as a member of the Executive Board of the Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business. The Executive Board assists with the creation and implementation of development strategies in the Cox School of Business.

This is in addition to his and Highland Capital’s commitment to supporting projects in the school such as the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, as well as the Tower Scholars Program. James Dondero accepts the partnership with the SMU’s Cox School of Business because of the best committed professionals it produces who make an enormous impact on the Dallas business community, as well as Highland Capital itself.James Dondero is also a member of the boards of MGM Studios and Jernigan Capital. He also serves as the Chairman of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, NexBank, and Nex-Point Residential Trust.He is also allowed to use the credential of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

Finding Your Dream Home in Ohio with Tammy Mazzocco

The increasing rise in home values in Ohio coupled with new plans to develop over 240 homes in New Albany is expected to accelerate the rise of home values for many years to come. According to real estate experts, the upcoming new community is expected to create additional commercial establishments thus fueling the demand for homes in Ohio.

Ohio has become one of the most attractive places to live in because it has maintained a low cost of living compared to the rest of the country. Even though the price of homes is increasing, the State remains relatively cheap to earn a living. This factor has attracted many visiting residents to this State. In addition, to the low cost of living, Ohio has a growing tech sector which promises good prospects to the investors and its public school system is arguably one of the best in the whole country.

From the above observation of Blog Webpedia, it is correct to note that there will be an increase in homeownership in Ohio in the coming years. Therefore, for those who want to make maximum profits from selling their homes, these needs to be done soon. Ohio has a huge number of real estate agents who can help you sell your home at a profit. One such a person is Tammy Mazzocco. Tammy has helped many homebuyers find their dream homes in Ohio for over two decades.

About Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco is an excellent and successful real estate agent based in Ohio. She entered the real estate business as a secretary at a company called The Edwards Realty. Her realtor career was developed as a manager when working close to a decade in the Scotland Yard Condominiums. You can visit Crunchbase to know more.

Mazzocco was licensed as a real estate agent in 1995. After Scotland Yard, she joined T&R Properties as a multi-site property manager. She became a full real estate agent in 1999 and joined Judy Gang & Associates. Currently, she sells residential real estate in Central Ohio.

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Life Line Screening – Proactive Health Choices

Dr. Andrew J. Manganaro spent 35 years in the private practice of cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgery. He became CMO of Life Line Screening after his retirement from that practice. Dr. Maganaro saw many catastrophic cases of aneurysms and strokes that could have been prevented had the patient and physician just been aware that the possibility was there. He is very excited about the trend of growing awareness of preventive tests and screenings. Persistence and hard work along with having a very talented team is allowing Life Line Screening to help numerous patients start making life style changes and even taking medications before symptoms start progressing and causing health issues. Dr. Manganaro believes in research and scientific publication based on the use of their own database which helps keep the Life Line Screening mission clear.

Life Line Screening’s CMO Dr. Andrew J. Manganaro supervises a panel of board certified physicians who review all the ultrasounds and tests done by Life Line Screening. By using a certain set of calculations to determine a patient’s suitability for the screening Life Line is able to offer screenings for patients that may be at risk but do not show any signs of a vascular problem or disease at the time.

They offer a large line of testing that includes non-invasive ultrasounds to test for the presence of peripheral vascular disease. Life Line also screens for osteoporosis and does EKG’s for atrial fibrillation which can be a major cause of strokes. Blood tests are also done to determine cardiovascular and other possible abnormalities that the patient may have.

Life Line Screening has been well received and used by both patients and doctors because of the benefits over and above a regular annual physical. They continue to add new tests and preventative screenings to help provide valuable information to the patient and their doctor to possibly prevent a disease or health issue from becoming catastrophic.

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Stay Cool With Tips From Goettl

The ability to stay cool in the Summer months is something the HVAC experts at Goettl are looking to help everybody do in the 21st century after the historic company produced an article of tips called “Goettl’s Tell All Secrets to Stay Energy Efficient This Summer”. The company that provides maintenance and repair services to customers across the southwest of the U.S. is hoping to help as many people stay cool and keep their utility bills as manageable as possible during the warmest months of the year.

