Client Testimonials Prove Securus Technologies Products Do Work

Securus Technologies has always been at the forefront of releasing technological advancements that make prisons a safer and more service efficient place. While prisoners are marveling over the new video and call services connecting them with their families, the correctional officers also have a story to tell.


Securus receives countless ‘thank you’ notes from prison wardens and officials from different facilities all over America. Most of these letters carry the same message of gratitude to Securus for providing technological solutions that have assisted in curbing insurgencies within the prison facilities. Rebellion occurs in all manners within the correctional facilities, and if one company has come up with a way to reduce this, it is definitely doing a commendable job.


From what the testimonials reveal, the technology from Securus is making a difference in keeping safety within the prisons. Through tapping and monitoring phone calls, prison officials have been able to recover contraband items in the form of drugs, alcohol or cellphones. Wardens are also able to control any illegal activity within their facilities like perceived threats, and suspicious activities or conversations.


It also seems that the blade cuts both ways as the warden themselves are often caught in the trap as well. One of the testimonials to Securus revealed how a corrupt prison official was netted after phone calls they made within the facilities were tapped and surveilled. If you ask me, Securus definitely have managed to produce a secure system that holds everyone accountable, regardless of which side of the prison bars you are on.


So we are looking at technological advancement that not only keeps prisoners in check but also plays big brother on unsuspecting dubious officials. Securus doesn’t stop there, on average the company is said to release a new product each week that will supposedly transform life within the prison walls. One of them has to be the new video calling service that lets prisoners connect with their families at any time of day wherever they are.

Banks and Bankers Face Uncertain Future

A recent PRNewswire article chronicled an important meeting of high-ranking bank officials from the United States of America held in Dallas. One of the panelists was the CEO and president of NexBank Capital, Inc., John Holt. Topics for discussion included the re-invention of traditional banking after the past economic collapse of 2007-2008. Banks have been in shock for the past 7-10 years, and are hoping to return to normalcy again by focusing their attention on serving their customer base as important community providers of monies for home mortgages, business and job creation and helping the members of the community save and prepare for an uncertain future.

In the past, banks were more involved with the local communities, but as urban growth turned into urban sprawl, bankers would consider requests from outside the immediate area of their physical location. Often banks would choose to lend to a business or individual with a better prospect for success but from a longer distance away than someone struggling in the community around the block from the bank. This lack of commitment to the community must finally come to an end.

As citizens enter a time with a new political regime, it is hoped that a return to banking normalcy will return. Both Wall Street investors and local privately held banks have been criticized for making loans to generate interest and capital for the banks themselves and not helping the communities they serve. Greed coupled with deceit was the driving force behind the past economic crisis, and with a new perspective by bankers and members of the community such a crisis should not happen again in the near future.


A Look Into The Entrepreneurial Journey Of Eric Pulier

Entrepreneurship powers the world and offers many openings that young individuals can exploit. Many professionals who have had their enterprises grow to become successful had earlier learnt about the art from mentors and people whose influence to the world of business has remained unwavering. Eric Pulier, however, is a unique case as he is one individual who has always believed in working his way up the ladder to reach the hidden treasures and gifts of life. He is a technologist, entrepreneur and a philanthropist who has directed more interest in working with those suffering from chronic illnesses.


Passion for programming and education

When Eric Pulier started showing interest for computer programming at fourth grade, many thought this was just a momentarily pulse that would wane out. However, his passion for the field stayed calm and grew later to become a discovery of his talent. He first developed a computer database company immediately after joining high school. The success of this project offered him additional motivation to further pursue his dream of becoming a successful technologist and entrepreneur. Eric Pulier pursued his course and when he graduated from Teaneck High school, he chose to join the Harvard University.


