Needle Felting a Dachshund, finish

In the previous post I wound a few layers of wool on the wire armature. At some point you have to stop winding the wool around or else you will end up with a fat tube.

Now it’s time to add shapes of wool. These shapes are best when partially formed on the foam block by tearing some wool off the ball, using the needles to punch up and down through the fiber. Here’s a photo of a couple of shapes in progress- needle felting wool shapes

Moving right along, knowing what the dog needs is the first thing,  figuring out what type of  shape to make is next. Below the dachshund is getting some form, I think the tail is a little long, just snip it- needle felting dachshund build

Thinking of the armature as the backbone of the dog I’m adding shapes underneath, to the chest under body and sides while trying not to build up the back too much- needle felting a dachshund stage 2And finished, outside for a breath of fresh air…

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