Inside The Web Of OSI Industries

For those unaware, most businesses fail within five years. Therefore, when one hears a story about a company that spans over 100 years, it ignites a firestorm. To achieve this level of longevity, they have to have solid management. From there, the excellency must trickle down to the base of employment. OSI Industries represents a company that has defied all odds. Although OSI Industries remains deeply rooted in Chicago, it has blossomed into one of the largest food providers in the world. In 1909, Otto Kolschowsky painted this company onto the canvasses of Chicago, Illinois. Every year, the company reached new heights. As his company’s growth filled an entire decade, it eventually spilled over into the wholesale industry.

However, the company reached a milestone when Otto Kolschowsky partnered with McDonald’s. At the time, Mcdonald’s had numerous meat suppliers. Therefore, OSI Industries’ partnership with McDonald’s was noteworthy. Also, both companies were growing at a rapid rate. As OSI Industries seized control of the food industry, they introduced new ways to keep meat fresh. By flash freezing the meat, it allowed them to reduce costs associated with product expansion. Throughout the company’s history, it had several names, but it was officially known as OSI Industries in 1975. As the company torpedoed to success, it remained an unstoppable force. Today, the company’s global presence remains unwavering in the face of competition. In 2016, the company raked in $6.1 billion in sales.

The company’s exponential growth remains attributed to opening new facilities abroad. In recent years, the company expanded by focusing on the Asia-Pacific market. In 2010, OSI Industries opened up a production facility in Japan. Due to several changes in the industry, it remains a puzzle how the company has managed to thrive for so long. By 2013, the company seized control of its supply chain. As a result, the company expanded into other industries such as salsa and tofu products. From a business perspective, the company continues to raise the bar by embracing technology that assures food quality and safety. They can expect to be in business for a long time.

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Netpicks: Losses Are Part of Winning

Over the years, trading has become a viable source of income. Since the late 1990’s, when trading was starting to take shape, many people have warmed to the idea of becoming full-time traders or part-time traders. And since trading involves taking risks, there is a need for expert advice. This need is what led to Mark Soberman founding NetPicks.

NetPicks is a trading company that specializes in providing trading education. The company has been giving trading advice for over two decades. During that time, NetPicks has become a standard bearer in the trading field. NetPicks helps beginners to become skilled traders and imparts advanced skills to those who have basic skills.

In disseminating trading training, NetPicks uses materials such as videos, tutorials, and blogs. NetPicks prides itself on having a pool of experts who have been proven time and again to make profitable transactions. The NetPicks team customizes training for their subscribers to have the maximum effect. NetPicks materials are self-explanatory to the extent that one can immediately start trading, reference (

In furtherance of their commitment to give honest and valuable advice, NetPicks has provided a blog post advising traders that they should be prepared to make losses if they want to succeed in trading. Experienced traders state that having the right mindset accounts for almost 90% of their trading strategy. The experts say that they take each loss as a learning step and not as a hindrance to their trading game.

NetPicks advises traders to come up with a strategy that anticipates all scenarios including losses. The distribution should be random to cater for both gains and losses, according to This tip means that the traders should have a predetermined exit strategy where if some events occur one should take exit action immediately. This loss is known as a ‘positive loss’ as it acts as proof that one is sticking to his trading strategy.

A negative loss occurs when one is not following his exit strategy. According to the blog, when traders follow this strategy, they will have a positive outcome as opposed to just expecting to win. By following this strategy, traders are poised to have confidence in dealing with losses.


The Reviews That Dr. Walden Has Received Increased Her Exposure

Dr. Jennifer Walden has received a number of accolades from patientd in Texas and other patients that fly into Texas to get procedures done. This is just how good she is. People tend to fly in to see her to get procedures done because her fame as a best plastic surgeon has spread beyond the state of Texas where she resides.

Much of this has to do with the Dr. Walden reviews about the work that she has done. There is a website where people can see before and after pictures of things like rhinoplasty and breast augmentation procedures. This makes it easier for someone that is considering plastic surgery to get an idea of what they can expect.

Another thing that has shifted the way that people look at Dr. Walden is the work that she has done with technology. This is why people are interested in seeing Dr. Walden to get plastic surgery work done. They want to go with the professional that knows the best way to help with things like botox injections and vaginal rejuvenation. They want someone that has stayed on top of the technology that is being utilized for these new procedures. This may be the why she has managed to gain as much popularity in Texas as she has.