At the Harvard University, Eric Pulier was placed to study American Literature and English. His success in this course allowed him to become one of the columnists of The Harvard Crimson, a magazine that posted information about the campus’ life and other ideas that could help students advance their understanding of the world. His passion for computer programming could not be left behind and so he also joined the MIT College to pursue Computer Science. In 1988, he completed both courses and amazingly emerged with high honors.



To be part of the philanthropic world and to help solve humanities problems, Eric Pulier joined several philanthropic foundations. He contributes regularly to the X-Prize Foundation, where he also sits as a board member. Eric Pulier has also been working with The Painted Turtle, an organization that offers support to children fighting chronic illnesses. His contribution to these foundations has allowed him to appreciate the beauty of supporting others to make the world better.


Covers Website Puts Unique Spin on Betting for NBA Games

I have placed bets before, but I never knew that you could place the bets on a website until I started checking out Covers. This is the type of website that has allowed me to become a lot better at placing bets on my favorite NBA teams. This is certainly one of the best options for people that are looking for some good statistics.

In my opinion statistics can make or break a game. That is why you have to get the statistics up front. I check Covers all the time. This is the website that has all of the NBA stats that I need. I don’t have to worry much about trying to get any information from friends. I know the stats better than anyone because everything is posted on Covers. I know about the injured players, and that really helps me gain some perspective on who could actually win the game.

I like betting with Covers because the process is just so simple and quick. I don’t know of any other websites where you can get in some bets on games and play other games like the winning streak game. This is what I play when I feel really good about a team. If I know that there is a team that has a winning record, I will place bets on this team until the team loses. That is what makes me the most money. You can bet on the same team to win over and over again. I admit that this a hard thing to do in the NBA, but I have been more lucky more than once.

It is evident that people are starting to cut back on the traditional ways of betting, and everyone seems to be moving to technology based betting like this with Covers. I don’t have any doubt that is one of the most advanced websites because it has so much information. I would say that this is the elite betting website because it gives people NBA odds on a spread. This is going to be a good thing because you never know how many points the winning team will score.

I think that betting on NBA games with Covers is one of the easiest ways to make money. I certainly would not be playing bets here if it was complicated. The process is easy and the information here is abundant.

Successful Investment Tips by Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw Sued



Relmada Therapeutics is filing a lawsuit against Laidlaw and Company, its former investment banker. Relmada is also suing the two principals of the firm, James Ahern and Matthew Eitner, accusing them of misusing the company shares and confidential information to instigate a hostile bid for the enterprise. The lawsuit’s agenda is to enjoin Laidlaw’s intentions of continuing to propagate false and misleading information including soliciting proxies from the company’s stockholders through false pretenses. The aim of the lawsuit is to correct the already issued misinformation.



Restraining Order



In addition to the claims of breaching the contract and using false information acquired from Relmada during its service as the company’s investment banker, Relmada is in a quest for monetary damages rooting from costs incurred from issuing a response to the false and misleading information released in December 2015. According to Relmada, the Court of Nevada had dictated a temporary restraining order linked to the injunction of Laidlaw and its two principals. The Board of Relmada believes that Laidlaw should compensate the firm for damages caused by Laidlaw. The demand is to prevent Laidlaw from causing the same hard to other companies in future.



About Laidlaw



Led by two principals Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, Laidlaw & Company is an investment banking and brokerage firm that provides investment banking and management of wealth services to many companies including public and private companies. Laidlaw offers careful and skillful financial services concerning investment to high net worth investors. The company seeks to preserve its reputation through diversification. They provide services in asset allocation including security selection because it is the vital determinant of the company’s performance. Laidlaw aims to help maximize the client’s return potential by allocating the customer’s money in a chosen set of assets. The team manages client’s exposure to investment risk.



Best Tom Hanks Movies


Three of the best Tom Hanks movies are “Philadelphia,” “A League of Their Own,” and “Splash.” These three films are not only entertaining, they’re socially educational.