Among the many pieces of advice and tips available from Goettl include the need to not solely rely on the HVAC system to complete all the cooling needs, but instead requires the residents of a property to use items, such as ceiling fans to keep the cooled air from the HVAC system circulating effectively. Energy efficiency during the warm Summer months can be a difficult to achieve, but new technologies supplied by Goettl can make this an easier goal to achieve with thermostats that are interconnected through the Internet of Things can allow certain zones to be cooled to different levels through mobile devices.

It is easy to rely on the Goettl brand to create a cool and comfortable environment for many to enjoy in any business or residential property; Goettl has been in business since the 1930s and is known for developing some of the most important HVAC technologies that remain the basis for much of the work being used in the 21st century.

In 2014, Goettl was purchased by entrepreneur Ken Goodrich, who has ensured the company remains an impressive part of the communities the company serves for their HVAC needs. Goettl has provided HVAC units for those who are struggling to repair or replace their units with all equipment and labor offered free of charge.


Talos Energy Enters Mexican Oil Market

After privatizing the oil industry in 1938, Mexico’s Petroleos Mexicanos was responsible for controlling the country’s oil supply. Recently though, Mexico has made steps to ease foreign competitors back into the market, and has notably given access to its resources to a number of oil companies. Of these companies, Houston’s Talos Energy has recently established an oil well, which marks the first offshore exploration to occur in the country since its regulations were initially passed almost a century ago.

Although there are certainly financial implications for being one of the first competitors to re-enter the market, there is also an interesting element outside of that. Talos Energy has managed to position itself as one of the leaders in the burgeoning marketplace, and will no doubt be seen as one of the main innovators for the developing industry.

For their part, Talos Energy is no stranger to the shifting demands of the oil industry. Its founders, including Tim Duncan, have had a history of building oil companies from the ground up. Talos Energy is no exception, and has proven in its short history to be far more capable than its size might initially suggest. In fact, Talos Energy is routinely listed as one of the top small businesses currently in the country, and it will be interesting to see how their entrance into the Mexican market will influence their growth.

Although Talos Energy is often highlighted for their outstanding workplace philosophy, it’s worth noting that this isn’t due to any specific work culture. Instead, Talos Energy inspires its workers by treating them fairly, and by giving them a piece of equity in the company itself. Regardless of whether its employees are receptionists or scientists, all of them stand to profit from the value of the work they put in. By creating this dynamic, Talos Energy has ensured that its workers take their jobs seriously and they can continue to look forward for new growth opportunities. Mexico’s market may be the latest expansion for Talos Energy, but it’s clear that this won’t be the last.

Andrew Rolfe Gives Opportunities To Children

The Ubuntu Fund refers to a charitable that helps kids all across South Africa to get access to better education. Currently, Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of its Board of Directors. He is overseeing how these children can be given educational opportunities. This way he will be able to change the lives of many children. Besides, this is the way Andrew Rolfe is giving back to the community. His efforts ensure that the disadvantaged children get a better education. He is also taking several steps to get the money that is required for these ventures.

In the case of The Ubuntu Fund, the donors have no say in the way in which their money is to be used. They are taking only open donations. Besides, these can be used for any purpose as the Ubuntu Fund deems fit. Andrew Rolfe is making efforts to find new people who can donate freely. The Ubuntu Fund is going to ensure that the money is given to those children who require it the most.

Andrew Rolfe wants that children are put in those educational programs that tell them about the world around them. He has initiated several such programs as he believes that they are important for the children. Andrew Rolfe wants these children to grow and lead their own communities. They should be able to find their way to a college and get a career with this education that they get. Several kids coming out of Ubuntu Fund programs have managed to lead successful lives. Now they are investing in their communities that are based in Africa.

Andrew Rolfe understands that constant investment is required to be done in small communities. Besides, he would like to see the Ubuntu Fund doing much more for the kids in Africa. This is why Andrew Rolfe continues to raise money as he wants to invest even in the smallest communities that do not have access to schools or traditional education.

The Ubuntu Fund is an important charity of Africa. It is giving kids the education which they deserve. They are put into those programs where they would learn a lot and be able to change their lives.