There are a plethora of different procedures that she specializes in, so this gives her a wide scope of patients that may have different needs.

Other people may also be aware of the work that Dr. Walden has done before she moved to Texas. She also received great reviews about her work when she was in New York. The practice that she started in Manhattan is where people initially became familiar with Dr. Jennifer Walden. Her move back to the south in Texas would give her even more exposure.

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Meet Robert Ivy, The Mississippi’s Renowned Architect

Born in Mississippi, Robert Ivy is the current CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and a renowned professional architect. He graduated from the University of Swanee as well as Tuane University where he earned his bachelor’s and master’s degree respectively. Ivy’s work at AIA has enabled the organization to experience massive popularity in the world.

His education and career

Robert started off his career by attending the South University for his Bachelor’s degree in English Arts. He then attended Tulane University where he graduated with a degree in Architecture. Robert then started working in 1996 after joining Architectural Record as the Chief Editor. In this position, Robert learned various skills that steered the organization towards its growth. The record has received multiple awards through Robert Ivy’s talent. Ivy, for instance, enabled the company to garner the premier magazine journalism and the national magazine awards. Robert Ivy has also served as the Editorial Director and the vice president of McGraw Hill Media. The company is composed of constructors, HQ, magazine, and sweets. The company awarded the journalist in 1998 for management excellence. Robert Ivy has also received several other awards working as a manager including the 2009 Crain awards and being among the panelists that had been selected by Frank Gehry to design the Eisenhower Memorial. He remains one of the most respected personalities in the design futures council.

His achievements

Under the leadership of Robert, Architectural Record has received several publishing honors. These include awards for excellence, professional journal achievement, and journalism award. The Record had also won the Website of the Year award in 2008 and the 26 Jesse Neal award. The architect is also a recipient of the 2009 Crain Award and had been awarded for excellence in management in 1998. In 2010, Robert Ivy was named the Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi in 2010 because of his excellent actuarial experience. Robert is among the iconic architects of his time and has been rated along enigmas like Cass Gilbert, Eliel Saarinen, Fuller Buckminster, and Nathan Clifford Ricker.

Dr. Saad Philanthropic Ideologies Remain Important in Today’s Settings

Dr. Saad is a reputable surgeon who has played a crucial role in the development of surgical procedures and surgery practices in the world. His input in the discovery of an electromagnetic device used in scanning catheter and the improvement modifications he conducted on the endoscopes are some of his contributions in the field of medicine. A former student of Cairo University School of Medicine, Saad has shown that it is possible to implement new innovative ideas that can significantly impact the medical field for the better. Besides being an expert in this field, Saad is a philanthropist who supports the good cause of all humanities as expressed through his various actions.


In the field where many professionals are focused on accumulating resources and making it all about themselves, Saad has chosen another alternative that is not familiar to many. Dr. Saad developed medical missions in different parts of the world where he offered expert medical support to children from deprived backgrounds. Some of his tasks have been focused on helping young children with complex surgical challenges in Jerusalem where Saad has given hope to many children who might have lost hopes due to their poor health conditions. He has also conducted several medical missions in the United States where he has performed critical operations to many children, especially those who could not pay for the same surgeries due to their economic status.


Dr. Saad is also seen as a person who has emotional feelings for other human beings and has been working to ensure that they have the best medical experience than what they were used to. Initially, surgical operations were very painful making it a nightmare experience to both the surgeon and the patient. There are reports that several patients have even died in the operations room due to extreme pain and erroneous procedures. Saad developed a painless surgical procedure which meant that individuals would no longer experience the acute pain which had caused some patients to seek other alternatives to treatment. Working on a system to reduce pain is a clear demonstration that Saad cares about people’s emotions.