“Philadelphia” was one of Tom Hanks’ big Oscar wins. Andrew Beckett was a young and successful Philadelphia lawyer. One day he discovered some lesions on his forehead. Things got worse, and even his gay lifestyle was revealed. One of Beckett’s coworkers hid some paperwork the young lawyer needed for his client. Beckett was sure this was because he had been diagnosed HIV positive. The partners of his law firm fired Andrew Beckett, causing him to hire a lawyer and sue his colleagues.


“A League of Their Own” is about a little known historical fact. During World War II , many baseball players were drafted to fight in the war. This opened up the opportunity for women to form their own baseball league. Hanks played Jimmy Dugan who became the manager of the Rockford Peaches. Dugan painfully tried to manage his womens’ baseball team even though he really believed baseball should be all male.  But it’s a fun movie, and should be a staple of any of your favorite teen movies of the 90s.


“Splash'” is one of Tom Hanks’ early films. Allen Baur was reunited with a vision he first saw as an eight-year-old who had fallen off a fishing boat into the Atlantic Ocean. Madison the mermaid had grown up and came ashore when she was reunited with Baur who worked at the docks. This is clearly a single man’s fantasy to have the opportunity to meet a mermaid and take her home.

George Soros Makes A Big Return To Politics

George Soros is often referred to as one of the world’s biggest political donors for the work he completes on behalf of the U.S. Democratic Party; however, the Hungarian born hedge fund expert has actually sat out the majority of elections after his $27 million in funding for the election campaign of Democrat John Kerry in 2004. The return of George Soros in 2016 to major political giving coincided with the nomination of Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination after a 25 year political relationship she has shared with George Soros, and resulted in around $25 million in funding for her campaign.

The 2016 Presidential election results may not have gone the way George Soros was hoping as Republican Donald Trump swept to a shocking victory, but George Soros had won major victories with his major backing of state level election Democrat candidates. In a major change of direction George Soros provided around $3.5 million in funding in 2015 and 2016 for state level candidates hoping to gain office as district attorney’s and prosecutors; according to advisors for George Soros the Holocaust survivor made the decision to back candidates at state level in a bid to provide more diversity in law making at state level at Soros and his team of political advisors believe the inequality seen at state level has resulted in African-American and Hispanic groups being prosecuted differently to other groups.

George Soros has always had an eye on how best to help the people of the world in fighting oppression and the rise of extreme right wing conservatism; in the U.S. Soros founded the Democracy Alliance to allow wealthy donors with left leanings to come together and discuss policy with major Democrat figures on Following the election victory of Donald Trump in November 2016 a Democracy Alliance meeting planned for the days after the election took on extra importance for Soros as he decided to attend the three day event and speak about the election campaign and future direction of the party. Not only is George Soros looking to help the Democrat’s return to power starting with the 2017 state level elections on Forbes, he is also looking at how his own involvement in politics is viewed and how best wealthy donors like himself should influence elections and policy in the future.

Fun For The Holidays With DIYs


Over the holiday break, you can pretend that you’re a cat. It’s fun to dress up as your cat if you have the same clothes or the same accessories. Sleep all day, eat as much as you want, and play with toys just like your cat does during the day. You can even play in a box if you can find one that’s large enough to hold both you and your cat.


According to Wengie, If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where it snows all the time or even if there are only a few days when you see snow, one of the best things that you can do is to get outside and play. You can have a snowball fight with your family and friends, go sledding or make snow angels. Make sure you bundle up and wear sunglasses as the snow can be blinding while you’re outside. Compete against others who are outside by building forts and seeing who can get the most snowballs across the top of each fort. You can also have a snowman competition to see who can come up with the best design. A fun treat is snow cream. Combine milk, vanilla and sugar with a cup of snow for a frosty treat after playing.


Try a new recipe, such as a chocolate bowl. You can use the bowl as a server for cookies or other pieces of candy. Melt down chocolate pieces until it’s smooth and creamy. You want to dip a balloon into the chocolate, letting the chocolate solidify before popping the balloon.