Showgirl Rag Doll Mercedes’ Adventure

Mercedes5-lrHere is another new Showgirl rag doll in our Rag Dolls Rising Etsy store. This is Mercedes.

As a child Mercedes loved to sew. Even before she could handle a needle and thread she was poking holes in construction paper and “sewing” them together with bits of yarn. As a teenager her family and friends relied on her to take up hems, sew on buttons and fix ripped pants, which Mercedes didn’t mind doing at all.

One day she realized that other people actually made money doing this type of work, so she set out to find a job that would pay her for what she wanted to do anyway. She joined a group of ladies in the wardrobe department of the Lido De Paris show at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas. Mercedes was very dedicated to keeping the Showgirl’s outfits in top-notch condition.

She was just starting her fifth year working for the Lido when one night something happened. It was New Years Eve, so the showroom was packed to capacity. This was a holiday when Celebrities would regularly pop into the audience and thrill the crowd. The chorus girls were in their places while the technicians flipped the lights on. Lead Showgirl Bridgette Petits Fores strutted forward, looking into the sea faces instead of in front of her. Before she could catch herself the heel of her shoe slipped on a peanut shell ,legStage-150x150 left on stage by a careless stagehand. WHAM! she landed on her nose. Picking herself off the floor she surveyed the damage. Much to her horror a gaping hole was torn in her stocking. Mercedes rushed to her side, sewing kit under her arm. With a whirl of threads she wove the hole closed, so fast and seamlessly that no one could believe their eyes. The show went on and ended with a standing ovation. Backstage Bridgette was so grateful to Mercedes that she gave her an honorary showgirls’ costume, Mercedes1-lrwhich Mercedes wore once, for these pictures, than proudly hung above her sewing machine to remind her of the day she saved the show.

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