Lastly, in a period where every person is commercializing their knowledge and skills, Saad chose to use his experience to help the human cause to have effective surgical procedures by discovering essential surgical equipment. The discovery of an electromagnetic scanner that helped in scanning the catheter and the invention of an improved endoscope for removing body fluids when a physician is conducting critical surgical procedures. Despite patenting his discoveries, Dr. Saad shared this technology with other physicians while at the same time guiding them to offer professional services to the patients seeking medical attention. In a time where various diseases are impacting low-income groups, the liberal ideologies of somebody like Dr. Saad will come in handy. Learn more:

Robert Ivy Noel Polk Award Recipient

The Mississippi institute of Arts and Letters, abbreviated as MIAL, has given Robert Ivy, who is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of The American Institute of Architects the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This is the first time that an architect has received Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement award. The award is given to living artists and art patrons who are connected to Mississippi in some way. They need to have a lifetime of creating and performing or supporting art and if this is the case they are considered worthy of being specially honored in this way.

Robert Ivy and artist Andrew Cary Young of Jackson Mississippi based Pearl River Glass Studio will be honored. Andrew Cary Young specializes in stained glass art. The award will be presented on June 2. Robert Ivy has been the Chief Executive Officer of the AIA since 2011. He is not only an architect but he is also an author and editor. He tries to make architecture more accessible to the general public and no one does it better that Robert Ivy according to MIAL.

The president of American Institute of Architects (AIA) Carl Elefante is enthusiastic about Robert IVY’S selection for this award. He says that because he is a practicing architect and also an author and editor and him being a Mississippi Native all come together to make him a perfect recipient for the award. The national architecture fraternity known as Alpha Rho Chi has designated him as a Master Architect. He now joins other people who have also received the Noel Polk award over the years. Some of them include the singer Leontyne Price in the year 2000. Artist Walter Anderson received  award in 1989. the Actor Morgan Freeman received it in 2007. The writer Eudora Welty received the award in 2001 and the writer Shelby Foote received the award in 2004.

Before joining the AIA Robert Ivy was the editor-in-chief for the magazine Architectural Record. He received many awards while working there. One of these was the prestigious National Magazine Award. The AIA states that his leadership has improved the world wide exposure to the institution.

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Fagali Airport Is Known To Be Among The Safest Flying Facility

Fagali airport is a private entity that began in 1959 under the management of the local government of Samoan and the Polynesian Airlines which is located on the Fagali Island. The airport was initially opened to serve the military in their transportation but was later closed after the community around it came forward and reported about the environmental pollution that it caused. It was then in 2009 that the airport was reopened after a thorough inspection concerning safety was done by both Pacific aviation office and Samoa airport authorities. Although the inspection was done, there were still concerns about the environmental impact of the airport. Despite this concerns, the airport continued to operate and remains active up to date. Fagali airport offers both local and international travel through its various airlines which include south pacific airline, Pago Pago air and Somoa air. Domestic flights mainly go to Pago Pago and other areas of Somoa while international flights go to different continents such as Africa, America and Europe.

Fagali airport is known to be among the safest flying facility that one could use in the world for it takes all the necessary measures to ensure that there is adequate security including checking off all the luggage that they carry. These measures ensure that there are minimal or no threat to safe travel. For this reason, the airport has received numerous awards and rewards for working in line with the flight industries. Fagali airport also has other basic and luxurious facilities such as restaurants, shops and cafeterias. It also has so many vending machines and many restrooms to ensure that their customers can refresh before changing or boarding the flights. Although the airport is small, it is among the busiest airports in the world with a record of more than 30000 flights taking off annually.

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Ricardo Tosto Reports On A Complex Question Of Marriage In Brazilian Courts

Lawyer Ricardo Tosto of the firm Leite, Tosto, and Barros, is one of Brazil’s most renowned law experts in mass litigation, and he takes a keen interest in complex cases. This has led to his interest in a recent case working its way to Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice (STJ). The case involves the complicated division of assets between a husband, wife, and the husband’s 3rd-party partner.

The plaintiff in the case is a woman who was in a long-term and, what was in her words, stable relationship with a married man. The man in question was married to another woman for the duration of his relationship with the plaintiff.

Ricardo Tosto notes that despite the wife not being called to court to testify the STJ chose to annul the prior legal proceedings that recognized the substantive relationship between the husband and the 3rd party plaintiff. As such, the plaintiff cannot benefit from any division of assets. The appeal was filed by her ex-partner.

Under the STJ’s ruling, Ricardo Tosto points out that the plaintiff herself was also separated from the man, but the two were living together at the time. In the plaintiff’s original claim, she explicitly stated that her partner’s wife did not contribute to the assets accumulated during the years of her relationship.

The defendant argued in response that he continued to live with his wife several nights a week during this period, and his relationship with the plaintiff was simply a case of adultery. In Ricardo Tosto’s findings, the husband stated to the court that any new division of assets would hurt the settlement already reached with his ex-wife.

Ricardo Tosto concludes that for all the complexities of the case, it boils down to the simple matter of historic legal precedence. The court has only ever recognized one relationship as valid. Despite the validity of a long-term relationship in normal circumstances, the existence of the defendant’s ongoing marriage precludes any legal recognition of the plaintiff’s relationship.

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Bruno Fagali: Steps To Hiring A Competent Lawyer

If you are an entrepreneur or corporate executive, it’s extremely important that you have a good lawyer on your team. Do you want to hire a competent lawyer in Brazil? Perhaps you’re already aware that Bruno is one of the leading attorneys in Brazil and comes highly recommended. He provides outstanding services to a wide variety of businesses and organizations and is well known throughout the nation.

Bruno Fagali has many years of experience in the legal field and many clients rely on him for expert assistance. As a renowned, Bruno Fagali takes the time to assist his clients. He works closely with clients to determine the best way to address their tough legal issues. Many clients rave about the outstanding service he provides.

When it comes to finding a lawyer or law firm, many people rely on online resources. There are several ways to go about finding a lawyer or law firm to help you with your legal case. It is crucial that you consider the reputation and experience of the attorney or law firm you have in mind.

Every corporate executive or entrepreneur ought to take steps to protect their investments and their company. A good lawyer like Bruno has the expertise and experience to advise and guide you. With the services of a competent lawyer, entrepreneurs and companies can run a successful business.

Whether you are encountering a complex business issue or you are dealing with a minor issue, the advice and guidance of a knowledgeable lawyer can help ensure a good outcome.

With so many lawyers and law firms offering to advise and represent you it can be daunting to decide which one to choose. You need to select a lawyer that has vast experience in the type of legal situation you are facing. Many people choose a lawyer or law firm that has a proven track record in the industry.

Bruno Fagali is a clear choice for any organization, individual or company that wants to retain a powerful lawyer in Brazil. He has a great reputation in the legal community.

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Meet The Dentist Who Holds The Future Of Dentistry

Having been in the field and extensive experience in both corporate and sole dentistry, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, founded his company on his knowledge of the industry which named MB2 Dental. As a result of his commitment and passion for what he likes doing his company has spread its wings to serve clients and practitioners in more than 6 States across the US. The company has currently 533 employees who are closely knitted with the leadership of the company thus making the excellence of the company possible. The drive behind Chris Villanueva starting his company is the realization that the dental practitioners required some specialized and advanced assistance which was not linked to some paybacks or other attached strings. The basic factor that has made MB2 Dental transform the dental industry, the lives of practitioners and patients is the corporation.

MB2 Dental was not founded with an aim of making huge profits as some companies do; it was founded to bring transformations in this industry. Dr. Chris Villanueva had a guiding principle in his mind that various dentists will come together, blend with each other and accomplish more compared to when they work solely. The fresh perspective that this company has brought has made many change their mind about dentistry while many dentists and patients are enjoying the presence of this company in their locality. The reason why the company stands higher than its equals is the way it is focused on support, autonomy, personal growth and having some fun together as doctors with their patients. It is no longer like the traditional dental routines that are uninspired and very drab. The innovations employed basically improve the operating standards in the company that lead to happier dentists and patients.

Some notable things that Dr. Chris Villanueva and the entire MB2 Dental takes pride in are their swiftness in knowing what is happening around them in terms of the emerging trends and standards in dentistry. They are well backed with tangible success and youthful culture where every practitioner can learn from their colleagues and develop each other. They have an expert team that ensures dentists sail through some storms that may come in form of legal, payroll, marketing, HR or maybe compliance to some standards. Their swift response to the need of the market is also a thing that they take pride in. Unlike the reserved traditional dentists, this group of dentists usually refreshes their minds by having a retreat once a year where they meet and intermingle with other dentists who believe in their philosophy. It is really fun for Dr. Chris Villanueva and his colleagues.

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